How to make natural deodorant?

If you, dear readers, prefer natural cosmetics and skin care, of course, wondered what to replace industrial deodorants, which often include harmful ingredients for skin.

“” will talk today about what is a natural deodorant, as well as on the “home” ways to combat sweating and odor.

Natural deodorant alunite

All ingenious is simple, and in Asian countries long ago discovered a means of combating sweating: problem areas treated slices natural mineral that reduces sweating off bacteria that cause odor. This so-called alum.

Not so long ago in the Russian market began to appear natural deodorants industrial production. They are known under the names “Crystal freshness”, “DeoNat” and others.

Such deodorants are packaged in a convenient plastic case, which fixed the smoothly polished block of natural crystal. Sometimes they are sold just in the form of pieces of minerals without packaging.

You can buy them in stores natural and Ayurvedic cosmetics in online stores and sometimes they meet and on the shelves of conventional retail outlets, side by side with the usual sticks and roller deodorants.

Natural mineral deodorant: pros and cons

This deodorant lot of advantages:

  • It is composed only of mineral salts, no industrial chemicals!
  • It leaves absolutely no traces on your clothes.
  • I can use it “old and young”: it is absolutely harmless to the skin, does not clog pores and even helps to cope with a small inflammation.
  • Natural deodorant mineral origin does not have an odor, and therefore does not distort the flavor of your favorite perfume.
  • To use this deodorant immediately after hair removal, while industrial analogues for this purpose, most often not suitable.
  • Natural deodorant will help reduce sweating.
  • It is very economical. One crystal you can use throughout the year.
  • To use the crystal not only in the area of the armpits, but also under the Breasts, in the groin area. Some even treat their face to get rid of excessive sweating and greasy in the hot summer days.

It would seem, is the perfect tool!

But, as good as natural deodorants, the reviews of those who purchased it, still add a small spoon of tar. Unfortunately, this deodorant has a number of disadvantages:

  • As a rule, it is more expensive than conventional means to fight against perspiration and odor. Although, if you take into account that the consumption of it in one application is very small, the price won’t seem so high.
  • Natural deodorant crystal and its analogues can not compete with the industrial antiperspirants to control over sweating. If you perspire a lot, then this tool may not suit you.
  • The duration of action of the drug is not too large: typically you have to apply it several times a day.
  • The crystal itself is fragile and in case of an accidental drop can crack.
  • Industrial deodorants easier to apply. The use of such a deodorant has its own characteristics, which “” will discuss below.

As you can see, even this remedy is not without drawbacks, but the advantages of it, will agree, is still more!

How to apply natural deodorant alunite

If you just take a mineral and hold them in problem areas like you used to do it with industry tools – the effect will be.

Crystal natural deodorant has its own rules of use. However, they are not complicated at all.

  • Apply the product on thoroughly washed the parts of the body. Convenient to do it right after a shower when skin is still moist.
  • Wet the crystal under running water and smooth over skin. As a result, it formed a thin mineral film that protects you from perspiration and odour.
  • During the day, don’t forget to repeat the procedure previously refreshing the places that you plan to process.
  • After using again rinse with mineral crystal deodorant, to wash away his pollution from contact with the body. Then you need to wipe because of moisture it is destroyed.

However, to make a natural deodorant you can own at home.

How to make natural deodorant with their hands

For the manufacture of this tool, you will need the following components:

  • Baking soda;
  • Corn starch (you can substitute potato);
  • Coconut oil;
  • Natural essential oil of tea tree.

The process takes only a few minutes:

  • Soda and starch are taken in equal proportions and thoroughly mixed.
  • The first melt coconut oil at room temperature.
  • Then you need to gradually add small portions of coconut oil, each time carefully mixing the mass. You will need approximately half the amount of oil from the total volume of the mixture of starch and baking soda.
  • When the mixture reaches consistency, reminiscent of the usual deodorant stick, add a few drops of essential tea tree oil and mix again. 100 grams of product is enough 3 – 5 drops if you add more – the tool will have too intense a specific smell, but it’s too much.
  • Ready-made natural deodorant made with your own hands, may be placed in a plastic jar of cream and store in the fridge. Put it in the armpit with your hands or a spatula immediately after taking a shower. For convenience, you can put it in the empty bottle from under a deodorant stick, bought in the store.

    Well, a very simple way to get rid of sweat smell in the home is to treat problem areas with natural substances that prevent perspiration and odor. You can use:

    • a decoction of oak bark;
    • slightly diluted lemon juice;
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • essential oils of tea tree and lavender (a few drops are applied on dry or damp cotton pad, which then is drawn over the skin).

    By the way, analogous to mineral deodorant can serve as a regular alum purchased at a pharmacy. By the way, they are much cheaper, and their composition is almost identical alunite deodorant. Alum is a powder that should be applied to the skin after hygienic procedures.

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