How to make natural styling products?

Women’s website “” will tell you which natural styling products can successfully replace manufactured. The gels, mousses, sprays and foams for hair securely hair due to the aggressive components that dry the hair are not thoroughly washed out and leave a film on the skin and tresses.

Reliable and long-term fixation can provide and natural ingredients, the main thing – correctly to apply them.

Home remedies not only help to style your hair, but also contribute to their recovery.

Homemade styling gel

Gelatin suitable for thin hair that does not want to gather in the hair, and acts exactly the same as the factory gel.

Dry curls is a natural styling product gives hair the “wet effect”, and when dried with a hair dryer makes styling a lush and stable.

Make it 100 ml of cold water and ½ small spoons of food gelatin. Wait until the gelatin dissolves, let it infuse for three hours, put on fire, wait for the mixture to almost boil and let cool. Strain the mixture and use as a gel.

If you add in a solution of a teaspoon of honey and Apple cider vinegar, curls will get extra Shine.

Mousse for volume

As natural remedies for durable styling often use light beer. To avoid unpleasant odor recommends that you use the brew. This drink captures the good styling. It can be sprayed from a bottle with a spray and stored for long periods.

Experiment – you may have to dilute the brew with boiled water.

Another tool for fixing damaged hair – flax seeds. Boil a glass of water with a tea (you can take 1,2) with a spoon of flax seed for 5-10 minutes. Let broth stand and carefully strain, leaving only the mucus, which will allocate the seeds.

Apply the product on has not yet dried hair and then tuck them up with a hair dryer and a round brush. Great for curls medium length haircuts according to the type of “cascade”.

The striker curls

If you want a night to create bouncy curls, wind the hair on curlers or curlers, make-natural remedy for fixing curls and styling. You need desativada borax (sold in pharmacies and stores for handmade) and gum Arabic (food additive, water-soluble gum, a viscous liquid secreted by the acacia tree trunk) in the proportion of 5 mg per 1 g, respectively.

Dissolve the ingredients in 100 ml of water before the procedure, slightly dampen her hair and wind the curler.

Sugar syrup is another effective and harmless means to create sustainable curls using curlers or Curling irons.

100 ml of water will need 5 grams of sugar. In this mixture you can also add 10 ml of alcohol, but only if your hair isn’t parched. Also do not overdo it with sugar, otherwise the hair is hard to comb. Instead of sugar you can take and salt in the same proportion.

Remember that “sugar” styling will not stand wet weather.

To prepare a natural lotion styling, good volume and Shine to hair, take the following ingredients:

  • tragacanth (solid gum, a substance exuding from certain plants) – 1 tsp
  • alcohol – tablespoon
  • half a teaspoon of glycerin
  • a glass of water

The tragacanth must be carefully grind and mix with water until dissolved. Then add the remaining ingredients and wait until thick (two to three hours).

Natural remedy for Shine and hair styling

Instead of the spray for giving of Shine to hair, use a mixture of water and citrus juice. Mix in a spray bottle with three parts water and one juice of lemon or lime. Apply to wet hair, comb thoroughly or put hair.

Lemon juice is particularly suitable oily hair, evaporates quickly, lifting the hair at the roots. Don’t forget that with prolonged use this tool for volume and the hair will significantly lighten your tresses.

Instead of wax on your hair or bangs you can apply a nourishing cream designed for daily care of dry skin of the face or hands.

Instead of plain water for making the locking means it is also possible to apply herbal teas that will provide extra care to your hair. Well cared for curls chamomile, nettle (gives the hair a darker shade of hair), burdock root.

Remember that natural styling products designed for single use, at the end of the day they must be washed off. By the way, to give the curls extra flavor, sprinkle in a bit of any favorite toilet water or essential oils.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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