How to make pancake cake: recipes with cream, condensed milk, chocolate

How to make pancake cake: the recipe is simple, but often Housewives have questions. How to prepare the stuffing? How long will it take to soak? Can I use it only for dessert or as a snack? Answer all the questions!

1.5 hours. 6 servings. Easy to prepare

Pancakes are considered a native Russian dish, so no wonder that our hostess is trying actively with them to experiment. Desire to cook better and tastier obliged and pancake cake, which is a layered “structure” pancakes with the addition of various toppings.

Features meals

Used for the preparation of fresh yeast or pancakes. Their number depends on your desire to make the cake taller, but average enough for him 20 Grand. The filling can be different, and not necessarily be confined to sweet options. Using salty toppings, you can make a snack for everyday or holiday table.

The correct recipe for the crepe cake: 5 secrets

  • Pancakes should be as thin as possible, then the product is well-soaked cream.
  • Cream of the crepe cake should be thick and viscous, otherwise it will leak.
  • A sweet version (with cream cheese or condensed milk) it is desirable to prepare in advance and give it time to soak.
  • Salt cake (e.g., with salmon or mushrooms) also prepared several hours before use, wrap in foil and put in the fridge. And before the arrival of the guests it can be warmed up in the microwave or in the oven.
  • If you want the appearance was more attractive, put it on a few minutes in a preheated oven to brown.

The batter for the crepe cake

To prepare the right dough — so make a good half of the case. Because it depends on whether the dish is dry or hard. Cook it no more difficult than a quick dough for pies.

You will need:

  • milk — 750 ml;
  • eggs — 2 PCs.,
  • flour — 320 g or 2 cups;
  • sugar — 2 tablespoons (no matter sweet or salty your cake);
  • vanilla sugar — 1 sachet, if you are cooking a sweet dish;
  • salt.


  • In the slightly warmed milk, add sugar, vanilla, salt, mix well. Add eggs, stir again.
  • Gradually add the flour, sifting it through a sieve. When you achieve the consistency of yogurt, add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and start frying.
  • To make pancakes, cover them with a lid and towel to the edges to remain soft.
  • Stuffing recipes

    When the blanks are ready, you can begin to question how to cook a pancake cake. And there are many solutions. Here are the most popular variants of the crepe cake and recipes with photos!

    Recipe pancake cake with custard

    You will need:

    • ready pancakes — 20 PCs.;
    • yolks — 4 PCs.;
    • sugar — 180 g or 1 Cup;
    • vanilla sugar — 1 packet;
    • milk — 50 ml;
    • flour — 50 g.


  • Yolks pound with sugar, add flour, knead until smooth.
  • Milk boil and enter into the yolks, stirring quickly.
  • The weight put on the fire, stirring constantly, cook until thick.
  • Cool and over each pancake, stacking on top of each other.
  • Pancake cake with custard and leave for 3 hours to soak.
  • Pancake pie with cottage cheese cream


    You will need:

    • ready pancakes — 20 PCs.;
    • cottage cheese — 500 g;
    • sugar — 80 g;
    • powdered sugar — 150 g;
    • cream — 200 ml;
    • raspberry — 200 g (fresh or frozen).


  • RUB the cottage cheese with the icing sugar.
  • Whip the cream to a thick state (so that pattern on their surfaces was kept at least 10 seconds).
  • Slowly combine the cheese with the cream, stir.
  • Sprinkle raspberries with sugar, leave for 20 minutes and then beat with a blender into a puree.
  • Each pancake over raspberry puree, and top liberally apply cheese cream.
  • After laying the last pancake adorn the top and sides with cream, raspberries.
  • Pancake cake with condensed milk

    You will need:

    • ready pancakes — 20 PCs.;
    • boiled condensed milk (“taffy”) — 500 ml;
    • butter — 200 g;
    • lime — 1 PC.;
    • walnuts peeled — 50 g.


  • Condensed milk and butter mix, add the lime juice to whisk until fluffy mass.
  • Nuts dry in a frying pan. After cooling, lightly crush them with a rolling pin (not into crumbs).
  • Add the walnuts to the cream, stir.
  • Over each pancake with filling and garnish with the whole nuts.
  • The recipe for the crepe cake with sour cream

    You will need:

    • ready pancakes — 20 PCs.;
    • sour cream high fat content of 1 kg;
    • sugar — 250 g;
    • vanilla — 1 package.


  • Mix sour cream, vanilla and sugar, whisk until the state of the volume of the cream.
  • Lay the pancakes on a plate and smear the cream.
  • The top garnish with flowers or waves of cream using a pastry sleeve.
  • Put the dish in the fridge for 2 hours.
  • Chocolate pancake cake

    You will need:

    • ready pancakes — 20 PCs.;
    • chocolate (milk or bitter) — 200 g;
    • heavy cream — 350 ml;
    • butter — 20 g


  • Cream beat manually with a whisk.
  • Chocolate chop and melt in a water bath, then add the softened butter, mix well. Cool and stir to combine with cream.
  • Pancakes fluff cream, decorate the top with cream and chocolate shavings.
  • These are just a few recipes of delicious pancake cake. Sure that after cooking a couple of them you have your own recipes for this versatile dish!

    Video recipes pancake cake

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