How to make pasties at home — delicious, rosy, with a crispy crust!

Who doesn’t love delicious, aromatic, juicy cheburek? Probably the only one who never tried. If you had this dish during the summer vacation in the Crimea and want to try to cook it yourself, use our tips. In this article we will tell you how to make pasties at home, in the best traditions of the Crimean Tatar cuisine.

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Pasties — national Crimean Tatar dish, which in the classic sense is a pot pie from fresh text, and as toppings are used fatty lamb mince and spices.

The modern kitchen pasties got a lot of “modifications”. So the beef pasties are prepared from pork and beef meat, roasted vegetables and even cheese. For the dough, use milk, yogurt and vodka. But this dish was not less original. On the contrary, the variety of recipes allows every woman to choose the most convenient and tasty.

Since the pasties are fairly high in calories, cook their dinner, and for dinner. Then you still have time to use the calories and the extra pounds will not appear on your thighs and waist. Nutritionists recommend to refuse in General from eating pasties to the people who have problems with the pancreas, stomach or liver. Or replace the fatty stuffing more lean, and the roasting carried out in minimal amount of vegetable oil.

How to make pasties with meat

We will help you to learn how to cook pasties at home on the Crimean Tatar classic recipe. For this you will need:

For the dough:

  • flour — 600 g
  • water — 160 ml
  • egg — 1 PC.;
  • vegetable oil — 60 ml
  • salt.

For the filling:

  • mutton — 400 g
  • mutton fat — 100 g,
  • meat broth — 180 ml
  • onion — 1 large head,
  • spices: parsley, Basil or cilantro, sweet and bitter pepper, paprika, and salt.

How to cook the dough for pasties

To cook a delicious dough for pasties, we recommend you the easiest and fastest recipe. The dough was soft and tasty.

  • In boiling water add salt and 30 ml of vegetable oil, stir in 1 Cup flour and mix until complete dilution of the flour.
  • In chilled mass add the egg and mix.
  • In the rest of the flour pour in the custard mass.
  • Heat almost to a boil the remaining vegetable oil and gradually enter into the dough, stirring constantly.
  • Knead tight dough, let “rest” for 30 minutes, again knead.
  • After 30 minutes can start to sculpt pasties.
  • You can experiment and add to the dough other ingredients:

    • vodka — it while cooking on the drums pasties will appear bubbles. Pour the vodka is necessary in the process of kneading;
    • sugar — the dough will be sweet and well-browned during frying;
    • mineral water instead of regular pasties will be more gentle.

    Filling for pasties meat

  • Finely chop the lamb (very easy to do in a blender).
  • Add the finely chopped mutton fat, mix.
  • Pour in the broth. Thanks to it the filling remains juicy and delicious will flow from the finished pasties during a meal.
  • Add chopped onion and spices. Mix well.
  • If you don’t like mutton meat, use beef or pork, and for making fat stuffing, add the pork podcherevok or fat. Without the latter, of course, possible and necessary. But in this case, the stuffing may be too dry.

    The formation of pasties

    When the stuffing and dough are ready, start shaping the pasties. If you know how to make dumplings, how to make pasties at home you will understand very quickly. Divide the dough into small equal pieces, roll each into a thin cake, and put a mount of stuffing. Shape the edges of the cakes firmly press the edge (can even be rolled with a rolling pin, so that the filling is not leaking out while frying) and cut edge special curved knife.

    Frying pasties

    Pasties fry in a deep pan in a large amount of vegetable oil. If you have a fryer, can use it. Will rascality oil and drop it into a cheburek (if the pan is large, you can stow a couple). Fry on high heat until until the top of the pasties are brown. Then reduce heat and cover the pasties with a lid for 5-6 minutes to bring to readiness. Then again remove the lid and turn up the heat to get a crispy crust.

    Remove the pasties on a kitchen towel or napkin laid in several layers. The paper will absorb the excess fat, and you get the best ruddy pasties!

    I hope that after reading this article, you will be no more questions how to make pasties at home and how to make them tasty, moderately juicy and crispy. Try different types of toppings and delight your family with new, interesting dish!

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