How to make phone calls with zero or negative balance

20 years ago cell phone was luxury. Today this machine will not surprise anyone. He is even schoolchildren.

By the way, how to choose a phone to a child or an elderly relative, our website has already reported.

But all the time to follow the expense of your mobile phone is impossible. Funds can end at the most inopportune moment.

About how to use the phone at a zero or negative balance tells women’s website ““.

Even with zero balance you can always stay connected. I hope the following examples will help you with this.

  • Throw a horn to his potential interlocutor. On the screen of his phone will be your room. Usually familiar missed calls all back to you.
  • Even if the account has no funds, it remains possible to talk free of charge within three seconds. This option has many mobile operators. During this time, you have to say “the account has no funds. Urgent call”. To bother someone on trifling matters not worth it. If you decide to use this feature, keep in mind the importance of the call.
  • With the option “Call me” phone at zero and negative balance will not remain idle. If, due to lack of funds there is no possibility to call someone, then tell him that you expect him to call. First, we introduce some team. MTS is *110*, 2 Body need to dial *118*, and Beeline and MegaFon — *144*. Then there is a number of potential interlocutor in international format, then # and call button. The main thing that your friend was at the call to you, otherwise this function will not use.
  • “Call for friend’s expense” is another useful feature. You call the interlocutor’s expense. Before connecting such options do not forget this issue to agree with your friend, otherwise you would be his No. 1 enemy. To use the service need to know the codes of operators: MegaFon – 000, MTS – 0880, Beeline – 05050. Wait for the response of the system, then enter the contact number through which the call is made. Those who are connected to the Body 2, this option can not use because this operator does not exist. But if you try to get through with a negative balance, the recipient will receive a message indicating that the caller tried to contact him.

  • Regular customers of the mobile operators can connect the “trusted payment”. With this service the phone at a zero or negative balance will always be in touch. In this case, the operator replenishes the customer’s account for the agreed amount. The website recommends not to delay repayment of debt, as it may annoy cell company. The next time you delay payment you this option will not provide. To activate the service, the Megaphone need to dial *138*# + “Call” (for Moscow). The rest of the regions of their codes. Your account will go from 30 to 200 rubles. It all depends on the average amount of communication costs. For MTS dial command *111*32#. The subscriber can receive up to 200 rubles of credit. *141# command for the Beeline and Tele 2 — *122#. At Beeline will be available for about 200 rubles, and Body 2 is about 30 rubles.
  • There is another way to communicate by phone at a zero or negative balance: — if funds is not, and the Internet is not blocked, contact the person via email or through social networks.

Call you at any balance, even negative. Ask in advance of the above services from your operator and connect them in order not to remain without means of communication.

But if you’re naturally absent-minded person and always forget to “refill” the phone can use AutoPay. Attach your number to your Bank card. Whenever the amount on the phone bill reaches a certain threshold, with a credit card will be automatically charged funds in the amount of, for example, 50 rubles. The amount you set for yourself.

The author – Nadezhda Stepanova, site

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