How to make plump lips at home?

Women’s website “” will help you to look better and to make plump lips at home without injections and other radical intervention.

Juicy, slightly raised, tender lips – of course, without the influence of movie stars have become a symbol of youth, of sensuality and passion. If nature gave you such wealth, we’ll show you several ways to change the situation. Cosmetic products, proper care and a little training – and you can get it close.

The beauty industry today offers many effective, but radical ways to add lip volume.

But it is only wrong to choose the wizard or may not be contraindications and we get the opposite result, which not only adds natural, but apparently takes a share of intelligence ? Present a caricature, the object of ridicule.

How to make lips puffy at home? Patience and the suitable tools!

Care for the 3D effect

Lip skin is thin and is changing too fast, so we could not afford to care for her.

It is important to clean it before going to bed. Many women prefer to do it with a toothbrush. But if the skin is too delicate for this rough way may hurt her, to cause cracks and peeling. For such sensitive lips you can use micellar water.

Four or five times a week, apply the lip scrub. Use natural candied honey is additionally provides good nutrition to the lips. Regular care and blood flow to the cells will make plump lips at home, this method is not fast, but effective.

Other home remedies for voluminous lips:

  • A delicate scrub of olive or sea buckthorn oil and fine sugar.
  • Grind a piece of ginger root and apply the pulp on the lips. Massage them, as if rubbing the lipstick on the lips for three minutes, then wash off with cool water.
  • Also, it is possible to do with a piece of hot pepper, but you will not be recommend this method, as in this case, it is easy to burn, causing the lips and skin around them will burn and look bad.
  • Mix a spoonful of honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder and massage their lips.
  • Every day before bed for a few minutes causing fat sour cream or butter, how to make lips plump and voluminous at home, providing them sufficient nutrients. Series them with oil solutions of vitamins A or E.
  • In the morning wipe the lips with the ice cube, until you feel a slight numbness.
  • Well stimulates blood circulation menthol. Grind some mint leaves and apply the juice or paste for a few minutes, then wash off with cool water.

After each manipulation with the lips, which causes a rush of blood to the lips, apply conditioning balm is so beneficial ingredients will quickly be absorbed into the skin. Always apply and use lip balm, especially for the winter period and hot summer weather. This will prevent lips from chapping and drying out.

“Lips-building” for the tone of the lips

  • Hold out your lips in the tube and draw them in the air figure “8”.
  • Stick out your tongue and press his lips. Hold this for 30 seconds, repeat five or six times.
  • One of the most effective exercises to do are plump and juicy lips at home: dial a deep breath and “blow out” ten candles.
  • Purse your lips as if pronouncing the letter “U”, while blowing air from the lungs and severely straining the muscles of the lips. Rest for 4-5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.
  • Do the same thing, only say the letter “O”, the maximum round and strained lips, then abruptly relax. Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Do the same thing only the upper lip (that it eventually becomes thinner most of all), the bottom you can press with your fingers or to bite with his teeth.
  • How to make lips puffy with makeup at home

  • Trace the outline of the lip pencilwhose color slightly darker than the main color of the lipstick slightly beyond the natural line. It is important to feel the measure, otherwise you can achieve a comical effect.
  • Glossy lipstick – for example, double – lipstick-nail – visually enhances your lips more, while matte will give the opposite effect.
  • Red, dark, bright lipstick makes the lips more subtle.
  • It is possible to feather a lipstick of a darker color on the edge of the lower lip and in the corners and center of lips, apply a lighter shade.
  • Another method to plump and sensual lips at home: certi the crease of the upper lip with a pencil of white color and carefully restului. On the lips apply a bright lipstick or gloss.
  • Choose a lipstick that contains substances that cause the blood flow to the lips, oil, hyaluronic acid, Cayenne pepper extract, ginger or menthol. The effect of such slight means, but it works every time you apply lipstick.
  • Always follow the muscles and skin around the lips. During times of stress or hesitation in the muscles around the mouth there arises a spasm. Pursed, closed lips do you simply not get enough oxygen.

    Let the muscles around the mouth will be maximally relaxed and lips slightly parted. Often do massage of the lips and skin around them, just make sure the fingers were clean.

    And, of course, more kissing! This is the easiest and most enjoyable way to make plump lips at home and keep them tone.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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