How to make the adaptation of the child to the kindergarten painless?

The adaptation of the child to kindergarten, I suffered thrice, so are ready to share their observations and advice with the readers of women’s website ““.

Adaptation number 1 – horrible

The eldest son Vlad went to the garden back in 1997. He was then 2 years, and I was, well, very young mother, was only 21 years old. I already had a teaching degree in College and knew that there was such a thing as adaptation – some time, you want the child to become accustomed to the new environment.

How did it happen?

Used Vlad terribly. The son was taken, and me with other moms was sent to walk for 2 hours. We say goodbye and some didn’t.

I trusted the experience of the teachers, who were assured that so the child would be best. Like most of the other mothers who “put their children on a new step of life, we walked under the Windows and listened to the weeping of children.

What methods were guided by the teachers, I don’t know. But after 2 hours we went home scared, tearful children.

On the second day Vlad agreed to go again “for the kiddies”. The pattern was repeated. Cried the whole 2 hours.

Day by day we dragged the screaming child into the garden, courageously living adaptation. It lasted almost a month!

And when I’ve already decided that the son is not a kindergarten child and will never get used to kindergarten, he ceased to cry and started to stay in the group for the whole day. Resigned. Broke.

Adaptation No. 2 – normal

The second time I passed the adaptation of the child to the kindergarten with my middle daughter Masha – girl with a motor” 2 years. The teachers are the same. The garden is the same. The group is the same. Mother – matured and wiser.

Remembering the suffering of the son, I immediately told the teachers that want to stay with the child. If I see that she’s all right, leave. Educators agreed. We went to the group, Mary immediately began to play, seated me on a chair.

Half an hour later I called her and said mom you need to quickly go to the store, it will go with me or wait until I get back? She let me go. I came quickly. Took Masha, and we went home.

On the second day everything was the same. Mary let me go, I went back and took her home. Proud of himself, of his daughter, I was happy that the period of the child’s adaptation to kindergarten was perfect, but the second week brought its own surprises. Masha did not want after the weekend to go to kindergarten, because:

  • New toys is not new.
  • A new place is no longer interesting.
  • With children it is fine to play on the Playground.

Question: why would she go to kindergarten?

Began to explain to her daughter that parents need to work to earn money to her to buy something. Had to drive to the kindergarten to dad, to the ritual of farewell is not delayed. The girl soon adapted and gladly attended kindergarten before school.

Adaptation No. 3 – perfect

Much in how the child adjusts to kindergarten depends on the child. I was convinced with the youngest daughter. Sasha was always calm and considerate girl. I was sure that the garden it will get used well.

Thanks to our godmother who gave us the book “I’m going to kindergarten”. We started it to read for 1.5 – 2 months before our first visit to the garden. From the book we learned what kindergarten, what they do there kids, who are the caregivers.

Most importantly, he clearly understood that in the evening all the children take home.

  • The book we read often prepared.
  • Sometimes went to kindergarten on the Playground, played a little there.
  • Once we were allowed into the group. Sasha considered all there, and she really wanted to go to the baby. The time has come. She was almost 3 years old.

The first day of the trip in kindergarten we did a holiday! I bought balloons, flowers, and went to conquer the first rung of the educational system. The first day I came for Sasha at lunch. She was upset because he knew about the mode of the garden from the book and was sure I would leave her to sleep.

On the second day we decided to stay for the whole day. A miracle! Sasha quietly left for NAPs, and we have to stay in the garden all day. The child did not cry even once and still attends kindergarten.

Based on our own experience and on the opinions of psychologists, I venture to give some answers to readers on the issues that relate to the child’s adaptation to kindergarten.

How much time that the child used?

According to the observations of psychologists, the children younger than 2 years, you get used to kindergarten better than children 3-4 years of age.

  • On average, kids toddlers adapt for 2 weeks, while children from 3 years, you get used to the new environment longer – about a month.

Psychological adaptation of the child to the kindergarten does not only depend on the age of the child, but also on the temperament type. Seen that can best adapt to the garden phlegmatic (as my youngest daughter), but choleric (my Mary), and sanguine (my son) to get used to new conditions more difficult. Their first attracts a new, but very quickly it gets boring.

Moreover, the garden has its limits, which is difficult to adapt choleric and sanguine. The melancholic, with their sentimentality and sensitivity, also difficult is the psychological adaptation of the child to kindergarten.

In General, psychologists distinguish 3 degrees of adaptation of the child to kindergarten: easy, medium and hard.

  • In light of the degree of adaptation of the baby becomes accustomed to the new conditions for it within two weeks. While child appetite is not disturbed, a good sleep, emotional as usual. The child during this period does not hurt. As a rule, easy adaptation characteristic for healthy children who live “Komarovsky”: drafts do not fear, go barefoot on the floor, snot for them, almost a measure of health.
  • The average adaptation is characteristic of most children. Addictive is not as smooth as I would like parents. Basically a child throwing tantrums in the morning when you need to gather in the garden. It can disrupt sleep and appetite, he might be more cranky, start to talk in my sleep. The period of adaptation of the child to the kindergarten in this case lasts about a month. During this period the child gets used to the new environment, emotional state stabiliziruemost.
  • That habituation of the child to the child care provider is hard, say in the case that adaptation takes longer than 2 months or the child is not accustomed to kindergarten. The emotional state of these children is disturbed, the child often becomes cranky and unmanageable, inward. Sometimes, the child may not adjust to kindergarten at all.

Is it possible to help the child better adapt?

The task of parents – to set up and prepare the child to this period in his life.

  • Encourage your child to kindergarten as early as possible and teach him in advance that he wants to use the toilet, drink, etc.).
  • Play with your child in kindergarten. Play scenes that can be in kindergarten. Be sure to finish the game that adults always take the children from the daycare home.
  • Purchase a beautiful book from the series “I go to the nursery” (about Anna or van), “How the Rabbit went to kindergarten”, “How to behave in kindergarten” and so forth.
  • Don’t go overboard with stories about the garden, so that the child is not painted a very rosy picture and then was not disappointed. Everything in moderation.
  • Bring your child to first on a walk in the garden. When the kids leave the group, say that soon you will grow up, go to the garden and you will also lead the group to the children.
  • As a rule, educators are not opposed to the child in the first days took from the house favorite toy. Some moms spray on igrushechki your spirits leave a “smell of mother”.
  • Do with a baby little surprises that you give the kiddies in the garden or carers.
  • Don’t go in the morning from the garden “English”, but the ritual of farewell do not over tighten. Negotiate with the child that the mother kisses him on the cheek, and he goes to the group and mother to work.

When to bring the child to the garden during the period of adaptation?

To keep the child comfortable in the garden, some psychologists suggest to bring the child early, almost the first. What do they explain it?

Imagine that you need to be in front of a large audience. You will be comfortable when you come before everyone and will meet the audience or will come into the room, where already full of people?

But on the other hand, not every child will stand the crying of other children who are also just starting to attend kindergarten.

What should parents do if a child cannot adjust to kindergarten?

  • Perhaps the child can not get used to kindergarten, as it is still quite small. So it was with my friends. Had to wait a year to daughter began to walk again in kindergarten, forgotten unsuccessful adaptation to kindergarten.
  • Can’t get used to kindergarten children who are very attached to mom. Find the opportunity to leave for a baby with some other man.
  • To the kindergarten drive the child in children’s centres, clubs where he will have the opportunity to socialize in the company of peers.
  • Not suitable caregivers – also one of the reasons why a child may not long to get used to kindergarten. Not everybody finds the opportunity to find another garden, but try to transfer the baby to another group.

Never discuss with the child how hard it was in the garden and how hard he was used to. Such conversations children catch instantly. On the contrary, speak in the child that he has become an adult and even started (is starting) to go to kindergarten.

Why the child in the adjustment period in the garden is often sick?

Once in the garden, the child’s body is experiencing stress. It affects the immune system. While at home, the child is surrounded by microorganisms, which the body gets used. In the garden of the child begin to surround other kids with their microorganisms.

While the microorganisms of different children “made the acquaintance” and “get used” to each other, the kids will get sick. Therefore, in the first weeks or even months of stay in the garden the children often get sick.

As practice shows, the majority of children, adaptation is medium weight. Morning moods and unwillingness to go to the garden seen in many children. In the garden the kids behave well and don’t cry. This is a typical picture. It would be strange if the children fled from the first days in kindergarten. It turns out that in the garden they are better than home with family?

So it is important to calm down and tune to accept adaptation as a natural period in the life of a child who needs to survive and, whenever possible, to facilitate, if the child can not get used to the kindergarten for a long time.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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