How to make the heels smooth, how to care for heels

Today in the pages of the site “” – multiple ways to soften rough skin on heels and other problem areas on the feet. Every day we take care of the body, carry out dozens of procedures designed for thick hair, strong nails, a clean face. But how to make the heels smooth, remember only the beginning of the warm season to change open toed shoes and show off your legs in all their glory! To deserve this “benefit”, the foot care also requires attention.

Are prepared in advance

In order that the heel was in excellent condition for a long time, sometimes only one trip to the salon for a pampering pedicure, for example, at the beginning of the summer season. Of course, provided regular care in the home.

To maintain the smoothness of the skin of the feet for a long time-if every time while taking a shower or bath to hold soft cleansing and “pass” with a pumice stone across the surface, focusing particularly rough areas – heels, the outer side of the thumb and the pads under the fingers.

If it has gone away and the skin is too rough and dry, you can apply any of the proven methods.

Treatment of an application for the heels

  • A simple way to make smooth rough heels, is the application of onions. A medium-sized onion cut in half and fill with boiling water for a while. Then grind and apply on the heels, cover overnight with plastic wrap and in the morning rinse and wash out with a pumice stone. This mask not only softens the skin but also has a bactericidal effect.
  • The application of chopped leaves of aloe, imposed on the same principle, well to soften heels and heal skin.
  • If all night applied to the skin five regular olive oil, wrap with plastic wrap and put on socks, then in the morning are rude cover will be much softer.

Emollient the bath for rough skin on heels

So how to make your heels smoother only gradually, it will take several treatments steaming feet in a softening bath:

  • In a basin with warm water add a glass of milk, a glass of intense soap and three tablespoons of salt. Hold the feet in water for about 40 minutes, and then scrub the heels with a pumice stone fine-grained.
  • Well softens the skin bath with the addition of olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Good in caring for heels and herbal baths for feet. For these purposes, perfect decoction of chamomile, oak bark, sage, succession, peppermint and even regular green tea.

After depairing procedures and processing of rough spots with a pumice stone must be lubricated with a nourishing cream heels, having in its composition glycerin, which is struggling with rough skin and heels. Regular repetition of these procedures in the complex will give a quick effect: the heel will look better, keratinized layer of skin just will not appear, and the question how to make your heels soft and smooth – will not occur.

Paraffin for the heels

The paraffin should be melted in a water bath and applied to the entire surface of the feet. When it hardens, put plastic bags, and on top of socks. Paraffin softens the skin, heals cracks and possible feeds. Keep paraffin mask recommends about 30 minutes, and then remove the residue with massage movements.

How to make your heels smooth and pink: cleansing and nourishing

Heels have always been in excellent condition, often spoil their scrub. Home cleanser can be prepared from the salt, mixed with honey, or gel with the addition of a small amount of sugar.

Need your heels and vitamin mask. For this purpose you can use any fruit that you use when you make a mask for the face, but especially effective is green Apple.

Diced fruit boil in a glass of water, to obtain a paste. Apply it on gauze and apply to the soles of his feet for about 30 minutes. Skin on the hands well moistened and become more elastic, if half an hour apply a pulp of shredded young zucchini and cover with gauze. It’s better to do before bedtime, then rinse with warm water and lubricate the foot cream.

How to do a smooth heel – to treat from the inside

It is believed that to get rid of cracked heels helps gelatin. His take for strengthening joints, getting “bonus” such side effect as smoothing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and smooth heels.

You can eat up to 100 grams. marmalade a day, to cook jellied chicken or fish. Gelatin tincture can be prepared from a teaspoon of gelatin, filled the night with half a glass of water or juice. In the morning Razavi swollen gelatin warm water (you can add a little honey or sugar) and drink on an empty stomach.

By itself, the gelatin attaches, therefore, during the course of treatment is best to eat foods with a laxative effect. Virgin pink skin on your heels should appear in two months, “soft diet”.

Not to ponder how to make the heels smooth, you should wear comfortable, strictly according to the size of the shoes and not to forget about regular maintenance.

Choose for yourself the most effective treatments of complex softening – cleansing – mask-appliquecream and show the procedure at least twice a week. And then about the condition of the skin five experience is not necessary!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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