How to make the right makeup for a photo shoot?

Professional photo shoot – a great excuse to create a new image, in which you’ll look perfect! And makeup is a very important point: he can either “pull” all the way, even if the clothes and props from simple “kill” the image with chic attire and stunning interior…

What makeup for a photo session need will tell website ““.

How to do makeup for a photo shoot?

First, it is worth remembering that photo shoots are different (website already talked about the types of photo shoots). There is no one single “correct” variant of makeup for all types of photography!

But the General requirements for the makeup is still there:

  • Perfect skin. The smoother the tone, the less noticeable any “stains”, “stains” and are simply imperfections in the skin – the better. Imperfect skin, especially for portraits, close-up, the photographer will have to photoshop it…
  • In addition, the face must look fresh and clean, you need to correctly accentuate the line of the oval of the face. This is achieved by darkening in the cheeks and lower part of the cheeks (especially if the face is round or rectangular). Of course, a darker tone should strongly shade!
  • As a rule, all beauty makeup for a photo shoot should be matte, without Shine, gloss, etc. They don’t have to give a “glare” with the flash and aimed the light! However, sometimes an idea suggests a glittery makeup – say, new year’s, or a grotesque carnival, but it is the special cases of creating shocking images. If your goal is naturalness, then you will need a matte makeup.
  • Makeup should be brighter everyday (even if you planned a natural way) – on a photo it will look still paler, and with initially subtle makeup, you risk looking makeup!
  • Eye makeup for the photo shoot should be visually increases the eye, and accentuates the radiance of glance. Eyeliner and mascara – as a mandatory minimum. Photos makeup eyes look expressionless.

Of course, other depends on the selected image, clothing, props, entourage…

But before we do makeup for a photo shoot (even if you already know where and what you’re going to pose) – check with the photographer! He may suggest some own ideas and wishes!

If we are talking about shooting TFP (that is, a creative collaboration with photographer) – even more, be sure to discuss with them the make-up! Don’t be surprised and don’t throw violent protests if the photographer will insist on the option of makeup that you don’t really like – DFT-terms imply that the model embodies all the wishes of the photographer, not their own!

Commercial photo shoot, of course, you can come to any makeup, and the photographer will not have the right to object – it will film what you will give him. But still – you’d better listen to the photographer, if he is against some things, it may mean that the photo will not be as good as you want (even with all the photoshop!).

And one more thing – if you have the opportunity to use the services of a professional makeup artist, it will be better than makeup for a photo shoot with their hands!

  • First, the master of makeup will do everything correctly, and the image is really good.
  • Secondly, it often happens that a particular photographer has partnered with a specific makeup artist, and that’s good – make up artist in the creative tandem already knows the wishes and tastes of the photographer, and the photographer will be 100% satisfied with make-up!
  • Sometimes a makeup artist working in the Studio is also great, because this professional knows what makeup is good for photo shoots. If you have a choice – to go do make-up in any ordinary salon or a makeup artist, collaborating with a photographer or Studio – choose the second, can’t go wrong!

    Makeup for photo session in Studio

    Shooting in the Studio can be a portrait in full growth in the interior, or fashion (to some clothes on a neutral background).

    What features of a makeover here to be considered?

    • It is impossible to make the complexion lighter or darker than your natural. The dark tone adds age, in addition, there is a risk that will be visible slightest irregularity of its application. In the dark face more visible wrinkles. And if there is a noticeable difference of tone of the face and neck, décolleté, hands, it is terrible. Vysvetleni face looks too pale.
    • Use a warm blush color to the “dimpled” cheeks and dust a darker tone on the cheeks. This will give the right effect if the picture will be b/W option.
    • “Open” look. You will help light (white or pale blue) eye liner pencil for eyes – it is applied for the lashes on the lower eyelid. From the external side of the line with a thin black liner. Eyelashes stained with ink.
    • Widely dark shade “Smokey eyes” for a photo shoot is not very good – gives the effect of “Panda”. It is better to make the arrow eyeliner!
    • Lipstick – Yes, glitter – no! Lipstick can be brighter than the one you usually wear – in the photo it will look absolutely fine and not overly bright!

    Be sure to check how the combination of makeup and hairstyle for the photo shoot! If the hair fixed retainer – it should not Shine, to give effect to oily or wet hair (unless it’s a deliberate effect) – that is, the latch does not have to be somehow visible and to change the natural color and texture of hair!

    If you have bright hair color, then think very carefully about what colors in makeup goes well with it.

    As a rule, to the cold shades of hair goes “cold” make-up and similar — to the warm tones warm. This is not necessarily a pattern – for example, if black hair in makeup can be shades of gold, coral or Carmine lipstick…

    Sometimes for photo shoots create a very creative makeup options bordering on make up or body art – but this is the area of creativity almost without rules. Draw these masterpieces to unusual fancy costumes and hairstyles.

    Whatever the makeup for photo shoots, competent photographers are usually a couple of trial shots and see how it looks in the photo, in order to correct the flaws!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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