How to marinate bacon?

For many delicious cooked fat is one of the favorite products. Moreover, it is quite possible to pickle at home. With the right approach it will come out very tasty and tender, and then take pride of place on your Desk.

The most important thing is to understand how to pickle the correct fat.

How to choose pork fat?

First and foremost, you need a responsible approach to the purchase of this product regardless of where you buy it — in the market or in the shop.

  • Remember that fresh bacon has white or pink color. Yellow or gray shades indicate that it lies on the counter for a long time.
  • When pressure is applied to the surface of the fat finger, the indentation should not be aligned too fast.
  • You can try fat match if it is fresh, then the match should be easy to get into it.
  • Give preference to the product with little streaks of meat. Thickness directly fat must be not less than 3 cm That bacon is the most delicious.

And only after you have picked a really good product, you can start the process of marinating.

Best recipes, how to marinate bacon

There are many options on how to marinate fat. And because the site offers more interesting and checked them out.

Bacon in brine

One of the most attractive recipes. If you want to know how to marinate the bacon in the brine, start with 2 kg of the relevant product, head of garlic, Bay leaves, peppercorns and a Cup of salt.

Fill the pan with water and add salt in it, bring to the boil, then allow to cool to room temperature.

Bacon cut into small pieces, rinse and dry with paper napkin each of them. Grate the slices of bacon garlic and place in a conventional Bank, together with Laurel leaves and pepper. Pour in a jar of cold water.

First, the Bank needs to stand three days at room temperature, after which it should be moved to the refrigerator. The total time for the pickling can take anywhere from one to three weeks. The jar can be covered with a lid, but close it hermetically in any case not worth it.

Ready bacon RUB your favorite spices and store wrapped in a package or paper in the freezer.

Now you know how to marinate the bacon in the marinade, as a result of the foregoing efforts, you probably will be pleasantly surprised.

Salting of bacon in a slow cooker onion skins

This time you should take a kilo of bacon, half a Cup of salt, couple tablespoons of sugar, a few handfuls of onion peel, garlic head, Bay leaves and pepper.

First soak the peel onions for some time in ordinary water. Then half of it should be spread on the bottom of the slow cooker, put the fat and all the necessary spices, then cover the remains of the husk. Dissolve in a liter of boiling water, salt and sugar, pour the liquid fat.

Our brisket for hours out in the slow cooker, then another 9 hours to stand in their own marinade. After this dry product, stuffed with garlic and put in the freezer.

Pickling the bacon for Smoking

The smell of smoked bacon can cause the appetite of even the most resistant members of the fairer sex. This product is really very few people can leave indifferent. The more that bloat fat and at home.

The most important thing is to find out how to marinate the bacon for Smoking.

In order to obtain a really delicious meal, grab a kilo of bacon, a liter of water, a few garlic heads, half a teaspoon of red pepper, a Cup of salt, a few Bay leaves. As spices can use cinnamon.

Put water on the fire, add salt, Bay leaves and black pepper, let it boil. Then send in the marinade chopped up bacon. Give him a couple minutes to simmer and leave the liquid to complete its cooling. Then dry the product and RUB with spices. After that, the fat already can be sent to the smokehouse.

Now you know the perfect answer to the question how to marinate the bacon for hot smoked or cold.

Use fat

At first glance it’s hard to believe, but pork fat is very useful. It contains fatty acids in sufficient quantity. And because they play a major role in building cell membranes. Helps fat is also in the heart.

That’s why in any case should not neglect this product. But to abuse them is not necessary.

Eat fat better in small quantities and preferably with vegetables. Listen carefully to your body, to not overdo it.

Thus, you already know how delicious to marinate the bacon. This means that nothing will prevent you to enjoy this wonderful product. Bon appetit!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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