How to marry a prominent man

There are many books telling you how to get married. Basically they are talking about normal men, not possessing some outstanding qualities, special talents, or infinite riches. But if You need a person who is in the Forbes magazine list of 10, then the normal tactics you won’t do.

If Your dream is to get married to a noble, extremely beautiful, extremely intelligent or very talented man, You have to use a special strategy. Female site offers You learn how to act, to marry the best men on the planet.

If Your goal is a delightfully handsome man

The basic principle of a successful hunt on a very handsome man — self-confidence. Yes, Yes, exactly. After all, while You are afraid to talk to these guys, most of them alone, and all because of the fact that women consider themselves unworthy of such beauties and not even trying to meet them. Be confident, and then You will have a real chance to marry a man with a bright appearance. In addition, You will have a choice – not one casual handsome man, and several wonderful men with whom you begin to communicate.

Usually very handsome men do not try to specifically choose women with outstanding appearance. Usually with beautiful girls want to meet guys with average looking, insecure, who need to prove to others that they are worth something, if he noticed such beauty.

As for attractive men, they don’t need to prove anything to anyone, they are sure of themselves, and so they choose women that they are interesting and nice to talk to, not necessarily the most beautiful. Keep this in mind and boldly attempt to meet with any handsome man that You liked it!

Talking with a handsome man, You have to remember that in any case it is impossible to show his admiration for his appearance. Even if You were infatuated with him – do not submit the form. The fact that beautiful people are so used to universal admiration, that they are tired of it.

It is much more interesting to communicate with those who may see their human dignity and talents, admires their intelligence, can understand them. They love it when people start to love them with the development of relationships, evaluating them as individuals, admire them as people. When they see that from the first minute you conquered someone’s heart with its beautiful appearance, they are immediately disappointed, considering that they are only as beautiful statues, without seeing their inner essence. If beautiful people can see that their love for soul, not for the beauty, they come to the conclusion that you’ve found the perfect life partner.

You need an extremely rich man

The basic principlethat should guide in the search of an incredibly rich man, is location. Scientists have proved that the more often You see the same person, the more likely You are to establish visual contact, and therefore there are many chances to meet this man. Well, then You can use its charm and twist an affair with him. The more You see, the more he thinks it is no coincidence, and perhaps you are meant for each other.

The day You meet the same person several times – in the morning in a cafe over a Cup of coffee, lunch at one of the restaurants and in the evening at the gym. Thus, You will burn it in front of him several times in one day.

If You want to bag a very wealthy person, You need to reside in the districts inhabited by rich men. Buy clothes in the same stores that they dine in the same restaurants, walk with the dog in the same Park and give things to the same dry cleaner that they are.

The only issue You will have, — significant increase in monthly expenses. You need to be prepared for the fact that rental apartments in the prestigious area would cost decent money, but regular dinners at expensive restaurants will absorb considerable sum of Your budget.

In addition, You must be resident in a prestigious area, You need to look as gorgeous as rich men. You should buy clothes only from the elite brands that will speak about Your financial viability. You can only wear expensive jewelry, cheap costume jewelry is completely eliminated. Your hair, manicure and pedicure should look like a million dollars, and cosmetics which You use, should not be cheap.

If You consider all these points, when you first look at any rich man will decide that You are enough wealthy womanwho is not looking for his money and earns well herself.

Possible to rent a house in an expensive area and expensive look, You will have to give up your favorite entertainment, trips at sea and other pleasures, to which You are accustomed, but, unfortunately, other ways to achieve success is unlikely.

You crave to marry a noble man

Just want to say that if You want to bag the representative of the nobility, You will have a very hard. The fact that aristocrats usually married in the representatives of his circle, that is, those who are considered worthy of himself. If You are not a member of a noble family, the chance to marry a nobleman minimum. Already at the first meeting with You the owner of blue bloods will understand Your behavior and manners that You do not treat the people of his circle.

Came from noble families will evaluate not only what You say but how You say it. They will meticulously lookhow You behave at the table eating, and at your house they will pay attention to the slightest detail. Of course, Your interests and even your favorite magazines will also be subjected to thorough evaluation. If You do not comply with the rules of the aristocratic society, the noble man You will be rejected without any regret.
In order to marry an aristocrat, you need to make many changes in their lives.

Since in this case an important role plays the factor of similarity will have to adhere to customs and rules adopted by the nobles. I will talk about the main points that should be taken into account.

Your clothes

The key motto of notable people regarding clothing – nothing artificial. To look like an aristocrat, You need to completely exclude from his clothing polyester. You can wear clothes only from natural fabrics – one hundred percent cotton, silk. In Your wardrobe can also be leather and fur things, but the leather skirts are unacceptable. In addition, You should not wear too shiny or too bright things.

Unacceptable any clothes on which something is written, even if the label is the name of the designer. Avoid the slightest self-promotion – there should be no icons with guitars, indicating that You are fond of music, no jackets with logos of book societies, which tells about Your erudition. All this indicates that you want to prove to everyone that you are, and the aristocracy never tried to stick out his identity.

It is important that clothing is perfect to sit, as it is one of the main signs of high birth. This rule is based on the fact that once upon a time, any Regal clothing designed for a specific person and differed perfect cut.

Your home

In Your home there should not be any carpets on the floor – the aristocrats prefer wood floors or stone. The only carpet that can be in the house of the nobility of old Oriental rug. Try your best to hide from prying eyes Your TV, the more attention it attracts, the lower the class You look in the eyes of Your noble friend. Aristocrats do not home TVs, or they try to hide it from everyone.

Do not post in a prominent place – for example on the coffee table are magazineslike National Geographic and Reader’s Digest, because the love of these logs says about Your belonging to the middle class. Aristocrats prefer literary or political Newspapers. Don’t point out the books that they are from Your home library, it looks as though specifically telling about it, You want to demonstrate to others their cultural.

Do not make a plush living room from the toilet, there should be no artificial flowers, paintings, shelves with magazines. In the bathroom everything should be very simple, because it is designed for a specific purpose, and the aristocracy will never put it on display. In Your kitchen there should be no plastic, finishing of cabinets should be constructed only of wood.

If You want to put in the living room vase of flowers, it can be only tiger lilies, Aquilegia or roses, but not red. In any case, do not decorate the house chrysanthemums, gladioli and begonias.

Your speech

As soon as You speak, Your class will become obvious. The slightest mistake in speech can close the door to the aristocratic society. You need to follow in conversation all the rules of grammar and orthoepy. It is unacceptable to say “how much time”, “both hands”, “I will wear a coat”.

In addition, there are subtleties that You need to consider when dealing with aristocrats. The vocabulary that is used by individuals of high society, different from the vocabulary of those who belong to the middle class. Members of the nobility never use words that speak of pretentiousness, the aristocrats say simply and specifically.

For example, middle class people say “wealthy” people from high society will say “rich”. The aristocrats will never say “housing”, referring to the house, they will say “home”. Avoid pretentious words such as “purchase, subsequently complete, impressive”.

If You are in a public place, try to speak as quietly as possible, the nobles never speak loudly.

You dream of a talented man, the representative of Bohemia

Just want to warn you that to live with someone from a creative environment is very difficult, and before you start hunting for such a man think carefully – are You willing to put up with his obnoxious, constant whims, arrogance, over-the-top egos and Terry selfishness? If You are sure that You will be able to live with such a person, You’ll appreciate our subsequent recommendations for its conquest, if not – can read them just out of curiosity.

Some creative people prefer to live in Bohemian neighborhoods, some choose other habitats, so look for them by location is hard enough, they can live anywhere. Better try to meet them where they most often spend their free time – Bohemian coffee shops, museums, exhibitions, antique shops and Nightclubs, which are popular with people endowed with talents.

To interest a representative of the creative elite, you need to be an original man and skillfully to present themselves. Your identity should reflect Your house, clothes, hair, interests, and preferences. Decorate the house as You want, as long as it was unique, that is what all creative people.

It is important that the items that will be in Your home, it would be difficult somewhere else to meet. It is desirable that each item in Your house had some history. When Your talented friend will come to You for a Cup of coffee, you can drop such phrases as “This wonderful thing I accidentally bought in Morocco” or “This vase I bought in Paris in an antique shop”. Rest assured, hearing this, any member of the Bohemians will be impressed.

You should not experience any inconvenience about their home. You completely everything should it to arrange. Don’t be embarrassed in front of Your talented guest, even if You have a thick layer of dust on the coffee table or on a chair hanging socks. Never apologize for Your home. Remember that You are unique, and Your home is unique, no matter what.

Talented people thought You were the same interesting people, like themselves, exercise in all things creative, be original in everything. To Express unusual opinions in different situations different identity in their beliefs and boldly defend them, even if there is not one person who will share Your views.

Appreciate your uniqueness and are proud of their conception of life, considering them to be unique. And then any talented musician or artist decide that he was very lucky that he met such an interesting girl, like himself.

You aim to marry a man with high moral standards

If You want to unite his fate with only a very decent man, possessing such qualities as honesty, loyalty, reliability, You have to become like him. For people with high moral standards, it is important to have a number of those who share their beliefs and values. They are so appreciate honesty in people that can stand next to me those who do not possess this property.

In your relationship with a moral man must not be even the slightest lie. If You get caught cheating at least once, the trust of your partner will decrease, and if it happens again, then it will come the inevitable disappointment in You, and then You lose it. And forever. Avoid at all costs the lies, the infidelity, do not let his beloved even in small things. To earn the love and respect of a very honest man, to live with dignity, following the highest moral standards.

If You blundered, having made improper act, and it opened up, admit his guilt and immediately correct the error. If You sincerely admit your guilt – it would be fair on Your part, and Your beloved will appreciate such an act.

In conclusion, I wish every woman to win the man of your dreams and be truly happy!

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