How to measure basal temperature and learn how to read a chart

Did you know that it is possible to determine the most dangerous days of the menstrual cycle with maximum precision and to identify possible health problems? This will help simple and accurate method of diagnosis is measurement of basal temperature. It will help to answer some of the most exciting women’s issues before and during pregnancy. Learn how to measure basal temperature and correctly use the information.

Basal temperature reflects changes in the internal genital organs of women, which regularly occurs under the action of certain hormones. So it allows you to set the exact ovulation period find out whether the delay of menstruation a consequence of pregnancy or any problems in the sexual sphere, to determine the desirable days to have sex and days of mortification. According to many obstetricians, the knowledge how to do Kegel exercises and to measure the basal temperature, are extremely important to the health of women.

How to measure basal temperature

The best time for measuring basal temperature is the morning, immediately after waking up. This should be done at the same time, as the temperature inside the body during the day can vary. Stick to the following rules.

  • Start measuring on the first day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Don’t get up out of bed before measuring.
  • On the accuracy of the result is affected by sleep duration. Ideally, you must sleep for six hours before measurement.
  • Use the same thermometer. It is desirable that he was mercury, as the spout of the electronic thermometer is too small and tightly in contact with the body.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol, as it affects testimony.
  • If you are taking hormonal and contraceptive drugs, you will not be able to obtain accurate data.

Always stick to one way of measuring the basal temperature. It can be:

  • oral — put the thermometer on the tongue and close your lips;
  • vaginal — insert the thermometer into the vagina for half the length;
  • rectal — insert the thermometer into the anus.

Write down measurements daily. If before you used alcohol or sleeping less than usual, enter it in its records. At the end of the menstrual cycle (the first day of the next month) schedule. The most accurate information can be obtained by the results for several menstrual cycles.

Analysis of the chart of basal body temperature

It is important not only to know how to measure the basal temperature, but also how to “read” the results.

After ovulation (release of Mature egg from the ovary) in the female’s body induces the production of the hormone progesterone. It provides the increase of the internal temperature by 0.4-0.6 ºC. This rate is fixed for two days after ovulation and always occurs in the middle of the cycle. He divides the cycle into first and second phases.

Normal is a schedule of basal temperature.

  • In the first phase the temperature is usually lower than in the second.
  • 12-24 hours before ovulation, the temperature drops sharply.
  • After ovulation (the second phase) the temperature increases by 0.2-0.6 ºC and an average 37,1-37,5 ºC. The second phase lasts 12-14 days.
  • Before menstruation the temperature drops by 0.3 ºC.

Features basal temperature

  • High probability of conception there is the day of ovulation and for two or three days before it.
  • The absence of changes in basal temperature during the cycle (level chart) may indicate a lack of ovulation and female infertility.
  • Regardless of the length of the cycle the second phase should last 12-14 days, and the first can be shortened (cycle less than 28 days) or to increase (cycle longer than 28 days).
  • With high level of basal temperature in the first phase compared to second phase) can be suspected small content in the body of the hormone estrogen and to go to the doctor for the prescription of pharmaceuticals corrective drugs.
  • At a low temperature in the second phase (compared to first) should be suspected low content of the hormone progesterone and also to see a doctor.

Schedules of basal temperature during pregnancy

If you know how to measure basal temperature, you will be able to control their condition during pregnancy. One of the surest evidences of its occurrence is considered to be maintaining elevated basal temperature over 18 days at the level of 37,1-37,3 ºC, what will be observed before the birth.

If 12-14 week the temperature suddenly dropped, be sure to hurry to the doctor: this may indicate a threatened miscarriage. The temperature decrease after the fifth month is also a worrying signal: the basal temperature is at the stood pregnancy is below 37 ºC.

High temperature (above 37,8 ºC) indicates inflammation in the genitourinary system. It is important to consult a doctor in order to prevent violations of the child’s health.

As you can see, by measuring basal body temperature you can detect many violations of health and time to take remedial action!

How to measure basal temperature: video

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