How to meet a man?

“Good day, female site Advise me, please, how to be, if you see any man? Do I need to take the initiative if you want to meet? And to what extent? For example, my friend believes that it is indecent and no good will not end. Thank you. Dasha”.

Dasha, Your girlfriend is too categorical! “Nothing good” can end even if You are familiar with the man ‘s parents or friends, which, as You know, can not be called “indecent.”

Yet to show the girl the initiative when meeting with a man – it is ambiguous, slippery. Let me try from their position men to find for You the best course of action, that being said, eat fish, and to climb the tree ? : and a man “to provoke familiarity, and not to appear indecent.”

Accept the conditions of the surrounding world

Dasha, for starters, remind yourself that even in our time, no matter how uninhibited behaviours of young people accepted to the initiative at acquaintance took the man. It is a well-established norm, and shake it hard.

Yes, it is dogma, but, unfortunately, it appeared not just so, and because the girl who she met in the open, risking to alienate the man, even if he is not subject to any templates. Or, if you like: a doubt arises in him unconsciously (say, itself suggests, so…).

In addition, the man – getter by nature. And most of the men (most of them) want to be “main” and in this, we can say, “main” business of his life.

But that does not meanthat she cannot and should not itself take the initiative. Just above is the set of initial (and generally accepted) rules for You (such as in Boxing below the belt not beat), the reliability of these rules is better to keep in mind that You “did not remove from the battlefield” ?

Imagine everything as a Game

From myself I will suggest You to make it as a spy game. As, for example, be the radio operator kat, if she can’t come to Stirlitz, and he can, but does not know it in lico? Only one option: imperceptibly submit a sign, use your eyes.

A good opportunity to hold the man’s gaze and immediately take him as soon as he noticed You looking at him. But to take so that he had time to notice! You can even for a second to meet his gaze. Your eyes is the most optimum way.

In short, You need to provoke the man to an acquaintance. It is possible to smile at him as soon as he held their gaze. Smile is a great thing. But you can just say hi if You ever his taste, chances are that he will at least try to know whether You are familiar with him, just said Hello.

If for some reason You want him to approach You, without marks from Your side, try to catch him on the way some time and he will not be able to ignore. Go his route, as if Your lies here. Even sit behind him in the bus or subway, and after You do not have to say where he was going.

If you use the total approach, You should as often as possible to get out, to visit exhibitions, events, cinema, gym. That is, to throw the network in more places ?

Be yourself

In General, Dasha, sometimes neglect the generally accepted rules! You never know… Suddenly You are so someone liked it, and more can not meet. Then – in the battle! In case of defeat You will have without him.

Go on some kind of a trick. Ask them to help You bring a bag (even if it’s light). Ask them to show You the way, and even better let him take You to the right place.

Tell him any compliment, preferably natural and truthful. And then add something like: “Yes, such a man, of course, busy?”.

Go for it and nothing do not be afraid. Smart man, getting to know You better (and satisfied with what I have learned) will never leave You just because You are to meet him!

And last, Dasha. Sometimes allow yourself to relax and just live, not really looking around. And I am sure some man (in Your taste) ‘ll come right to You. Does it matter who came to whom? It is important because the result?

And that result certainly came from me to You talisman:

You’re a Goddess that is hiding in the body of a young girl!

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