How to moisturize your face and body so that it shone

Water is the source of life and fountain of youth of our skin. Proper and effective hydration — the key to success of all other treatments for skin. Maintaining youth and beauty of the skin is not a one-time procedure, it’s a lifestyle and the simple steps you need to perform daily. The website “” today, tells how to moisturize the skin of the face and the body most effectively.

How to moisturize the skin? 8 simple rules
Rule # 1. Moisturizer

Everyone knows that you must constantly use moisturizing creams. Keep in mind that moisturizing creams differ on the principle of impact.

Some creams contain substances (e.g., hyaluronic acid) that form on the skin surface a thin film and prevent the evaporation of moisture thus maintaining the own humidity of the skin.

Ingredients other type of creams (glycolic, lactic acid, urea and others) do penetrate inside the epidermis and moisturize the skin.

What is the best way to moisturize the skin with cream? Before buying, find out, what components it contains cream and what is their impact.

Obviously, reasonable and effective solution would be to combine or alternate the creams different types.

Rule # 2. Thermal water

Before applying any cream be sure to moisten the skin thermal water or plain mineral water. In this case, when applying the cream the skin is not stretched, and the cream is used less, which is beneficial for the skin, the excess cream can clog the pores and can lead to swelling.

In addition, minerals, which is rich in thermal water are absorbed from the skin and add a positive effect.

Rule # 3. Moisturizing mask

Periodically, do a moisturizing mask.

Many people know how to moisturize skin with masks improvised: cucumber, cabbage, carrots, greens, egg yolk, honey, yogurt, yogurt, many fruits, and even nuts. The finished cosmetic products can also be purchased at the pharmacy or in the store.

In any case, the mask must be applied on the skin, cleansed of makeup, excess sebum and pollution — just wash with warm water with foam to remove makeup, and even better — slightly rasparte skin.

At home you can also make a moisturizing mask for the entire body based on honey, milk, coffee grounds, olive oil, banana and other ingredients.

Rule # 4. Do not overdo the tanning

Direct sunlight dry skin of the face and body, and a sunburn — injure, which causes the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. If spots still there, will be a valuable article on how to get rid of them.

Especially negatively affected by sunburn on the area with thin and dry skin — and these are important for women’s beauty zone as the breast and skin around the eyes!

Use creams for face and body with a protection factor from ultraviolet radiation and sunbathe under an umbrella. Sure, readers of the website understand how important it is to moisturize the skin after the beach, pre-wash the salty seawater!

Rule # 5. Bath

Periodically arrange a bath with oils.

How to moisturize the skin with oils? Natural essential oils have the widest range of effects on our body and soul, but some of them have a more pronounced moisturizing effect. For example, it maslo Shea, macadamia, coconut or oil of seeds of a black currant.

The molecules of these oils are embedded in the lipid barrier of the epidermis and prevent loss of skin moisture. After taking a bath apply on face and body moisturizer.

Rule # 6. Hot water unwholesome

Wash with cool water and avoid very hot water in the bath and the shower. Hot water disrupts the lipid barrier of the skin and thus dry it out. Take a bath with water temperature of about 36-37 degrees, briefly (10-15 minutes) and no more than twice a week.

Shower, of course, can be taken as often as you need it, but not worth it every time to use cleaning tools.

After a bath or shower is not pounded heavily with a towel — it injures the skin.

It is best not to wipe at all, but directly on wet skin, apply moisturizing lotion or cream for the face and body.

Rule # 7. Drinking regime

Drink sufficient amount of liquid!

How can we moisturize our skin not only outside but inside? It is water that we drink, to the skin receives the moisture necessary for biochemical processes and regeneration.

Coffee, juices and the more soda do not replace water: for health, youth and beauty drink that is clean, quality water. Normal daily intake of water is about 2 liters, but you have to take into account factors such as temperature and humidity, your individual physical exercise.

Rule # 8. Humidification

Central heating and even air conditioning much dry air in the premises. Our skin suffers from dry air, and even moisturizers can not help: often used in creams to add hygroscopic substances, which to be effective, must absorb moisture from the air.

Use of home humidifiers to maintain humidity. Good moisturize the air also aquariums, home fountains or just an open container with clean water, put near the battery.

Now you know how it is best to moisturize the skin!

And with such a smooth, shining, well-groomed skin to its original beauty you will have in just three steps: a light touch of makeup, a smile on her face and love in my heart!

The author – Svetlana Kriskovich, site

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