How to observe lent?

Women’s website “” today devotes this page to one of the most important moments in the life of any Christian. We tell our readers about why you need to follow a post, how to do it correctly and when to fast is not worth it.

The current rapid pace of life, constant changes, new demands, sometimes literally, of a person driven into a corner, introducing confusion and despondency. To really break from the hard reality of life is possible only in the walls of the Church, visiting the service and taking part in common prayer.

People go to the temple for different purposes. But most often they hope to find in the Church the answers to difficult life questions. And find.

After visiting the temple members return home with a feeling of lightness, with the confidence that they have touched the grace of God. A special, exalted feeling of closeness to God are Christians who have taken communion.

This ancient Ordinance, which was first committed disciples of Christ, is for an Orthodox person and medicine for the soul and body, and a symbol of the remission of his sins, and the hope of eternal life.

For taking communion Christian must observe a strict fast and confess.

Fasting, or retreat, is a sacrifice to God, a kind of tribute of gratitude for all his mercies. The fasting person in the name of their faith renounces all bodily pleasures, thus pacifying his own flesh and strengthening the soul. In order for the retreat was for a good reason, you need to know how to fast.

Fasting in the Orthodox Church: the main rules

The tradition of renunciation of pleasures of the flesh as a sacrifice to the God mentioned in the old Testament. Fasting was the first commandment given to Adam and eve the Lord, when they still lived in Paradise. People violated this commandment, for which he was expelled from Paradise.

After that observe a strict fast became an even greater necessity. His rules followed ancient the righteous, devout kings. Jesus Christ himself fasted in the wilderness for forty days. In honor of the ascetic feat of the Savior today, it is especially strict fast during the period of great lent during Lent.

In the Orthodox tradition allocate a one-day, multi-day and weekly posts. Fast days should refrain from eating meat, butter, cheese, milk and dairy products, eggs, in some cases — fish.

The website highlights: for those who want to follow the rules post, you need to remember that abstinence not only should be in the food. You can allocate a few moments, the violation of which makes a post in a common and not very useful diet.

  • The post be sure to combine with prayer. Every Orthodox should at least read daily morning and evening prayers.
  • Fasting is not just refraining from food, but from bad deeds. While fasting you must also try to drive away thoughts of resentment, passion, sadness.
  • Fasting need to avoid alcohol and Smoking.
  • Those who are fasting, you should not visit entertainment events, watch TV, listen to music, dance, etc. At the same time, it is impossible to walk listlessly and complain about the necessity of abstinence. Post – voluntary ascetic feat, and in cases when fasting is not strong enough, but abstinence brings heavy thoughts and causes negative feelings, it is better to abandon it.
  • During lent we should speak as little as possible, trying to refrain from idle talk, foul language, backbiting and condemnation – those sins that daily commit any person, and without which some people do is even harder than without meat or milk.
  • Speaking about how fasting according to the rules, we should not forget about abstinence from marriage, not to mention an intimate relationship outside of marriage.
  • To eat in the fasting days should be towards the evening, or at least in the second half of the day.
  • To fast need in their forces. You should not keep a strict fast without prior training, or you can earn disease. But the purpose of fasting is not the acquisition of bodily sickness, and the rehabilitation of the soul.
  • How to fast the elderly, children and sick

    In the Charter of the Church the rather strict rules of fasting, the following of which will not everyone. That is why some people from strict fasting are exempt. For example, St. Theophan the recluse believed that the patience of the disease is quite a worthy substitute for food abstinence. For relief of the post for the elderly, children and patients said and in the same Church Charter.

    People who have health problems should not shoulder the onerous burden of strict fasting. Otherwise, this ascetic feat is a burden to them and will bring them into even greater sin murmurs on the Lord and discontent with their lot.

    If you wish to follow the traditions and rules the afflicted person must turn to the priest, telling him in detail about his health and about previous post, and then ask for advice on how to fast. An experienced spiritual father will certainly give good guidance and bless to fast.

    For example, some people are allowed dairy products.

    Those who begin fasting in Mature age, should do this in stages, starting with the observance of weekly fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year.

    And the Holy fathers advise to compensate for the weakening of posts by the feelings of contrition and a desire to get closer to the Lord.

    Sometimes priests ask the question, do I need to fast for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In each individual case, the answer will be different. Expectant mothers and nursing women are permitted a relaxation of the post. Some priests also believe that the worries about the baby and sleepless nights are a worthy replacement for the retreat. And yet observe the rules of fasting according to his ability should and young mothers, and those who will soon the joy of motherhood will.

    Fasting: what food to prepare

    In tsarist Russia, the rules post was made to follow and the poor peasant houses, and in the rich mansions of the nobility. The dishes that were served on the table were quite varied.

    The most common vegetable dishes were the fish soup, cabbage soup, and brine. Hot soup was served pies usually stuffed with cereals. Prepared in the post pancakes, Hvorost, pancakes from wheat and buckwheat flour, cooked oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. Popular was the dish of peas, mushrooms, nuts, fish and eggs (when permitted fish).

    Until the end of the 17th century in Russia did not know the vegetables, except the beets, radish, cucumbers, onions, garlic and cabbage.

    Today fasting is even simpler than once. After all, one of the only potatoes you can cook a lot of vegetable, but nutritious and healthy meals. In addition, modern stores a huge variety of fresh and frozen vegetables, mushrooms, seafood which can be baked, boiled, broiled, salted.

    The main thing — remember that meatless meals should be consumed in moderation. Overeating during fasting in any case impossible.

    What gives a person post

    As mentioned above, fasting was the first commandment for the peoplementioned in the Bible. And every line of this book the wisest of mankind contains a truth by which people can find in themselves the divine seed and become perfect.

    And even though the high ideal of the majority of people will not be able to grow many centuries, to approach him. The post is one of those steps that help to this ideal up.

    The renunciation of earthly pleasures for a short time hardens the body and strengthens the soul. The man who can overcome the lust for pleasures, able to defeat temptation, from which comes all evil on our planet.

    Those who know how to keep the fasts according to the rules from my own experience, have most important, the most profound truths of existence.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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