How to organize a kitchen and how to place the equipment in the kitchen make sense?

For any modern Housewives who value their time, a very important question of how to organize the kitchen. About the styles of the kitchen design we already told you. Today women’s site “” will try to give my readers such a versatile and simple tips for proper organization of kitchen space, which can be used every Thrifty woman.

The kitchen is truly the female realm, where everything should be located so that the hostess could not just to cook and create culinary masterpieces, to realize their creative potential. Therefore it is very important draw in the proper room energy.

How to organize the kitchen according to the teachings of Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese sages claimed that proper placement of furniture in the house is the guarantor of prosperity and peaceful living of the owners. A kitchen from the point of view of Feng Shui the most important points are the installation plates, sink, refrigerator and a dining table.

  • The stove is not only the heart of the kitchen, but the main fire of the house. In ancient times it was placed in the center of the house, to attract life energy. In a normal city apartment to realize this requirement is not always obtained, therefore, when choosing locations for the boards to remember that she should not be placed opposite the door to toilet or bathroom, beds and stairs. It is also advisable to install the oven in the South wall of the kitchen.
  • Trying to better organize the kitchen, it is important not to forget the correct location of the refrigerator. Desirable to put it at the southern wall of the kitchen there is stove.
  • The sink should never be placed near a stove. These two sources of opposing energies must be divided by means of a wooden table. It is not only important to choose the right place the location of the sink, but also the right to choose the sink. It is believed that good energy in the kitchen is best to install a metal option.

The doctrine of Feng Shui even recommends hiding away from the eyes of the kitchen knives, forks and other utensils with sharp ends, because they are creating the wrong energy direction and can cause a bad mood at inhabitants of the house, cause conflict between family members.

How to organize the space in the kitchen: options for furniture placement

Organization of kitchen space depends on the size and shape of the room.

There are several most common arrangement of kitchen furniture, each of which can be used for areas with certain characteristics.

  • The angular location of the kitchen. This option is the most compact and practical. Besides, the angular location of kitchen furniture allows you to organize your working area the most convenient, it can also be located at a sufficient distance from the dinner table. We can say that such an arrangement of kitchen furniture is the most versatile and can be used in rooms of virtually any shape.
  • The linear arrangement of furniture in the kitchen is the most appropriate answer to the question of how to organize a small kitchen elongated. The advantage of the linear kitchen is that it fits well in a kitchen area of approximately 16-17 m2. In order for this option was also convenient for operation, it is recommended to choose the kitchen sets with the most wide working surface.
  • U-shaped kitchen is the best option for large rooms.
  • Island kitchen – the way of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen, which has recently become increasingly popular. The advantage of this placement of furniture is that on the island, you can make one of the elements of the “kitchen triangle” to organize your workspace. Such solution is recommended to choose in order to best organize kitchen-living room.
  • In the organization of space in the modern kitchen it is important to consider the placement technique.

    How to place the equipment in the kitchen: universal rules

    Each modern kitchen is large, midsize and small appliances. To place items of kitchen equipment should, given their size and frequency of use.

    First of all, you should select the location for the refrigerator and stove. Typically, such large equipment is standard, in the area of the “kitchen triangle”.

    However, note that the refrigerator it is advisable to put away from the plate, battery and other sources of heat.

    Since virtually any modern kitchen includes a microwave, a question often arises about where better to install it.

    In any case it is impossible to put the microwave on the fridge. To put in a microwave some other device is also desirable.

    It is best to place the microwave on the cutting table, leaving a space for work.

    In a small kitchen oven can be hung on the wall using bracket. Now popular model of microwave ovens embedded.

    It is important not to set the microwave too high to avoid burns when extracting from her a hot meal.

    The spacious kitchen can also accommodate a dishwasher and washing machine.

    How to place the equipment in a small kitchen

    If the kitchen has sufficient space, it is possible to have a slow cooker, food processor, microwave and other appliances easily. Much more complexity raises the question of how to arrange equipment in a small kitchen.

    In this situation the website recommends:

    • If space in the kitchen is limited, it is recommended to give preference to integrated technology.
    • Home appliances of small dimensions can be placed on a retractable shelf, which easily retracts back into the Cabinet once installed on her device is no longer needed. Retractable shelf will make use of a toaster, juicer or blender easy and convenient.

    • You can also position multiple appliances on a rotating tray and hide it from the eyes through the door-accordion. To clean a hidden area better items that are used more often than several times a week.
    • In the presence of a big number of various devices it is possible to build three-dimensional wire shelf in the cupboard or one of the lockers in the headset.
    • A food processor is very convenient to store on the shelf with the lift. This shelf when needed easily converts into an additional table.
    • The answer to the question of how best to place equipment in the kitchen is lifting the curtain. Behind this curtain will be easy to hide a coffee maker or kettle. Those who every day prepares natural cocktails for the blind to hide the blender or mixer with removable bowl.
    • Appliances can also be installed in series, forming a gallery of various devices. To organize this program will be most convenient on the part of the broad working surface, located at the wall. To kitchen robots are not embarrassed, it is recommended to hide behind the door coupe.
    • The answer to the question of how to place the equipment in a small kitchen, it can also be use outside surfaces as additional tables. For example, the kettle is quite comfortable to hide on the wide windowsill behind an opaque curtain.

    In fact, the question of how to place the equipment in the kitchen, there are many very simple and affordable solutions. As practice shows, the correct approach to make a truly comfortable and functional you can even a very small kitchen.

    The website hopes that the above tips will help all its readers.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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