How to organize a reception for the New year?

If you decided to organize new year celebrations for friends or relatives and want to move away from the traditional large-scale feasts, which requires a lot of time and money, the best solution would be a buffet. How can be a buffet for the New year, we will be happy to tell you.

What is a Christmas Banquet?

Buffet is an event that involves the free movement of guests and their unobtrusive communication with each other. Of course, without delicious food, it’s also not complete.

That’s just all prepared for a buffet of snacks must meet certain rules — they must be small in size and convenient from the point of view of their use.

In other words, this event is ideal tartlets, canapés, skewers, muffins and other similar dishes.

In recent times as the home of the holiday receptions are used more often. And because new year party at home is a great idea.

Basic recipes for new year’s eve buffet

If you want to surprise your guests with something especially tasty, the recipes of the cocktail for the New year will come to your liking.

Christmas tree balls

A perfect dish for the Christmas table. And all because apparently this snack is really reminiscent of the balls on the tree.

For its preparation should take chicken or Turkey, cheese, walnuts, mayonnaise, garlic, various herbs to your liking and a couple of olives, which will serve only as decoration.

Boil and slice the meat. RUB on a small grater cheese, followed by the garlic. Chop the greens. Mix the ingredients and form the mixture neat balls. In advance, roll them in chopped walnuts. From the halves of olives, and stalks of greenery make the loops, giving the dish maximum similarity with the real Christmas tree balls.

Tartlets with mushrooms and chicken

If you are interested in classic dishes for new year’s eve buffet, this is one of them. The website says it can’t leave indifferent.

This time you’ll need chicken, mushrooms, slice of cheese, an onion, a bundle of cream and, of course, tartlets, which you can buy in any supermarket.

You must slice the onion and lightly fry in oil. When he will become a Golden color, add diced chicken. After some time on the same pan send also and the chopped mushrooms.

When the filling is ready, fill it tartlets. In each of the baskets pour a little cream, then sprinkle it on top with grated cheese. Then send the tartlets in the oven, so the cheese melted and started Browning.

Quail eggs with salmon

As practice shows, the number of fans of this dish is large enough. To prepare this snack for new year’s eve buffet you need to prepare a dozen quail eggs, cream cheese (cheese is also fine), small piece of salted salmon and fresh dill.

Boil eggs, peel them and cut across. From each egg, remove the yolk. Fish and dill finely chop the maximum. Mix salmon, dill, mashed yolks and cheese. Then fill in the resulting mass existing quail eggs.

To halves did not Raseinyai, they can be fastened with toothpicks.

Shrimp salad and avocado

If you are planning a Banquet for the coming New year, it is not a reason to abandon the salads. You only need to think carefully about the form of their presentation.

  • First, cut the ingredients of any salad more finely than usual.
  • Secondly, refrain from the usual plates. Serve the salad in tartlets, or simply on a slice of bread. And sometimes the dishes can serve as a most ordinary glasses, for example wine glass for a Martini.

Don’t know what salad to prepare? Then try the following recipe. Take 200 grams of shrimp, one avocado, and stuff five cherry tomatoes. Cut these foods and place on the salad leaf, then you can begin to prepare the sauce. Combine mayonnaise, soy sauce and lemon juice in a ratio of 3:1:1 and pour the dressing prepared ingredients.

Cookies with dried fruit

Thinking through the scenario of the buffet for the New year, do not forget about the sweet table. One of the most simple and proven dessert snacks is the following.

Prepare the packet of a biscuit, a variety of dried fruit to your taste, mixed nuts, honey and pastry cream. If you decide to use dates, they are simply wash. Dried apricots and prunes is better to boil or at least for a few minutes pour boiling water.

Then dry the dried fruit and fill each of them with nuts. Cookies first otkryvaem cream, then put the dried fruit and pour the honey. This appetizer will delight all those present at your reception not only for its taste, but also excellent appearance.

Thus, if you want to organize a reception for the New year, the menu to be quite easy. There are so many delicious and beautiful appetizers that you can make this wonderful holiday a really memorable one.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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