How to organize a system of rewards for school success?

In front of thousands of parents face many of the tasks associated with the successful education of the child. Many students can learn successfully only under the condition of constant additional training. No wonder moms and dads looking for a competent motivate the child to study.

Is it worth paying for assessment: expert opinion

Often parents themselves form a kind of “payment system” for good grades. But what about the teachers and psychologists? Specialists with professional pedagogical education are strongly against pay moms and dads good marks. But why? It is often parents who are “over” material incentives, they say that the pupils study is essentially the same work. That is why they call for to pay for this worthy work.

However, this position is fundamentally incorrect and leads to collapse. Each student must clearly understand that good and solid education (not grades for answers at a Board, tests, dictations and tests!) vital to him. No need to draw analogies with the work of the adult in this situation. For such work to employees paid by the employer, who receives some benefit from the work done by the subordinates work. The student learns first and foremost to himself. Yes, to a certain extent it works, but it does so only for your own good and future.

Develop our own system of incentives

So, from a reward system should be abandoned altogether? No, psychologists and teachers do not insist on that and in one voice told that the promotion should not be monetary.decided to reward the child for achievements in studies, it is not necessary to do it haphazardly. Should invent and develop a clear mechanism that will take into account the type of stimulus, its volume, regularity (for each rating for overall academic performance, by the end of quarter).Note: it is possible to introduce a reward system which will be based on incentives for receiving good grades only in the subjects that are most challenging for the child.

It is equally important to think through the issues of monitoring of progress and imposition of fines. These issues are extremely important and they should not be ignored because modern kids are very intelligent and resourceful. To receive your “prize”, many of them are willing to find loopholes or go to outright deception.

What would be the incentive.

If teachers and psychologists are strongly advised to refuse a cash equivalent that you can think of? It can be a little nice and unexpected gift: a new pen and a sketch pad, items of clothing or accessories, the original school supplies, etc. are Now very popular with children are “trollette”. It’s erasers in the shape of cartoon characters “Trolls”. Their main function is to help children learn while entertaining them at the same time. These erasers have many positive characteristics:

  • the bright colors, so they’re hard to lose in the school backpack;
  • they are unusual and much more interesting than the usual erasers;
  • “trollette” made in the form of nozzles on the pencils, which facilitates and accelerates the process of solving math problems and helps on drawing lessons;
  • they can be used in Board games as pieces.
  • Well, the advantage is also the fact that they can receive the gift literally in any “roundabout”.For reference: the small figurines of trolls free of charge in a “roundabout” for every 555 rubles in check. They can also be obtained for the purchase of goods participating in the promotion, or just buy in cash for 49 rubles.If the stimulation you can enter a special tradition – to collect some items, “trollette” will be able to play a role. After all of figures 15, and that’s a pretty big incentive to collect them all.

    There is another wonderful option to stimulate learning. It suits families where two students or more. On the wall in the living room or in the nursery is to create a special stand. On it are written the names of children. During the school week next to the name of each child buttons or magnets are fixed is cut from paper five and four. Healthy competition, excitement, the spirit of competition motivates children and makes them to exercise more diligence in the classroom at school.As you can see, not always stimulating inseparably interrelated with the financial issue. Every parent can come up with your own, based on the preferences of the child, his tastes, interests and budget. Some moms and dads and does provide incentives to choose the presents emotions. It can be a hike in the Park, visiting a favorite cafe, watching the new cartoon or children’s movie at the cinema. Many students delighted at the promotion in the format of a trip to the zoo, a creative Studio, a Dolphin Park or amusement Park.

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