How to organize the perfect workplace at home?

Women’s website “” today will help you to organize your workspace at home so that it is maximally contributed to productive work. It would be – home mini-office, workshop, place for tutoring or study – does not matter.

These tips will help make your area ergonomic, functional, comfortable and optimally suitable for the emergence of new ideas and their successful implementation.

Remote work, self-employment, self-employment, part-time, home-office – all these forms of striving for financial independence are now becoming real for many of our contemporaries, especially the younger generation. To work “on” gave a stable result, is to think well how to arrange a workplace at home, because it should give inspiration and cause an irresistible desire to work ?

Ideal: size doesn’t matter

In order to work productively at home, not necessarily to have a private room or take it to a whole room. Small enough part, for example, a niche, especially if we are talking about a Studio apartment.

Workspace can be separated by a screen, gypsum partition, in the form of shelves, two rows of cabinets or even to zone while using a separate color of the walls.

Colors that stimulate to work:

  • orange
  • green
  • white
  • yellow

Don’t forget about his favorite color – the more, the better will be your work routine.

Before you organize a workplace at home in the corner of the room, you know, is it possible to build it near a window. In this case, it is good to use as a working surface of the window sill and inside the window niche to hang a shelf for the necessary details. For full concentration at work is better if you don’t sit with your back to the door, and to preserve the eyesight – don’t sit with your back to the lamp and the window. Well, if the window is located to the left of you.

Under the “office” can be equipped with insulation balcony or even empty the pantry. In the latter case, care must be taken about proper lighting.

How to equip a “healthy” workplace at home?

First of all, take care of a comfortable table and chair, because to constantly sit in your favorite chair or sofa is bad for your posture and overall health.

In addition, moderately stringent workplace is highly conducive to self-discipline, organization, and more productive work. Not fully work, where you rest and Vice versa.

To lie in bed with a laptop you can afford during the period of illness, in all other cases, to work carefully at the table.

Choose a comfortable office chair or a hard chair with a high straight back.

In terms of the organization of working space at home advises not to skimp on working as at home to ruin your posture much easier. The size of the table you need to choose depending on the number of things it should fit. Take care that during operation, your eyes are not rested in the wall – this situation raises all sorts of feelings, but not the enthusiasm, creativity or inspiration.

Table with a hinged lid or built-in wardrobe – perfect for small apartment, which, moreover, will allow you to efficiently divide work and leisure. At arm’s length you should have a convenient shelf, where there are the necessary tools, paper, supplies.

Don’t forget about proper lighting: wall, recessed into the ceiling, the lighting is good when working at a computer or papers hanging lamp in the case of needlework.

How to build an inspiring workspace at home?

In your work area give place for creativity and expression. Use fancy stationery, put next favorite figurines, pictures. Attach to the wall or cork Board, mind maps, motivators, beautiful scenery, useful information, a list of new words every day. All these things will be your daily delight and inspire, even if you have a difficult and tedious piece of work.

At the same time don’t overburden the space with a lot of little things that will distract attention. Glossy magazines, cosmetics, mirrors, dishes – all this should not be near the work area.

And finally: make your workplace house was landscaped. Put more room bright green colors that the eye could rest.

Fruitful work at home!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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