How to overcome children’s psychological complexes?

Just be warned — the site “” does not claim the laurels of Mr. Freud, so his theory of the influence of childhood events on our subconscious to consider and recount will not. Also we will not go into hypnosis, psychoanalysis, and other problems.

And let’s talk about why some people overcome their children’s psychological complexes, and others dragged them into adulthood…

Children’s psychological complexes – from parents

Have a very small child complexes does not happen.

He does not evaluate himself – he just lives his emotions depend on the immediate fact – fed, played with, picked up, etc. Then he begins to experience psychological discomfort or comfort depending on what and in what tone of voice he said: praised or scolded, turned with love or with anger…

The child, who in early childhood, often screaming and irritable, more likely to grow complex man – because he felt that he was not like he was the cause of parental dissatisfaction.

And then the child begins to listen to what he is told. And the more he voiced any negative response, the more likely that he himself will be considered, and complex. Incapable, unintelligent, lazy, etc.

Strong complexes children “bestow” loving parents. But why do some people overcome them, growing up, and living, although not dependent on parents?

Case emotional connection between the child and parents.

Oddly enough at first glance — difficult, rebellious teenager it is easier to get rid of complexes instilled by parents than “good”, quietly passing the teen age. Difficult teenager tells himself that all parental guidance – nonsense. Of course, it’s not, but along the way, he rejects all the negative “stigma” that it has put adult.

So if personality is enough power to teenage rebellion, it is likely that perfectionism and the desire to mischief with the age of the leaves, but the complexes will not return.

Complexes, suggested children’s choir

Another group of complexes, those which in childhood “rewards” a team of peers. They can be associated with the appearance, but not only.

There are, relatively speaking, “a complex of weakness.” Quiet, shy child urchins-peers can always put in terms of when he feels helpless or unable to do something to fight back the bully, pick up your ball taken away…

This remember is an adult may then convince himself that he did in life uncompetitive: not popular with the opposite sex will not create successful your business, not received and will not finish the University, which dreams, etc.

In General, fights and goals in the past, and the feeling of being a wimp then!

Who overcomes these complexes? People who are convinced that the old problems are already “not working”. The appearance has changed – now they are beautiful, love them, admire them!

“Misery” is already in the past – they succeed in their venture, they are competitive, they reach the desired. The more life victories, the less complex!

What do you do if the childhood and the psychological complexes of childhood left?

All the “gurus”, “coaches” and psychologists (quoted and unquoted) I love saying beautiful speeches like “love yourself the way you are”, “all the people smart and beautiful, you only need to accept yourself” etc.

But the Fig. You will not see in the mirror beautiful yourself, if you don’t spend the effort, time and money to improve their looks compared with what we have initially, and what do you think nekrasotoy. Will not think that you quite successful in your career and income, while not fundamentally earn more in comparison with what you think “I don’t make enough money”. Develop the courage to new beginnings, while at least one is not implemented successfully. And so on!

Yes, quite possibly, your original face itself is pretty and would not change anything. Quite possibly, you do just fine, no worse than many! But you will never accept it as is and will not cease to do, if you don’t do something, then for you there will come a “new reality”.

Gaining the courage and do it. Yes, in the process you will visit more than once thought “nah, I can’t, I will not succeed anyway…”.

But when the work – complex comes a large and fluffy Fox!

Not starting to enjoy myself after a visit to the hairdresser, go to a beauty salon. Did not see any radical change and then sit on a diet, go to the gym. Some even get rid of the complex only after a visit to a plastic surgeon (this is optional, of course, but why not, if you care of excess fat or adding some silicone at the same time removed the “pain of the head,” which made it difficult to live a full life!).

Same thing with business success, personal life, education, etc. Need to take a “weak” until then, until satisfied with the result and myself. By the way, after overcoming this point, many people then go back to the original – do not chase higher income, popularity, a perfect appearance, but doing it consciously – and the complexes will not be returned.

Uninhibited people are generally not afraid to look too simple, strange, ugly, stupid – they don’t really care, because they know that they are actually beautiful, smart, successful, and for them, it is so obvious that it disappears the desire to constantly prove it to others!

Notorious man thinks “I’m ugly, because I can’t be beautiful.” Truly free – “I look ugly because I’m beautiful!”.

Yes, a magic wand, you even website handing’d have to do the work! But when it works, and children’s psychological complexes go, you’d be amazed how much lighter and easier it was to live!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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