How to overcome fear of a new job?

Today women’s site “” will help you to overcome the fear of a new job is a big obstacle to development.

This feeling is familiar to many women, regardless of their age, level of professionalism and the number of companies in which they had to work. To start over, to join the team, find a common language with the chief, to build relationships with new clients is always difficult. Difficult, but not scary!

In order to develop as a professional, you need to change jobs every five to seven years, experts say. Times achievements like “she gave the plant to 40 years of life” are long gone.

Today, after more than five years in one position without a promotion, the person loses the motivation to self-improvement. Whatever the reason you’re changing the company, we’ll show you how to overcome the fear of new work, because the changes need to work safely and confidently. offers to consider the most common fears and doubts (which are experiencing about 76% of the “recruits”) and methods of dealing with them.

The fear of a beginner

Perhaps the worst thing in the new work is a strange team. He rallied, with its foundations and traditions, it’s not really favor newbies, at best ignored.

Know how to call that way of thinking? The negative scenario! How you will be treated depends on you.

Find a reasonable compromise between demonstration of their abilities and not to sound like a prick. Accept the rules of the new team, not counting those that are abhorrent to you. So how to overcome the fear of new work means work well with colleagues, be sure to visit the first corporate party, training or teambuilding event, it will help to join the team.

Fear of the new in principle

Getting a new job, you have to change a lot – schedule, pace of life, perhaps, place of residence, so your fear is understandable. Especially if you’re rather conservative in their habits and that long in a narrow comfort zone.

How now will you do? To get rid of the fear of the new, maximum change your lifestyle before going to work. Change the way, start to run or draw, do something unusual, feel like a new person – so change your way of thinking.

As situational to overcome the fear of a new job?

Imagine the worst that you can happenif the new place you have nothing. Will you get fired? You’ll be back to look for work? Again going to the interview? You’ve been through it all.

As soon as you present the situation, the stress level will decrease considerably. It is a rewarding experience that you can apply in the future.

How to overcome the fear of new responsibilities and work

If you are a professional, to cope with this fear, it’ll be easier than yesterday’s senior. Based on your fear of the dark.

Gather as much information as possible about the new company, its Directors, managers, management style and traditions. Use the social network.

It’s possible that you’ll have to learn new things. Challenge yourself, study new – and you don’t have time to think about how to overcome the fear of challenging new job, because you have no time to be afraid. To build good relationship with new boss, at first fully concentrate on precise tasks.

Once your basic professional qualities will be appreciated, the time will come the manifestation of the talent, initiative and rational proposals.

More positive!

Certainly, in your environment there are people who change jobs several times a year, do not feel discomfort and doubt and not even think of how to overcome the fear of another new work. Remember, how they live, communicate, converge quickly with new people that gives them such a approach to life.

Remember that your future only in your hands and affect him, only you can (including change for the worse). Think how many times have you had to face new and unknown.

In the end, fear causes the release of hormonesthat will allow you to be in good shape. On the other hand, if in a couple of days before starting a new job you will lose sleep and rest, you will be scattered and broken, and thus, the first working days will not be set. Find a middle ground to fear don’t make you deviate from what you really want to improve their lives.

And the easiest way to eradicate the fear of a new job is to remember that from him will be memories in a few weeks. Just immerse yourself in work, being friendly, getting used to new routines and to be responsible. The time will pass quickly, and you’ll feel as if you worked here all my life!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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