How to overcome fear of being alone?

Fear of loneliness can be attributed to the most common human phobias. In the same way as other fears, the fear to remain alone with their problems, feelings and thoughts may be natural and harmless or pathological and destructive.

It all depends on the size of this very fear.

How dangerous is the fear of being alone? How to get rid of it? Let us now look for the answers to these questions along with the women’s website ““.

Where there is fear of loneliness?

In General, the mechanism of the birth of fears psychologists explain natural causes: fear is the feeling that allows a person to avoid hazards. What are the dangers of loneliness?

For a man since its appearance on earth alone was the condition in which he was completely unprotected against the hostile forces of nature – predatory animals, weather events, disease, etc. He’s the one that does not have any great physical strength, no sharp fangs, no ability to run fast, in such conditions it was simply impossible to survive. So he always sought to keep communities of their own kind.

But to seek allies of a man forced to not only ancient instincts. Being reasonable people have long understood that the Union with other people, he will be able to perform what alone to perform the impossible: to build a high castle, to dig a deep ditch, climbing a high rock…

Therefore, very often for fear of loneliness disappears and a basic desire to achieve something significant.

It is this fear that forces people to meet and make friends, start a family. So why is he so often spoken of as the force which prevents man to live? When the natural desire to have the loved ones turns into a pathological fear of being rejected by all?

The website says: a morbid fear of loneliness is a feeling which compels man to live with someone who makes him unhappy. Therefore they must be eliminated.

Fear of loneliness: how to deal with it

Psychologists say that loneliness panic fear people who have experienced some severe shock, as well as those who suffer from low self-esteem. So to combat this fear, you must take the following actions:

  • To increase self-esteem. And you need not so much to develop, how to learn to love and accept themselves with all their little flaws. After all, in the world, for example, there are so many women who from his youth had got it into his head (or drove them) that they have ugly legs or Breasts. Because of this, they begin to hate their body and feel immense gratitude towards all men, pay attention to them. Interestingly, these men they take with all their “highlights” – nicotine addiction, a beer belly, bald head, missing teeth, etc. and from themselves at the same time, demand unattainable perfection. All this is due to the fact that once someone’s little girl nedolyubili. So grown-up girls should love themselves with double force, and not try to achieve this from those who do to any feeling.
  • To learn self-reliance. To be alone with the problems afraid of people not accustomed themselves to decide something. They are also often willing to tolerate a society of bullies, cynics and energy vampires in order to feel at least a little protected. To get rid of the fear of loneliness will help to develop independence. Psychologists advise: start small, give yourself a small task of doing something for the first time. For example, to take in the city administration, some simple document to negotiate with a plumber about repairing a dripping faucet or to put a houseplant. Gradually the tasks will need to be difficult. With the development of self-reliance will come to understand that loneliness in the modern city is not so scary.
  • Communicate as often as possible. The fear of loneliness in women can occur due to the lack of natural communication. It is advisable to chat with people live: this natural contact is most fully satisfy the human need for energy exchange.
  • Learn to enjoy the loneliness. Solitude is the best condition for creativity. Alone you can do anything: meditation, knitting, writing poetry, writing memoirs, doing origami, to pray… Even more tips read in this article.
  • By the way, many great men were able to accomplish something it is due to loneliness. So instead of rushing about in search of public recognition, much more useful to just work on yourself. For those who’ve never done this before, such a move may seem like a feat. In fact, one only has to start – and then everything goes by itself.

    To how to overcome fear of loneliness once and for all, you have a lot of change in my life. And yet it is better to venture out and start a fight with fear, than to live always in his captivity, deliberately depriving themselves of the joy of feeling the fullness of life.

    Those who out of fear of loneliness lives or communicates with moral monsters, often do not understand that near people are much more lonely than they would without them. Our website encourages: even if the gap is painful when can lead to serious financial problems, do not be afraid to be alone with them. Still there would be people around. And, most likely, those who will help to build life anew.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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