How to overcome fear of heights?

Women’s website “” today will discuss the important topic – the fear of heights, which often prevents us from enjoying life.

It’s not about what you can not decide on a parachute jump. And that when you look from the balcony of the ninth floor you knees weak, and from one type of photography “Lunch on a skyscraper” begins a natural panic.

Is it possible to get rid of this phobia completely or at least reduce its symptoms?

Why high = scary?

Fear of heights is a natural feeling that is associated with the instinct of self-preservation.

However, it is one thing to be afraid to ride in a hot air balloon and another to experience dizziness, standing on a stool and trying to get the book from the top shelf.

If the phrase “afraid of heights” does not describe the horror you feel at the top of the attraction “Ferris Wheel”, let’s try to deal with it.

Meet acrophobia (“Akros” in Greek means “top”).

People with severe fear of heights often have dreams in which they find themselves on the roof or just at a high point and can’t go down, while experiencing fear. So the subconscious mind signal about the existence of the problem.

This phobia affects about 10% of the total population of the planet. The answer to the question of why people are afraid of heights, lies in the genes, say scientists – that is, it is innate and not acquired fear.

Look fear right in the eye not gonna advise you to treat phobia “cures” – that is, immediately jump with a parachute from the bridge with rubber band or fly by helicopter. The stories of those who did indicate that a full “cure” will need more than a dozen regular jumps and flights.

Much more useful to go long but less stressful by.

Stating that your fear is stronger than the others. Analyze, what exactly are you scared at what age did this fear (maybe this fear comes from my childhood?), what was happening in my life at that moment?

Take the height

So how to overcome the fear of heights is possible only with time, regularly make myself walk on the floors, balconies and other tall buildings.

At first hang at the point where you will feel first vertigo. Feel all the symptoms of fear and try to mitigate them: stand up straight, breathe deeply, get used to this altitude. Gradually increase the height.

Finish the “training” you can exit to the roof with a person whom you trust.

Use for training of any suitable places, viewing platforms, bridges, glass elevators in shopping malls, a Ferris wheel, high escalators, jumping in the pool.

Listen to your feelings. If panic – “afraid of heights, what to do?” starts to feel dizzy, concentrate on one point and try to pull myself together.

Visualization of fearlessness

Give a few moments of calm and imagine yourself enjoying a beautiful view in the window of the plane, standing on the edge and get pleasure from the gorgeous scenery. Imagine yourself moving across a rickety wooden bridge over an abyss.

Try to clearly present your feelings and understand them – what scares you. At the end imagine how you safely reach the opposite side and say to myself that not so it was scary.

Such “living situations” to help deal with phobias.

Imagine that you or your loved ones in danger, and there is no other way to escape but to overcome fear of heights: to jump with a parachute or fly the plane. What sense will prevail?

Exercise and other ways

Fear of heights is caused by problems with the vestibular apparatus and movement coordination.

With these questions, copes the following exercise. Sit down and put your hands on the floor. From this position, you need dramatically, and the maximum jump, with eyes and hands have to be upward. Repeat exercise 10-15 times.

To defeat the fear of heights, put in your workouts:

  • the balance beam between two chairs
  • climbing rope or rope ladder
  • hovering and pulling on the bar (will give you the confidence that your hands are strong and, if necessary, will be able to withstand the weight of your body and will not let you fall)
  • climbing, for example, at the climbing gym with a soft floor

Excess caffeine can cause anxiety, and to stimulate a phobia. Help to be more relaxed, to control the various situations to manage your condition and fear the sport and good sleep.

To suppress panic attacks at the height will help breathing exercises. Do yoga at least once a week, especially paying attention to the exercises on the balance.

If you don’t know how to stop being afraid of heights, and fear has caught you off guard, focus your gaze on a fixed point approximately 25 metres from you, it will help to recover.

Don’t try to treat a fear of medications, they only relieve symptoms but not treat the cause. A mild sedative (and only on the advice of a doctor, preferably a psychologist) is acceptable if you just have an event associated with height, such as flights.

To know how to get rid of fear of heights, and to act is if only because that many phobias have a tendency to progress. You too can get out of control, until “fear of fear of heights” and concerns “fall on the earth”.

To be fearless and free from all fears means to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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