How to overcome the autumn Blues: 10 effective tips

How long we wait for summer, and how quickly it ends! Now the window drizzling rain, the sky was gray and gloomy, and the soul crept in the gloom. Starts autumn melancholy. This condition, familiar to every fifth inhabitant of our planet. Even staunch optimists with the onset of autumn begin to indulge in melancholy.

Today women’s site gives you 10 tips on how to overcome the autumn Blues!

Tip # 1: Extend daylight

The main reason for the autumn Blues – the absence of the sun.

Sunny starvation reduces our vitality. We become sluggish, lethargic, experiencing emotional discomfort. Nothing and no one I want!

Try to lengthen daylight! The biggest charge of solar energy we receive at sunrise. Get up early, open the Drapes, look, as the first rays of the sun. Stand in morning traffic, putting the nose of the sun – a real pleasure! Even if the rising failed, and outside the rain, then at least do not drive yourself into the darkness! No blinds and blackout curtains in the office, only bright light. Go out for lunch outside, take a walk in the Park, breathe in the damp autumn air.

Solarium will help you to obtain the necessary portion of the ultraviolet light. It’s enough to be in the Solarium 5 minutes. And a nice tan itself can improve your mood! ?

Tip # 2: Get Enough Sleep

Strong, healthy sleep is vital at any time of the year! Go to bed early, put everything in the morning, because sleep before midnight is the most useful!

Be sure to ventilate the room before bedtime, follow the regime and its formal power: it is impossible to overload the stomach “heavy” food. If you are hungry, drink a glass of yogurt or eat a fruit. Get rid of insomnia will help you a hot bath with lavender and a glass of warm milk with honey.

To make up for the sleep deficit during the work week – get enough sleep this weekend! Even if you had to get up early on Saturday and find a couple of hours for a NAP. Day it is recommended to sleep up to 16 hours.

Tip # 3: Eat right

Poor eating habits our body is weakened and often suffer from infections.

How to take a good mood, if stomach heaviness, bowel overloaded and rapidly arrives to excess weight? But proper nutrition is one of the few aspects of our lives where everything depends on our choices!

Autumn is the time of vegetables and fruits! So eliminate from your menu product deep processing and food containing preservatives. Indulge yourself with light vegetable salads, main dishes and cook steamed or grilled. In flour and sweet it is better to limit myself to not back the pounds lost during the summer.

It’s time to drink a course of vitaminsto the winter to be prepared!

Tip # 4: Find something to their liking

You shouldn’t have climbed head first under the blanket, hoping to sit there until winter! ? Boredom is a faithful friend autumn Blues, and she will happily bring you to depression, if you will humor her!

Let’s find you an exciting experiencethat autumn has flown by!

First consider this: what have you always wanted to do but never found the time for it?

Perhaps childhood dream to draw? Then buy yourself an easel and paint, go to autumn Park and draw the scenery! What? You don’t like your brightly colored spotting? Not a problem! Present your picture mother-in-law. If she refuse, tell them drew a picture of the trunk is the elephant, and it cost you a lot of money.

Maybe looking at the handmade Soaps in the store, you wanted to try to cook this themselves? For what it arose? To master the technology of soapmaking you need to find in the Internet the community of soapmakers where they reveal their secrets. Plus buy the necessary materials. And you are fragrant stir the hot soap mass, which after a few hours the soap will be a real masterpiece!

No, I guess not! Drawing and soap making is not for you… eating You that you have not raised wages, and chef does not allow new projects. This is a special autumn melancholy. Called “true blue workaholic”. To get rid of her, you need to spend the autumn months with the use of: apply for training, to learn a new profession, to enhance their skills or to improve your English.

But if you’re upset that there is no money for new accessories to master the art of knitting! It is now in fashion knitted necklaces, bright scarves, flowers, brooches, and bags! A couple of weeks of hard work, and your outfits will be transformed!

In General, find yourself any enjoyable activity, which would have occupied your free time and fun! Things creative, be creative, let your family help you with this.

Tip # 5: Change the atmosphere

Ideally it would be great to go on vacation! Lying on a Sunny beach, swimming, sunbathing, while their home country covers the cold cyclone.

But remember — change is not worse than the rest! If you are not able to go on vacation, change the atmosphere of the house.

Make the arrangement of the furniture, hang new curtains, buy bright pillows on the sofa, put on the coffee table bright oranges. The brighter and newer will be placed accents, the more unrecognizable will be the room! Use the rules of color therapyto effect change on an emotional level.

Tip # 6: Fall In Love!

If your heart is free, now is the time to act! After the summer, you good as ever – it’s time to get acquainted, flirt and date in a cozy coffee shops! Take a look and see what kind of men surround you? Suddenly there would be a good conversationalist, a loyal friend and a great lover (And if you’re lucky, in one person)? In addition, you have strong motivation – a cold winter to hold warm, masculine embrace!

You already married? Then fall in love with your husband again! Together recall your first experience that attracted you to him, how it all began! Make him a nice little gifts, say kind words, take care of him. After all, surely he is also depressed and frowning. All the good that you do for him will definitely come back to you, rest assured!

Tip # 7: Communicate with loved ones

Our friends and loved ones have an amazing ability to enhance our mood , even by his presence! If you have a soul scratching cat, overcome problems, tell your friends about them, and you will feel better! One head is good, two is better! On friendly Board solution will be found quickly! But if your friends are too hung up from the autumn Blues, invite them to visit on a warm mulled wine and fondue!

A lot of fun you will get if you will do your loved ones a surprise! If your relatives live in another city, they send the parcel with sweets or just call. Households can give small gifts – warm mittens, a scarf or a bright umbrella. Their happy smile is sure to delight you!

Tip # 8: Keep yourself in good shape

When you start to exercise, you achieve a double effect: first, improves brain function, and secondly, you gain a beautiful figure.

Very often, psychotherapists in the treatment of patients with depression include a morning jog. Why? Because during intense workouts the pituitary gland produces the hormone of happiness endorphins. First, it creates a euphoric state, and after relaxation and tranquility.

In addition, sports smooth the stress, because physical activity accelerates the decay of the stress hormone adrenaline. Thanks to better blood flow to the brain also improves the ability to concentrate, learning ability and creativity.

In General, the advantages are obvious! Drown your Blues in the pool or wipe it on the treadmill! Choose any type of training, the main thing that was not contraindications!

Tip # 9: have sex

If I haven’t convinced you to get out from under the blanket, then at least get back his loved one!

Like sports, sex promotes the production of happy hormone (endorphin). The more endorphins in the blood, the stronger the immune system! Don’t want to sneeze and cough – then have sex! In addition, sexual activity prolongs life: those who make love regularly (at least 2 times a week), live much longer than those who remember about sex at least once a month.

Tip # 10: Keep a positive attitude

At the heart of all positive change in our lives. To get rid of the autumn Blues, you need this very much to be desired! It is not necessary to withdraw into themselves and wait for this condition will pass by itself! Look for the positive in everything, and then he will find you, because so many things in life can bring us joy. Lie down in the sauna, treat yourself to a day of beauty, shop at your favorite stores, get a pet, buy a new tea set!

Whatever you think will work best! It is important not to fall into apathy, and continue to move forward and to live life to the full!

Female site wish you to overcome the autumn Blues and to enjoy every autumn day!

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