How to paint your nails. Tricks and secrets

“Teach me to paint beautiful nails! Well though kill – I did not get to paint your nails smoothly. Even the bright paint comes out crooked, what can we say about red! In General, give advice on how to paint your nails. Sincerely, Olga”

Well, Olga, not one you suffer from this problem. And if long nails still get to paint neatly, short have trouble. I, as the owner of the short nails (due to a number of reasons), I know for myself, how difficult is it exactly to paint the nail without touching the cuticle and the area around the nail.

So female site tells how to paint your nailsto manicure was beautiful and the hands looked manicured.

How exactly to paint your nails: General rules

Before you start to paint your nails, treat the surface of the nail liquid nail Polish remover or wash your nails with soap and water and wipe dry. On clean, fat-free and dry nail varnish will stay long, not ablaza and not bubble.

Next, apply the first coat of varnish is a transparent tint or a special base coat. This will make the nail surface smooth, which will allow a longer time to Polish, and also ensure the nail plate additional nutrition – vitamins and other nutrients.

ALWAYS apply 2 coats of colored lacquer, whether it is translucent or bright hue. Only two layers will allow you to enjoy the true color of the nail Polish, the only way the paint will lay down evenly without streaks, and the manicure will look complete and perfect. Typically, one layer of colored lacquer is not is saturated, making the nails look dull.

Top color nail Polish (second layer) you can apply a special fixative. This is done to keep your nails as long as possible to peel, and sometimes it gives extra Shine to the nails. Although, if you have already applied 2 layers of colored lacquer, and a transparent shade, this is enough. So you decide whether to apply a top coat. Personally, I’m fine without him.

Nails dry as long as possible! Can you dip them in cold water, to wave, but soak at least 20-30 minutes after applying the last layer. Otherwise, the nails will remain prints of anything you touched. Remember – the more layers of varnish, the longer the nails dry.

After nails have dried, use a toothpick (match and q-tip are too thick), the tip of which wrap a small piece of cotton wool. Dip the toothpick in the liquid nail Polish remover and wipe off smeared on the edges of the nail varnish. Keep in mind:

  • Wash the varnish got on the skin, preferably after nails are completely dry. So you will not mess up my nails if accidentally touches the nails.
  • Try to paint your nails smoothly without coming into contact with the skin. Because even erasing blemishes, nail Polish is not going to look 100% accurate.
  • That’s all. Now we turn to the technique of application of varnish.

    Apply the varnish on long nails

    There’s nothing difficult. Really nice to paint long nails is easier than short. Female site tells how to do it right:

  • For long nails with any color – from bright to low-key, can not be said about short nails. As you can see in the photo, all the shades look stunningly gorgeous. The main condition: to varnish looked on the nails — a manicure must have!
  • If the nail thickens, it is only one layer. If you see that it thickens so that it will not turn neatly paint your nails – dilute it with a special tool.
  • Before you apply varnish on the nails – warm the bottle in your palms and shake well. The paint will become homogenous, blended, and thereby smoother lie.
  • Start to paint your nails with the little finger. Put your fingers on the edge of the table so that the palm down, and fingers steadily and convenient to you located on the edge of the table. Light on the nails should fall on the left top (if you’re right handed).
  • Dip the brush into the varnish so that it is completely immersed. Then wipe the brush on the edge of the bubble, with varnish in the most part will remain on the outside of the brush. And the party start to paint the nail.
  • Mentally divide the nail transversely into 3 parts. And stepping back from the cuticle 1 part dip a brush with the varnish on the nail (so as not to stain the cuticles). Then a quick, sure strokes, swipe the brush to the tip of the nail in the middle, and then another 2-4 brush strokes at the edges. If the varnish was not enough – dip a brush in the bottle again. Conversely, if you see an excess of varnish on the nail – gently glide there with a brush, removing the excess.
  • Progresiv one nail, again dip the brush in the varnish, each time updating it on brush.
  • Procrasinate all the nails and leave to dry.
  • Only after the first coat is dry color nail Polish, apply the next, otherwise the nails will be very long to dry.

    How to check whether the varnish is dry? Fingernail of one hand touch the other, as if patting lightly. If the nails do not stick together – the paint is dry.

    When finished with colored lacquer, apply a drying for nail or the nail fixer.


    How to paint short nails

    Do not confuse short nails with nail medium length! The latter is as easy to paint as long, but when your nails short – it is difficult to paint them neatly and beautifully.

    For short nails , always use enough liquid Polish. On the long nails, the thickened nail Polish is easy to apply smoothly, and will not need a second coat, but on the short thick nail Polish will stain the skin around the nail.

    Also , please refrain from bright colors – red, black, yellow, fuchsia. As you can see from the photo, it looks quite messy. Best for short nails fit pastel shades and translucent lipsticks.

    IT IS UGLY!!!

    Principles of coating — same as for long nails, but with some nuances:

  • Collect on the brush of the varnish a bitto avoid the excess and smearing nail Polish around the edges.
  • If the sides of the nail to leave the edges unpainted, short nails will visually appear longer and sleeker.
  • If trying to paint short nails, you still hooked to the area around the nail, and it is understood that carefully erase it will not work – remove only large spot varnish. In the gaps between the skin and the nail varnish will come down itself when washing hands or dishes. The main thing – not to get varnish on the cuticle, it is better to it not to zakrashivaet 1 mm than to hurt))
  • Here and all the details that will help you to correctly paint your nails. Beautiful you manicure!

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