How to persuade a man to experiment with sex?

You want to diversify your an established sex life and experiment? Maybe you want to offer your man along to make your long erotic fantasy? But… shy. Or afraid that he’s wrong you will understand, will find this strange or be offended… is this the reason for the breakup?! Don’t worry — will tell you how to unleash the man to experiment in sex!

Where is the line between “experiment” and “perversion”?

Only where install you. Of course, if your fantasies do not go beyond the Penal code! ?

But it may happen that your ideas about possible experiments extend much further than the imagination of your men. This is not a threat to your relationship, and the opportunity for joint development and mutual learning! Don’t be afraid to expand sexual horizons favorite – he’ll only “thank you!” you say!

Generally, in this area is to reject the criteria of “moral – immoral,” “ashamed, okay” morally and decently everything that adults do people with mutual consent!

Use the scale “pleasant – unpleasant”, “interesting – uninteresting”

How to persuade the man to try something new?

Many women are very scared just to pull over to the shoulder of the man she loved and Flirty to say, “Honey, you’ve never tried this, and I would like… let’s try different things?“.

After these words, imagining the storm of male resentment, ridicule, and categorical denial…

Believe Beautiful and Successful in 99% of cases the fears were groundless! If a man loves you, and you will Express my wish sincere, Frank conversation “about that” your relationship will in no way hurt. Even if your imagination is he not very close, you can ask “once, for me and you might like it”.

But if you’re still too shy to ask “in a forehead”, it is worth to try another effective method!

The fact that men are often willing at least from a skyscraper without a parachute to jump off, if you are sure that this idea came to their mind independently and not at the request of women. So try to motivate a loved one that is interesting to you, but so that he did not notice your initiative!

For example:

  • Pick up for watching an erotic filmwhere the “accident” there is a scene with the action that you want to “spin” your man. When we wait till this episode, show me how Horny you are, how you like what is happening on the screen… I Can say that “this is probably very nice, but we never did…”. The obvious conclusion the man will surely do it myself!
  • Waking up in the morning, tell the beloved about his dreamwhere he did and such, and sort of… kind of dreams do not scold, correct? J And the man likely to soon decides to prove that he is capable of all this not only in your dreams, but reality!

Can you expressed fantasies to ruin a man’s opinion about you?

In the Victorian era in England, it was believed that a true lady in the intimacy with her husband is obliged to lie back, keep quiet and not disturb the spouse to have fun. Otherwise it is not a true lady!

Fortunately, our generation is far removed from all these bourgeois nonsense, and the willingness to sexual experimentation does not characterize the woman negatively – on the contrary, is a plus!

But men are men: on the one hand, they want diversity and like it when a girl does not have complexes in this area, and on the other hand… the Vast majority of men, oddly enough, really appreciate the lady ‘s modesty!

Gets as this paradox in men’s minds? It’s very simple – let the woman willingly responds to all the male initiative, but if it makes its own – that it is somehow alarming, it is immodest…

What to do? To make all directly – all of a sudden he starts to think about what “dislocations of consciousness” brought you to such fantasies?! But wait, while itself will offer what you want, can be very long, and not the fact that the wait…

You can use the above method to show the man the movie “it” or accidentally forget the “Kama Sutra” that is disclosed on this page… And the story “slow siege” — first, get into a conversation about what you would like yourself manwhat he dreamed… In the course of the conversation surreptitiously ask, “what about this – would you like that?”.

Very often, it so turns out that the man wants the same thing you are, but… too shy and not Express!

Well, if the man does not recognize anything other than the missionary position, everything else considers debauchery, and the woman who wants diversity, calls the pervert is a common bigot. Run from him with no regrets – for such a “gentleman” you, true lady, it is not worthy!

What fantasies can ruin relationships with your loved ones?

For some men and pose “woman on top” may seem the height of immorality and cause for a breakup. Good riddance – it is hypocrisy!

But something it is better not to offer if you value your relationship and don’t want one bold experiment they messed up.

For example, a Threesome, especially if third – man. Both of you will be 70, and her husband at the slightest quarrel will remember that, Bob you must have been better than him!

In some situations it is better not to experiment?

Realize their dreams and not be afraid of something new – that’s great! But there are a few situations when experiments should be abandoned.

Not forever, of course – just put them on then!

  • For the first time. Even if this is not the first sex in your and his life. But if you first are doing it together, better to do without spicy “chips” and acrobatics – better try to feel each other, to examine the body of the partner… it requires no sophisticated technique of sex, tenderness, understanding feelings and emotions to each other… As if to shock their male fantasies on the first night, he can not seriously get worked up and even escape! Let him just get used to you – this is enough classic items!
  • The critical days. Of course, you can persuade a man to have sex in “red letter day”! But if you have any unusual requests then it is better to postpone them for a few days so as not to spoil the man the impression of innovation.
  • If a man is tired, angry, annoyed, sick… Men in General are creatures of subtle mental device – in a bad mood to them and dinner is tasteless, sex is tiring, and experiments seem to be nonsense…

Of course, even if you persuaded a man on a bold experiment, he might not like it. For example, if every time he screams when you in the throes of passion gently bite your ear – what kind of whip with handcuffs?!

And new experimental posture may not produce the promised book or film enjoyment – all people are individuals, all have physiological and psychological perception.

But this does not mean that we should not try – at least there will be something to remember 100-year anniversary!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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