How to pick shoes to MIDI skirt?

MIDI – length skirts for several seasons! Skirts just below the knee gives a feminine edge to your outfit and harmonious proportionality of the silhouette. The length of the skirts looks good on everyone without exception.

It is important to learn how to pick shoes to MIDI skirt. It is dedicated to today’s recommendations original women’s website

Shoes MIDI skirt: mandatory if the heel?

This question stylists and designers give a twofold answer: it all depends on your style of dress generally, casual skirts and of course, your type of figure.

More elaborate than the MIDI skirt, the more it visually shortens the legs and reduces your height. It’s not bad in itself, but if you already really short and proud of it, or if you are obese and you have a wide calf and ankles, you need shoes heels to slightly “pull” the proportions of the silhouette.

If you are tall or of average height and slim body, then you can wear shoes without a heel with a MIDI skirt.

Model skirt also introduces some rules about the selection of shoes.

  • Classic pencil just below the knee worn only with heel and works best for thin “hairpin”. If you prefer the classic feminine style, the combination of “pencil skirt + white stilettos”.
  • Straight knit MIDI skirt allow greater variety in the selection of shoes. Of course, the heel will be appropriate, but with the skirt it can be a “stud” and a thick, steady (and the second option will look even more stylish and modern!). Instead of shoes, boots or ankle boots with a heel you can safely wear wedges and platform. And in summer, a slender girl with thin legs can easily direct MIDI to wear with ballet flats!
  • Lush MIDI silhouette “new look”. Here can be a few options. “Stud” — definitely, Yes. Lovers of vintage can advise to pay attention to the “boat” on the heel”stud”. And when talking about light, summery lush skirt below the knee, it can be worn with ballet flats and sandals without a heel!
  • Skirt-line silhouette look better with a heel (though not necessarily thin) or wedge heels.

What shoes to wear a MIDI skirt in the winter?

In the cold season with coats and coats are often the MIDI skirt. What kind of shoes in winter to pick up the skirts of this length?

Boots – the right choice, but it is understood that not all models of boots will fit. Of course, it makes no sense to wear high boots-thigh boots, simply because their high tops will not be visible under the skirt.

Also care should be taken to the boots with a wider shaft (for example, “the Cossacks”) – these shoes are in principle visually shortens the leg and makes the ankle wide, and with the MIDI skirt and this effect will be reinforced twice!

Don’t really want to look in layered winter clothes a sort of “bun” on short legs, right? Therefore, suitable to MIDI boots with a narrow shaft, which is slightly above the hem of the skirt, and heels (not necessarily high, but at least a small rise would not be amiss).

Also suitable winter shoes to the skirt of a MIDI – heel ankle boots or wedge heels.

Summer MIDI skirt – what shoes to wear?

Shoes unmistakable decision with respect to all of the MIDI skirts! If in hot weather you wear a skirt without tights or stockings instead of shoes can be high-heeled sandals or clogs.

Ballet flats and espadrilles – a solution for girls who are not afraid to look a little shorter. Summer MIDI can you wear sandals on a flat sole or a small wedge, but then you should not choose model “Gladiator” sandals with straps at the calf and a variety of fishnet tops.

In spring and autumn MIDI skirt made of thick fabric look good with moccasins, loafers and women’s variations of “oxfords”.

The youth with pleasure MIDI with sneakers (but this combination should be treated with caution if you have wide ankles).

As you can see, variations what shoes to wear MIDI skirt, many – and not necessarily limited to the classic shoes!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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