How to pickle bacon at home: in brine, garlic, onion skins, Ukrainian, hot and cold ways + reviews

Due to spicy taste, aroma and nutritional value of bacon is a popular appetizer in men and women, not counting calories. Initially considered a component of Ukrainian cuisine, a snow-white delicacy with a pinkish tint conquered all continents. Ways to salt bacon in the home, invented a lot, they differ in the technology of preparation, the composition of seasonings, spices, shelf life delicacy.

7 hours
10 servings
Medium complexity

Natalie Feofanova

18 Mar 2018

The salt product is consumed with bread, soups, second dishes, added in milled form in the filling of the dumplings, dumplings. Satisfying snack combined with vegetables, herbs and even berries, served sliced with meat, sausages. Thanks to such combinations of food becomes more succulent, savory taste.

100 g salted pork fat contains 816 calories, so eat more than 10-30 g / day is not necessary. However, the product is useful — it contains valuable fatty acids, vitamins D, A and E. This composition normalizes hormonal balance, promotes cell renewal and regulation of cholesterol metabolism.

Rules for product selection

Before you soak, cook or pickle the fat, you need to choose the right. The perfect way to test the quality is to pierce the piece with a sharp knife. If you go in like butter, possible to take without hesitation. Instead of a knife you can use and match. However, there are other features.

  • Color. Fresh product must be different with white color to have a barely noticeable shade of pink. Pieces with gray or yellow tint is better not to take.
  • Smell. Have fresh bacon should not be specific, a pronounced odor, especially unpleasant.
  • Skin. Should be thin, soft, no bristle, but always with the brand, testifying to the quality.
  • Thickness. It is recommended to select a sheet with a thickness of 4-6 cm, with a minimum of hard veins. The surface after strong pressure should not be aligned.

Bacon from a wild boar or a boar laid tasteless, can acquire after boiling, a slight odor of urine. So don’t buy this, it is better to check the piece. It is enough to ignite a match a small area — the smell will be felt immediately.

Cooking technology

Salt calorie the product can be in different ways: Ambassador dry, wet or hot. Each method has its own nuances, allows to reduce the duration of salting or increase the shelf life of the delicacy. Some people prefer to spend time, but boil the pieces before Smoking, others choose the Express option in the Bank. To deal with the intricacies of technology will help table.

Table — Ways of salting bacon

The method of saltingBrief characteristics
Dry— Does not require effort;
the curing lasts from 3 to 7 days;
— allows you to obtain a solid product;
— storage life in the freezer not more than 1 month
ColdTime — consuming process;
is soaking the product in brine;
— storage life in the freezer increased to 8-10 months, sometimes up to a year
HotTime — consuming process;
— provides protection against parasites, and other harmful microorganisms;
not be stored for more than 4-6 months

If you want to pickle this fat that melted in the mouth, it is better to choose the soaking in brine. If you want to get the product with viscous, more dense texture, preference should be given dry way.
How to pickle bacon: the classic way

Features. Traditional salting of pork fat is better to trust men: who, as not the representatives of a strong half of humanity, know a lot about this fatty, but delicious delicacy. Step by step follow the recipe optional, you can make changes as tasting.

Food set:

  • fat without skin — 1 kg;
  • water — 1 l;
  • garlic — one head;
  • salt — half Cup;
  • Laurel — three-four sheet;
  • peas of fragrant pepper — pieces 12.

Step by step

  • Soak the piece overnight in cold water.
  • Dissolved in water salt and crushed in a mortar pepper, crumble Laurel.
  • Boil the marinade, cool slightly.
  • The washed chunks put in pan or three-liter jar, to shift plates of garlic.
  • Pour the warm brine squeeze the yoke.
  • Keep the day in the kitchen, putting on the floor.
  • Put into the refrigerator for two days.
  • Pour the water, pieces dry.
  • To be packaged in dense packages.
  • Hide in the freezer.
  • Popular options

    Think twice, pickle bacon in the brine or the brine, boil onion skins or just coat with garlic-pepper blend, not worth it. In any case, the starter will make a tasty and flavorful, and the choice will depend on personal preference. To experiment is not prohibited, it is allowed to add condiments, spices, and salt to taste, not forgetting to record the most successful combinations of spices for the future.

    In brine

    Features. Repeat step by step recipe for salting bacon in brine, even man, far from culinary delights. Enough to wait after pouring the brine for three days to get fragrant, soft, delicious the type of product. Store salted the pieces in the freezer can be a long time.

    Food set:

    • fresh bacon — 2 kg;
    • water — 1.5 l;
    • Laurel leaf — four of them;
    • salt, seven tablespoons;
    • garlic — a whole head;
    • bell pepper — one tablespoon without top;
    • seasonings — to your taste.

    Step by step

  • Pour in boiling water spices, salt, boil for another seven minutes, allow to cool.
  • Lay the sliced pieces into a pot, cover with brine. On top lay peeled garlic teeth.
  • Press plate, to establish a suitable oppression.
  • To submit for a couple of days in the cold.
  • Remove and dry the fat, RUB spices on all sides, place in bag in freezer.
  • Prepare a brine of the desired consistency will help the beginners of the old tip. When mixing in the water to put raw potato. As boiling and adding salt it will float. Should the tuber to “jump” from the water — brine ready.
    The Ukrainian way

    Features. To pickle bacon in Ukrainian, will take little time. Snack will differ garlic and spicy aroma, softness. Keep the product have in the freezer, wrapped in pieces of foil or placing them in a plastic bag.

    Food set:

    • bacon — 2.5 kg;
    • boiled cold water — 1.3 l;
    • garlic — eight cloves;
    • coarse salt — 100 g;
    • black pepper — six grains;
    • Bay leaf — nine pieces;
    • ground allspice — four teaspoons.

    Step by step

  • Rinse the chopped small pieces in cold water, with the point of skinning waste.
  • Garlic chop with a knife, mix in the dish with all the fixings, broken into pieces Bay leaf.
  • In a bowl pour water, add garlic mixture, salt, mix well.
  • Put the pieces in the prepared brine, press the top flat plate.
  • On top put oppression (e.g., water-filled three-liter jar).
  • Clean for three days in the fridge or take out in the cold.
  • After a period of salting to remove the chunks, wipe with a paper towel.
  • Put on plate, sprinkle with spices, grated garlic.
  • After a couple of hours to clean the freezer.
  • Onion skins

    Features. Onion peel when hot Ambassador is able to give cooked fat the taste and appearance of smoked. The pieces, after simple manipulation will have an appetizing brown color, average degree of brining. To add flavor meats will help liquid smoke.

    Food set:

    • bacon (preferably streaky) — 1 kg;
    • salt — one glass;
    • water — 1.5 l;
    • dry adjika — one teaspoon;
    • garlic — one head;
    • black pepper — 15 peas;
    • Lavr — five sheets;
    • liquid smoke — 6 g;
    • onion peel — 100 g;
    • paprika — one teaspoon.

    Step by step

  • Shmat thickness of 3-4 cm cut into small pieces, scraped off the skins of each of the garbage, rinse.
  • To prepare the marinade. To take the old pan, you do not mind, add water, boil. Add salt, broken Bay, crushed peas, onion peel and seasoning.
  • Again boil the marinade, add the liquid smoke.
  • To shift into the liquid fat, cooking five minutes.
  • Remove from heat, cool to room temperature, leave to infuse for 12 hours under the hood.
  • Remove from the marinade, dry on a plate, RUB each slice with a mixture of paprika and minced garlic.
  • Wrap in foil, put in the freezer.
  • To the fat, boiling onion skins with the liquid smoke does not pop up on top of it you need to cover the dish, press down oppression (jar or a smaller pan with water). Eat a snack after cooking is possible within a few hours.


    Features. Fans of salted lard with garlic and pepper there are many, because this appetizer is capable of hitting not only a spicy aroma but also the amazing taste. Besides, to make this treat just, do not need to boil or soak the bacon. Enough RUB the pepper-garlic mixture pieces to produce a couple of simple steps.

    Food set:

    • fresh bacon — 1 kg;
    • garlic — one head;
    • rock — salt- one glass;
    • sugar — one teaspoon;
    • pepper (red and black) — one teaspoon;
    • ground coriander — one teaspoon;
    • ground cumin — a pinch.

    Step by step

  • Cut the sheet into longitudinal pieces.
  • Garlic teeth grind, mix with all ingredients.
  • RUB the mixture chunks.
  • To shift the fragrant pieces into the package, tie it, mash with your hands.
  • A couple of days to put in the freezer.
  • Then get to shift the pieces into a clean package to remove in the freezer.
  • Salted Salo with garlic can and without a large amount of spices, enough to take salt, pepper and garlic in arbitrary proportions (to taste). Even so, at least the taste will be savory, with a spicy note. The pieces can then be used for Smoking.
    In the Bank

    Features. Fans of high-calorie, but delicious treats like the Express way to quickly pickle the fat in the Bank. To cook flavorful, melting in your mouth snack it should only take a day. Glass jar need to be sterilized, and a tight nylon cap and scalded with boiling water and allow to dry.

    Food set:

    • bacon — 1.2 kg;
    • garlic — four cloves;
    • rock salt — a handful;
    • Lavr — four pieces;
    • allspice and bitter — at four peas each;
    • ground red pepper;
    • cumin.

    Step by step

  • Chop the bacon long pieces, pre-was washed with water.
  • Cut garlic slices on the plates, lard them apart.
  • Mix salt and spices, crushing here is spicy peas, broke the Bay leaves.
  • Roll in this mixture, layers of fat, then put them in a glass jar or packaged in liter. The gaps to fill with the fragrant mixture.
  • To put capacity in a basin, pour water on the shoulders of jars. To Tara could not ascend, press down on top of the cargo.
  • Boil for half an hour on low heat.
  • After cooling, remove the pieces, wrap in brown paper, place in the freezer.
  • Salted total per day fat can store about two to three weeks in the refrigerator or a week on the refrigerator shelf directly in the Bank. Cover tightly not to the access of air in a glass bowl.

    In the package

    Features. For those who like to salt the fat layer, you can choose an unusual method of cooking in packets. Salted product will turn out fragrant and delicious, suitable for direct consumption as food or adding in soup, scrambled eggs. Packages will have to purchase a durable that is not torn when cooking.

    Food set:

    • bacon with layers of meat — 2 kg;
    • garlic — seven segments;
    • salt — 100 g;
    • Laurel leaf — four of them;
    • mayonnaise and a half tablespoons;
    • seasonings and spices (turmeric, cloves, pepper) — optional.

    Step by step

  • The washed sheet is cut into pieces of a width of 6-8 cm
  • On each to make cuts, insert a thin garlic plate.
  • All the seasonings to mix with rock salt, mayonnaise, smear this mixture all sides.
  • Each piece put in a separate package, tightly tie it.
  • Fill the pot with packets of water, after boiling, boil for about a half hour.
  • To remove the packages for two days in the cold.
  • Salt for cooking, you can take only stone, iodized cannot be used. To enhance flavor you can add to the mix to obvalivanie curry, dried dill.
    In brine

    Features. Pickle small chunks in brine (concentrated salt solution) is easy, knowing the step-by-step recipe. This technology will allow to obtain a soft and fragrant product, moderately salty and spicy. Do not be afraid to overdo chunks — they absorb as much of the brine as needed.

    Food set:

    • fat — 1.5 kg;
    • Bay leaf — seven pieces;
    • salt — one glass;
    • cold water boiled five cups;
    • garlic — one head;
    • allspice — five or six peas.

    Step by step

  • To prepare the brine: dissolve salt in water by stirring.
  • Boil a salt solution, then cool.
  • Cleaned from dirt and washed shmat fat cut into small pieces.
  • Garlic chop with a knife (a garlic press for this purpose are not suitable).
  • RUB garlic cloves in each slice.
  • Place all pieces in a glass jar, layering them with Laurel leaves, powdering scented pea. Badly compacted it is impossible.
  • Cover lid tightly without closing it.
  • Keep about a week in ambient conditions, then take it out, put it into the freezer.
  • To pickle the pieces faster, for two or three days, you have to slice them the size of a pack of processed cheese. On large chunks it is possible to make a shallow (1-1. 5 cm) incisions over the entire surface.

    Options for how to pickle bacon at home, there are many, you can choose either depending on preference. Cooking time can take from three days to a couple weeks, and sometimes be shortened to one day due to the rapid method. To find “your” perfect recipe, will have to experiment with the components, but it’s worth it.

    Reviews: “sprinkle herbs de Provence”

    Once told me this recipe and we often cook bacon: in a pan pour water and throw a raw egg. And start in the water pour the salt until, until the egg POPs. When the egg floats this means that the amount of salt is enough. Into this water put the fat (really don’t remember how long, maybe someone will clarify). When you pull it out of the water, RUB with garlic. so I cooked the bacon very much — it never pereselilsya (fat in itself will absorb as much salt as you need) and salt crunches after dry salting.


    In the water never knowing what hit her. Usually cut up to the skin of the cubes around like a matchbox. Sprinkle with salt and a mixture of red and black peppers. Between the cubes garlic (clove cut in half for more flavor). Sprinkle with herbs de Provence. In three days get. With a knife remove the excess salt, remove the herbs, garlic leave.


    I salt the fat in the brine. A very old recipe gave me one fellow traveler grandma is Ukrainian, when we rode the train. Per liter of water 4 tbsp ( with slide) tablespoons of salt,1 pack of allspice,1P black pepper ground,2 Bay leaves, cumin and 2 tablespoons juniper syrup(can be without it if not).All this boil, cool and put in there laced with garlic bacon so that the brine completely closed. After 4 days, the fat is ready. It really is the best recipe I’ve tried for 10 years do not change him, and always mentally thank him, the old lady!


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