How to prepare a room for the baby?

The website “” today will tell you how to start early to prepare for the happiest time of discharge of mother and baby from the hospital. Pay special attention to the room of the newborn, which must be equipped accordingly.

What should be the room of a newborn?

No matter whether the child to be separately or it will be a joint room for the parents and newborn. Most importantly, it was a bright and warm room without drafts.

If you decide before the baby is born to make the room redecorating, choose natural and safe building materials.

A crib should be situated away from the window.

From any wall hangings is better to refuse — they settles a lot of dust, which can lead to the development of Allergy in the baby.

New furniture is recommended before use to wash properly with soap and soda.

Immediately get a thermometer and hygrometer. With their help you will be sure that the humidity and temperature in the room for the newborn remained in a comfortable framework.

Most likely, you will also have to purchase a humidifier, which is simply indispensable during the heating season, when the air in the apartment dry. The fact that dry air is the main cause of frequent respiratory diseases in children.

Consider also the lighting in the nursery. An appropriate room should let in lots of natural light.

In the evening experts recommend the use of indirect lighting the average luminance. Night at least for the first time after the birth of a baby is better to leave the night light on with a simple adjustment of the intensity.

Choosing a baby room design

The website recommends that you choose a neutral baby room design for newborn and eventually complement it with various accessories.

The tastes of the growing child are rapidly changing and if you don’t want a couple of years back to make repairs, it is better not to purchase Wallpaper with the characters of children’s cartoons for the little ones.

The optimal color scheme for the nursery is a bright background with small colorful patches on it.

When buying Wallpaper individual attention on the relief — a small child will certainly be interesting to touch them. And don’t forget that once your little one try these Wallpapers to paint, but because it is better to buy cheap.

But washable is better to refuse, as they are not environmentally friendly.

Also the design of the room for the newborn can suggest some zoning. For example, the playing area can be performed in bright colors, and the part where the children’s cot, it is better to draw in the quietest tones.

What furniture needed in the nursery?

If you wondered how to arrange a room for a newborn, you might want to remember is to buy should only the furniture that is really needed for the baby. No need unnecessarily to overload and clutter up the space.

Of course, the most important piece of furniture in the nursery is the crib. Young children are asleep most of the time, and therefore the bed should be of the highest quality and comfortable.

Try to do without valances and curtains to have the baby always has access to fresh air. Pay special attention to the quality of the mattress.

Also in the nursery, you may need a dresser, changing table, playpen and various lockers for toys. It is useful to provide the furniture for mom, which will almost all the time to be around their child. For example, it would be difficult to do without a comfortable chair, sitting in which the mother will feed the baby.

Remember that all the furniture in the nursery must also be made of natural materials that do not cause the development of allergies in children.

How to decorate the nursery?

The kid is like a sponge, absorbing any information. That’s why it’s so important to surround him with bright and interesting things that will contribute to the harmonious development of the crumbs.

To properly decorate a room for a newborn is a snap. Make this pattern and appliques on the walls, colorful throw pillow, soft handmade toys. Parents need to connect a little imagination and a kid’s room is easily transformed into a magical and lovely place.

Child psychologists believe that the baby room has a very important impact on its development. The task of the parents — make the room as safe and cozy.

For improvement the nursery should be taken before the birth of the baby. And then at the time of discharge from the hospital you definitely will be ready.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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