How to prepare for pregnancy: an action plan, doctors, menu

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Dear Delaila, women’s website “” with pleasure will tell You, and to all our readers who decided to become mothers, how to move in the direction of the light, a desired and planned pregnancy ?

How to prepare for pregnancy: an action plan

Maybe you plagued by vague doubts, and whether we should do specifically to prepare for conception and pregnancy. But strongly advises not to leave everything to chance. Alas, we live in polluted cities breathe exhaust poisoned air, move a little and eat little high-calorie food!

Even if you feel perfectly healthy, we can not guaranteethat the pregnancy will not start, say, problems with the teeth when the baby pulls from the mother’s body calcium, or remind myself still some kind of untreated infection.

The question of “How to prepare for pregnancy” means: what to do to ensure that your kids get all the necessary nutrients and develop properly, and you have undergone pregnancy and childbirth easily and without damage to health.

Ideally, the action plan should be:

  • visited doctors (below);
  • pass the necessary tests and pass the examination (this is a topic for a whole separate article – we will write about that later!);
  • change your lifestyle to healthy and take the vitamins;
  • prepare the body with help of special exercises (and about them we also will talk separately with pictures!)

How to prepare for pregnancy: a trip to the doctors

So, what doctors are going to torture with questions about the upcoming pregnancy? At least, gynecologist, internist, and dentist!

If you have some chronic disease, you should consult with a medical specialist (for example, if you have kidney problems, you to a nephrologist, if suffering venous insufficiency – to phlebologist).

In addition to General and special tests, may need to do ultrasound of the pelvis – to rule out different diseases affecting the condition of the uterus.

How to prepare for pregnancy if you are taking oral contraceptives? Their admission should be discontinued several months before the planned conception and all this time protected with a condom. At the same time, visit your gynecologist to rule out disease and infection in this area.

In General, the maximum task – to eliminate any sources of infection in the body (which include including carious teeth, chronic bronchitis or rhinitis, thrush, etc.).

Important caveat – if the family have any serious diseases or malformations, or you’re over 35 years, strongly recommend that you visit genetics.

How to prepare for pregnancy: lifestyle

Now your choice – exclusively healthy way of life, with which we congratulate you! Nutrition – natural, without preservatives and other chemicals, fruits and vegetables (at least 5 servings daily), whole grains, lean meats and fish, juices, milk and dairy, nuts, beans.

If you absolutely can’t refuse, minimize sausage, pate and cured meats, cakes, flour, soda.

Of course, a complete rejection of Smoking and alcohol (an exception can be made only for a glass of wine, but not often) – we even hate to ask about this, it’s so obvious ? recommends beforehand to start taking a multivitamin complexes. But to recommend which complex suits you (and your partner) have a gynecologist or a therapist! In large doses, vitamins act negatively on the body, so do not do self-promotion.

How to prepare for pregnancy to the future dad

Your man needs for a few months (at least 3) before the planned conception to stop Smoking, to drink alcohol, to engage in any sport. All this will have a positive impact on the quality of sperm. By the way, the new sperm to Mature within 3 months, hence taken this term.

Rule of all cured infections extends to the future dad. Of course, he can’t carry a child for nine months, but still it is necessary to exclude probability of occurrence of some unhealthy sperm into your egg ?

How to prepare for pregnancy – the question is not one week and not even one month. Here we are going to talk in the following articles what the tests are assigned and why planning a pregnancy, and what exercises will help you prepare for easy carrying.

Stay with the “Beautiful and Successful”!

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