How to preserve the eyesight of the student?

Reading, writing, solving examples and problems – all these daily activities require children of school age not only concentration, but also a lot of eyestrain. But the school and the implementation of the lessons at home, added more long sitting at a computer monitor or any gadget.

It is not surprising that myopia is now one of the most popular diseases among schoolchildren. Indeed, the issue of how to preserve the eyesight of the student, especially acute in front of all the parents.

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Myopia: reasons for the development of the disease

Myopia occurs as a result of the deformation of the eyeball, which becomes elongated. Change the shape of the eye pupils can be associated with the following factors:

  • Prolonged visual loads.
  • Violations of the rules of occupational health: a poorly-lit workplace, improper posture while reading or writing, reading in a moving vehicle.
  • The weakening of the body due to high physical or mental loads, stresses, a wrong mode of day and malnutrition.
  • The hereditary factor.
  • Based on the foregoing, there are several areas of prevention of myopia development.

    How to preserve the eyesight of the student: visual load

    Unfortunately, most students after returning home from school immediately take the hands of the gadget or turn on the computer to play or watch cartoons. Some parents allow children to have fun, some absolutely forbid it, wanting to protect the vision of the student.

    But to ban all the gadgets – so make the baby not like the rest, to make him feel slighted and offended: after all, computer games are now an integral part of communication between classmates. So do correct those moms and dads that control the time of the student in front of the monitor.

    Younger students can watch TV not more than two hours a day, it should be required to do a 15-minute break between each hour.

    Children up to 7 years before the display tablet or computer you can sit no more than 20 minutes. The seven-year-olds and older kids can spend playing computer games for about an hour, but every 7-10 minutes, they need to look away from the monitor, look out the window, blinking, to blink, to give the eyes some rest.

    The room in which the child watches TV or plays computer should be well lit to reduce eyestrain.

    Of considerable importance for conservation students also has the proper hygiene of his work.

    The workplace of the child and protect his vision

    To preserve the visual acuity of the student, it is very important to correctly organize his work area. There are a few rules that need to be followed.

    • Desk for student it is better to put so that light falling on a seated person on the left side. The window must be white blinds or curtains in order to protect your little one’s eyes from the too bright day rays.
    • The best option table lamps for your desktop of the student is considered to be a lighting device on a flexible stem which is securely mounted on the countertop. For a child of right-handed lamp should be fixed on the left edge of the table for left-handers – on the right. You can also fit an additional light source over the table. Ophthalmologists recommend that the Desk lamps use incandescent bulbs (60-100 watts) or led bulbs. A properly lit workspace is essential to protecting the vision of the student.
    • When reading and writing the distance from the chin of a child to a textbook or notebook must be equal to 30-35 cm
    • Book, magazine or notebook when reading it is recommended to place at an angle 45⁰, using for this purpose a stand for books.
    • For writing, it is recommended to choose a ballpoint or fountain pen with dark ink.
    • Every 30 minutes of work the student needs to rest.

    To save the child’s eyesight-student, it is very important to follow the regime of work and rest.

    Healthy child’s vision is and the regime of his day

    The website sure healthy vision and the health of the organism as a whole, the student provides the mode of his day. Kids is very important to walk every day on the street for 1-2 hours. It is best to arrange a ride for the student immediately after returning home: he’ll have time to relax from school and regroup for homework.

    Parents wishing to preserve the visual acuity of the student, must also take into account the following requirements for the daily routine of primary school students:

  • A full night’s sleep. Students in grades 1-4 should sleep at least 10 hours a day. Go to sleep child of this age it is recommended at 22.00.
  • The alternation of different activities. After class reading and writing, the child needs to move, ideally to get some exercise. In extreme cases, just walk about and stretch their legs. To watch TV in between classes should not be.
  • Load age-appropriate. For example, you cannot make a baby-second-graders to sit for lessons longer than 1-1,5 hours a day.
  • Charging for the eyes. Parents should teach baby some simple exercises for the eyes:
    • closed eyelids, moving eyes in a circle or left-right;
    • to blink within one minute;
    • to translate the look from the object located near to distant objects;
    • apply to closed eyelids palms, rubbed them together until until they warm up;
    • hard to close your eyes tight and then open them and as long as possible without blinking.

    Will help the student to maintain good vision and a proper diet.

    How to eat the student Junior

    Child-student needs a full five times meals: Breakfast, second Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The child’s diet should be rich in minerals and vitamins.

    In particular, to preserve vision, the student needs vitamins A, C, B2, lutein. These elements are rich in red fruits and vegetables, blueberries, chicken and quail eggs, berries, dairy products, rye bread.

    It is especially important to eat well and follow the diet for eye health children whose parents wear glasses or contact lenses.

    Vision and heredity

    To preserve the eyesight of the student, which may be a genetic predisposition to reduced acuity, it is necessary to resort to some preventive measures:

    • Decrease the minimum acceptable visual stress. TV is recommended to such children look no longer than half an hour a day, and explore the computer it is desirable to avoid up to 12 years. When reading and writing to do rest breaks every 15 minutes.
    • Systematic visits to the ophthalmologist for early detection of any vision changes, as well as for advice regarding the licensing of physical activity.
    • Vitamin-mineral complexes which help to maintain healthy vision students.
    • Wearing corrective glasses if necessary.

    To summarize all above, we can conclude that to preserve the view of the school-age child you need to provide normal working conditions, adequate nutrition and the correct mode. Then the kid will not suffer from overload, and his eyes will remain healthy until the end of school.

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