How to print on the envelope

Email, like it or not, will never be able to replace paper. And despite the fact that our e-mail letters are delivered faster and use significantly more convenient to receive a letter that made his long journey by plane, train, and then in the bag of the postman, much nicer. However, you can combine the romance of letters and modern technologies, teaching your computer to beautifully fill the envelopes and print them at home.
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The question “How to fix the spring in the stapler” – 1 answer You need

  • – Microsoft Word (2003 or 2007)
  • – pure envelope and printer.

Instructions 1 The easiest and fastest way to print the text on envelopes is to use a special feature in Microsoft Word. For this you need to check this program on your computer.
If this app is installed, click “start”, select “new Office document”. Then in the dialog that appears select the icon “New document”.
If the application is not installed, then you can purchase it on the website 2 Select the tools tab on the toolbar. 3 In the pop-up window, select “Letters and mailings”. Dropped 4 In the new box click “Envelopes and labels”. 5 In the dialog “Envelopes and labels” fill the field “recipient Address” and “return address”. You can enter these addresses from the address book of the email account, if you click on the button in the form of an open book located to the left of the name address fields.
If you go to the tab “Settings”, you can choose the envelope size, font, and in addition, configure the print settings and the way the envelope in the paper tray to feed paper. 6 Customizing settings you can print the envelope. The app will automatically save your customized settings and next time will use them by default. Related videos Please note that Different printers have different settings for the envelope feed. The printer usually is a picture that will tell you how to correctly place the envelope in the paper tray. If such pictures are not, learn in advance the user manual for your specific printer model. Useful tip You can add the layout of the envelope to the entire document to stylistically reconcile them with each other. To do this in the dialog “Envelopes and Labels” click on the “Add” tab. In this case, the layout of the envelope will be displayed in front of your text document. Be prepared for the fact that when you print the entire document, the envelope will go to print first, and don’t forget to correctly place the envelope in the paper tray. Sources:

  • Video course print envelopes (English)
  • to print envelopes
  • The program will print envelopes and postal forms 3

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