How to properly care for a turtle?

The website “” today will talk about how to care for turtles. These unwieldy and, at first glance, unpretentious creation may well become a pet for your child.

However, in order for the turtle to feel good, it requires proper care. That’s why today’s article we devote to the question how to care for turtles, water and land.

How to properly care for a water turtle?

There are many types of aquatic turtles. But the most popular are the red-eared terrapins.

Their appearance completely corresponds to its name — at the edges of the head of such turtles have two distinct red dots. If you understand how to properly care for red-turtle, then these skills will be useful to care for other species of aquatic turtles.

House for turtles

Ideal for content slider and other aquatic turtles is vivariums. In fact, this aquarium is exposed above the water an island of “sushi”.

The size of this island should be such that the tortoise can sit comfortably on it when getting out of the water to bask under the lamp.

Hence the following requirement to the arrangement of aquaterrarium directly above it must be located a lamp for heating, which will not allow the temperature to fall below 24 degrees.

Also do not do without the water filter. The bottom of the vivariums can be decorated with gravel, seaweed and various accessories.


If you want to know how to properly care for a water turtle, it will pay special attention to its feeding. The little turtles are fed once daily, but turtles who have reached the age of two, can be translated to another mode, one feeding two to three times a week.

As food you can use as a ready mix, and fresh food. Turtles are very fond of lean fish fillet, bloodworms, small shrimp, crustaceans and even pieces of the liver. Grown turtle can make and plant food, algae, lettuce and dandelions, spinach.

To feed a turtle directly in the water. 20 minutes after feeding should get out of the aquaterrarium food debris and, if necessary, to change the water in it.

Additional features

There are a couple of nuances that you need to consider if you want to know how to properly care for your turtle. So, periodically, the turtle shell can be overgrown with algae, which should be carefully rubbed off to prevent its stratification. In addition, sometimes you also need to trim the claws of the turtle, otherwise the movement by land will cause her discomfort.

If the care is correct, your turtle can live for at least 40 years, which is unbelievable for most Pets.

How to care for a land turtle?

Many did not know how to properly care for land turtles. They’ve got these animals in the mistaken belief that the turtle will be able to feel comfortable in a regular Shoe box.

Eventually the animal falls ill, but because of its slow metabolism the signs of the disease may manifest itself not at once. As a result, the animal suffers, and the owners are not even aware about it. And because the site advises carefully to understand how to properly care for a turtle.

House for turtles

Tortoises kept in terrariums. The size of the terrarium is calculated depending on the size of most turtles. So, for the 10-inch reptile terrarium will need approximately 60 liters.

Over the terrarium should be set on the lamp heating, which allows to maintain a temperature of not less than 25 degrees. Also should provide a small shelter for the animal, where the turtle if you want to always be able to hide.

As a primer you can use pebbles or gravel. Do not leave the turtles without soil, as they like to dig in it with their paws. The trough is preferably slightly “drown” in the soil that the turtle was convenient to reach for food.


Unlike aquatic turtles land are vegetarians. They eat a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Great for these purposes, the leaves of dandelion, plantain and clover.

It is important not to give the turtles bread, cereals and milk. The water they get from your feed, but if you want you can also install in terrariums and troughs.

Additional features

Train yourself to turn on and off a lamp for heating above the terrarium is always at the same time. This will start the biological clock, the turtles, associated with the change of day and night. Possibly feed her diverse and do not forget mineral supplements. So, for proper growth of a tortoise shell she constantly requires calcium.

Thus, the contents of the turtle requires effort initially. But then maintaining a comfortable environment for her residence is absolutely not troublesome. Now you know how to properly care for the turtle, and therefore can easily cope with this task.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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