How to protect nursing?

Before his birth the body is “tuned” to the food baby inside of the mother after childbirth the hormonal balance shifting again – now he sets up the mother’s body to breastfeed.

There is a natural hormonal changes the body, so not all methods of contraception while breast-feeding is allowed. However, today there are very effective methods that will help you to choose what to protect themselves after childbirth nursing mother. Talk about this on the women’s website ““.

Methods of protection from pregnancy while breastfeeding

The methods of the first category that is most suitable for breastfeeding (GW), include:

  • MLA is a method of lactational amenorrhea.
  • Barrier method (condoms, diaphragms, caps, etc.)
  • Spermicides.
  • Intrauterine hormonal coil – IUD.

The second group we include drugs that contain valid at GV hormones.

  • Mini-pill, injection, implants.
  • IUD with the hormone progesterone.

Lactational amenorrhea

Wise mother nature has taken care of women’s health after childbirth and made it so that during the period of active breastfeeding in the body produces hormones that cause ovulation. Therefore, a woman can get pregnant during this period should not.

What changes occur in the body during lactation?

In HS in the body begins to produce prolactin – a hormone that is responsible not only for the production of breast milk, but also has an effect on the ovaries. As a result of such stimulation of the ovaries slows down and in women is no ovulation. If there is no ovulation, means no can be pregnant.

Absence of menstruation during lactation in medicine is called lactational amenorrhea, a method of protection called lactational amenorrhea method.

Method is definitely convenient for women, but consider the following:

  • Feed the baby the Breasts should be systematically and frequently – not less than every 3 hours and feed the baby at night. Only in this mode of prolactin in the body will be produced in sufficient amounts, not to get pregnant.
  • The child should be exclusively on breast milk. Any formula and lures. Therefore, after 5-6 months (at this age it is recommended to introduce the first complementary foods), the probability of pregnancy increases.

The effectiveness of this method varies from 94 to 98%. Some women claim that pregnant, relying on lactational amenorrhea method.

  • Firstly, this contraception for nursing mothers is acceptable for a very short period – a maximum of six months after delivery.
  • Secondly, this method may not work reliably if the women was giving birth to irregular menstrual cycle, she observed gynecologic or endocrine disorders.
  • Third, the MLA does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • You must take into account that the restoration of menstruation in women occurs individually. Someone first month after childbirth can occur for the next month, and someone is waiting for periods up to 1.5 years baby.

    You can not know exactly when you will recover cycle. And since ovulation precedes the onset of menstruation, it is quite possible that you can get pregnant during breastfeeding in the first cycle.

    It is for this reason the woman often does not know about their situation, hoping that she does not have menstruation because of breast-feeding.

    So to call this method very reliable method of contraception for lactating mothers not. Experts say that if you combine MLA with other methods of contraception, the percentage of protection against unwanted pregnancy increases to 100%. Let us further consider what can be protected nursing mother after childbirth.

    Barrier methods

    The easiest and most available method of birth control while breastfeeding – the use of condoms for men or cervical caps, diaphragms and sponges for women.

    • Not everyone likes to use condoms, and some are allergic to latex. Many say that birth have an impact on the tone of vaginal muscles, so the first time the sensation during intercourse may be not the same as it was before the birth.
    • Diaphragms and caps are matched individually to each woman. The diaphragm is placed by the doctor for a long time, and the caps can enter the woman directly in front of the PA. It is a suitable method of contraception for lactating mothers, it is especially effective for the first six months, combined with the lactational amenorrhea method.

    If you used barrier method of contraception prior to birth, it is possible to opt for the diaphragm or cap. Just be sure to mention that the size of the ring and the cap you now have another, so be sure to consult a gynecologist.

    Spermicides – preparations single use

    Spermicides in the form of vaginal plugs, gels, tablets and creams approved for use during lactation, as have local impact and are not absorbed in breast milk.

    Most popular products – Erotics, Patentex Oval, farmateks. Their main active ingredient – benzalkonium hydrochloride, which acts detrimental to the sperm. Be sure to observe the rules of use of spermicides, which are stated in the instructions:

    • Use for washing only pure water.
    • Enter the drug should be strictly on time. For example, candles are introduced in 5 minutes to act.
    • Remember the rule: 1 candle (tablet) = only the 1st act.

    Intrauterine device

    Non-hormonal intrauterine device also are allowed during breastfeeding. This method is considered very effective, if you have no contraindications for IUD insertion.

    Doctor must appoint the examination after delivery to determine whether it is possible to protect breast-feeding spiral.

    Contraception for breastfeeding: hormones

    Breast-feeding it is better to combine with those receiving hormonal preparations that do not contain estrogen. If drugs have this hormone, women have reduced production of breast milk.

    Pills minipill

    Special pills for nursing mothers are nice – mini-pill. Most commonly prescribed Exluton, Bret, Microlut, Micronor. Ideally, in the selection of the drug must a doctor. The contraceptive pill contains only one hormone – progestogen. It does not get into breast milk, what is most important for those who are looking for, how to protect themselves when feeding by a breast.

    One of the main features of using this method of contraception is that to take the mini-pill must be strictly by the hour.

    So those who have decided to protect these pills, advises are sure to put a reminder on my mobile. With the active pace of life of a young mother to forget about the time of taking the pill is possible.

    Mini-pill compared to the Koch brothers (combined oral contraceptives) that are not recommended in HS, less effective. Therefore, the mini-pill will be reliable only when their use will be combined with guards. After completion of lactation should immediately go to a more reliable contraceptive methods.

    Subcutaneous implants and injections

    Special capsules or plates, which contain hormones, sewed subcutaneously. Daily flow is allocated the minimum dose of hormones that prevents pregnancy. As the capsules do not contain estrogen, they can be recommended for those who are looking for ways to protect themselves than a nursing mother.

    The injections such on the effects of implants, only one shot protects against pregnancy for 3 months, then sewn as a subcutaneous implant to 5 years.

    Intrauterine device with hormones

    Not all hormonal IUD is allowed when breastfeeding. Only those are permitted that contain progesterone (Mirena).

    You can put a spiral immediately after birth, if not immediately, then must wait until 2 months, if you had natural childbirth, and six months after Caesarian.

    There is an opinion that women on a background of reception is acceptable, if the feeding means (mini-pill, implants, injections) violated its own hormones. Accustomed to the body will be difficult without artificial hormones.

    Some doctors say that a microscopic dose of hormones is still absorbed into the breast milk, therefore hormonal contraception for lactating women is not a safe method.

    Methods of contraception during lactation can be attributed to coitus interruptus and sterilization for women and men. The most reliable contraception for lactating sterilization (tubal ligation in women and vasectomy in men), but this method has its pros and cons. We have been told on the website ““.

    In the selection of contraception for lactating mothers is better to consult a doctor, and not be an advertisement or information from the Internet.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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