How to protect your child from drugs?

The child is using drugs is a nightmare of every parent! Unfortunately, this is not insured, even a good family… Why is this happening, how to understand what the child is using drugs and how to help him to get rid of drug addiction will tell the website

Why do children use drugs?

The primary reason is always very simple – children are taking drugs because it’s fun, and because doing it is reputable for a teenager people – the guys from the “cool” companies, rock stars, movie stars, etc.

And “star” the authorities here on the second-third-tenth place – and the main “standard” are still peers of the real environment of the child: the domestic company or classmates.

If they extended something to eat – and your “good boy” will certainly be interested in what it is.

No matter how much you educated preventive conversations, not threatened and did not forbid, wanting to protect the child from drugs – it does not have any effect. If drugs available to Teens and are common in his environment – he’ll try. All of us of a certain age first tried alcohol, he smoked his first cigarette and first time had sex (by the way, not all then began to smoke, drink, and change partners as gloves!) — same thing with drugs.

Understand that for parents it sounds terrible. But I hasten to reassure you:

  • If your child is in General not stupid and can understand, for example, in a school course of biology, it is sure he understands that drugs are addictive and are harmful for the body. Surely he had heard and read, even without your preventive notations. Probably a stupid teenager his own awareness of danger will keep from the temptation to try out “dumb” drugs.
  • If the teen is intelligent and inclined to oppose “Hapoalim” peers – he basically won’t want to use the same “nonsense” that they do, because for him this is not cool, but just the opposite! Too bad if he gets into the company of these same “intellectuals”, among whom is distributed the other type of drugs…
  • Not all drugs are addictive once. Moreover, there are substances which do not cause physiological dependence, although legally and attitude to drugs! In General, if your child really once is something to try – likely a “sit down” to a minimal. Rather, the second or third and subsequent times will happen just because this company decided to spend the time…
  • “Soft drugs” is marijuana, aka cannabis (“weed”, “staff”). The addiction it causes approximately 1 person out of 10. Smoke pot, he becomes less aggressive, falls into a calm and relaxed state, with no hallucinations (some see colors of objects brighter, the sounds are perceived more clearly, etc., but the objectivity of perception is not lost). Some (not all!) the people under the “grass” becomes risible. Harmful effects on the body marijuana has not at all (in contrast to conventional cigarettes or alcohol!). Strictly speaking, if a child uses this drug easy and is thereby one of the ten, who can become addicted, it is a real problem only in the fact that weed is illegal, and for its storage and distribution can you get in trouble with the law.
  • And Yes, trouble with the law Teens are too well aware, and this hinders children to use drugs!
  • Most drugs are quite expensive. If available funds from the teenager’s tight, then for sure regular use of drugs he can’t afford. Or he will start stealing money, and you will quickly notice.
  • There are two groups of risk.

    • The first is the children from poor families polumarginalnyh who experiment with cheap readily available drugs (ranging from the banal glue Mac with the solvent and the so-called “spice”).
    • The second group of adolescents from affluent families, relatively speaking – the “majors”.

    In the “posh” companies can be more expensive common drugs that teenagers oppose “gopovskih”. This “grass” (cannabis, aka marijuana), LSD, amphetamines and “wheel” (i.e. tablet) on its base, cocaine, and various chemical compounds, which are called “salt” and “mixes”.

    In between children from families of moderate means who are unlikely to stoop to the level of young muggers, but is unlikely to join the company’s “major”. These “normal” kids use drugs less often!

    How to determine whether the child uses drugs?

    Different drugs produce different symptoms from the use of, and detailed story about it just doesn’t fit in one article. But the site “” can list the main signs that a child is using drugs:

    • Slurred speech, changes in rate of speech (the man speaks faster or slower than usual).
    • The strange, illogical conversations, uncharacteristic for the individual statements.
    • Hallucinations (a person reacts to something that in reality is not). The notorious “dragon,” may appear because of the drugs-hallucinogens (mushrooms, LSD, etc.). But not all drugs – hallucinogens, so it’s not the only way to understand what the child is using drugs!
    • Raskoordinirovannosti movements.
    • The giggling, unmotivated gaiety.
    • Or, on the contrary – a strong reverie, unemotional, or even fear, depression…
    • Emotional States are alternated: for example, the anger and the shouting gives way to apathy or gaiety.
    • The redness, dilated pupils (but again, not all agents operate that way).

    An important point for parents, how to determine that the child is using drugs – if he was clearly in a poor state of repair, and the smell of alcohol missing! If you are in doubt about the condition of a teenager, ask him to do a simple but demanding logic and attentiveness, for example, write a note dictated (say, a shopping list), to tell about something (e.g. what was the last series of the show) to sort out the rump, etc.

    Under the influence of drugs to do such things and not “asleep” is almost impossible – oddities visible to others.

    What to do if a child is using drugs?

    If you suspect that the teenager is addicted to drugs and uses them regularly, to get rid of this dependence is exactly the same as if it were an adult. There are special clinics and centres, where drug-addicted people support. We recommend you to visit a doctor-psychiatrist and listen to his recommendations.

    If depending on is too early, but you suspect that the child has tried drugs, and now you want him to not continued this “hobby” — what to do? Best of all — to radically change the environment of a teenager.

    Moving to another city – as an option, but of course this is not always possible. Try to transfer him to another school with a good reputation, if your in the company of classmates. Write down the child in sports section, if he is interested in sports.

    To make a “house arrest” is not an option, because any positive conclusions from this teenager does not stand, but to control where and when goes child still really. Set a “curfew” for which he should be at home. Limit the amount of pocket money the minimum amount needed for travel and the pie in the cupboard, and give the money in small portions, and not the amount for the month ahead.

    Of course, control of theft, missing things from home, etc. – again, drugs cost money, and even generous pals will constantly entertain your child for free.

    It is important to understand that unfortunately, not everything depends on parents. Even the most intelligent and loving parents can’t be 100% sure that their child will never try drugs. And there is no completely effective method, how to protect your child from drugs. There is a General trend, which is understandable – is much less likely to become addicted to children who have a variety of Hobbies, who love to think logically and create, which are generally intelligent! Therefore, the total development and education of the child in General can be called “preventive measures” against the interest in drugs!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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