How to protect yourself from the attacks of the bully, the principles of self-defense for women

Self-defense techniques for women differ significantly from men’s techniques. This is because woman, as a rule, weaker than men, so it strikes needs to be calculated for force and accuracy.

The whole injustice of this situation is that attack more often experienced by women. Therefore, each of us, it never hurts to carry in purse for pepper spray.

If you want to always be confident that you will be able to cope with a thief trying to steal a purse from you, or leave an even more unpleasant situation, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of self-defense for women.

1. Psychological readiness

The main thing to know – you have to be ready not only physically but also psychologically. If you were attacked, and the main thing is to keep calm and not to succumb to fear. Because fear paralyzes the body, or makes movements awkward. Neither for self-defense you do not need. All movements and attacks, you have to automate that in a critical situation the body of the work itself.

2. The accuracy and speed bumps

The main weapon of a woman – fast response and precision strikes.

Because a blow to the shoulder or abdomen of a healthy male, not only will do him no harm, but rather angry. And the rising tide of aggression – is not the result you want.

So, you need to beat quickly and accurately, choosing to strike the most vulnerable places of the body men.

3. Punches

Bones on the palms of women is usually pretty weak, so hitting the attacker hard in the jaw, you’d rather break my fingers than injure the man. The best way to beat the edge of his hand or elbow. For this fit the chin and nose of the rapist.

Fists is also worth to use only if you have the opportunity to strike at soft parts of the body such as throat, groin.

4. Kicks

Kicks more powerful and effective. They allow you to atakovat striker with more distant distance. In addition, tight shoes gives them great power. The most effective strike – strike with the foot and knee.

5. Exemption from seizure

Methods of release from the grips of you can list many. The main thing — they should all have the following scheme:

  • distracting blow,
  • directly release,
  • the finishing blow,
  • flight.
  • Need to train until then, until you reach high speed of execution of all the movements of this scheme.

    6. Strikes from a prone position

    If the attacker pushed you to the ground, wait until he starts to nakunatta to you, and apply a sharp blow the back of his hand to his nose, then abruptly hit in the groin or lower abdomen.

    7. Physical readiness

    Physical fitness is not less important psychological, therefore, studying self-defense techniques, pay attention and General exercises to develop strength.

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