How to punish the husband for the offense?

Evil thoughts about how to punish the husband for a particular offense, sometimes flicker in the mind of every, even the most loving wife.

Today women’s site “” hurry to invite conversation on the souls of all its readers, of the offended husbands to decide in what circumstances should resort to punishment, what punishment is best to use with the purpose of educating the husband and as it is impossible to punish their pious under any circumstances.

So, the husband was seriously wrong and did not even apologized… Perhaps such behavior is not considered permissible for an adult.

Our every action always has consequences, and these consequences must be remembered. So a universal answer to the question of how to punish the guilty husband, it is possible to consider any measure that will show him that in all his actions and words he needs to answer.

Among the most common male crimes against women is possible to allocate drunkenness, gambling, adultery, and all sorts of disrespect.

For thousand-year experience of coexistence in the same Union with the descendants of Adam, daughters of eve invented many different ways to take revenge on them for the insults. Some of them are really very effective educational measures.

How to punish her husband for drunkenness

Love to strong drinks, alas, is often not just a manifestation of levity and a real, serious illness. The website hurries to warn his readers: to punish for drunkenness men suffering from alcohol addiction, it is meaningless.

Husband-alcoholic, you can either try to cure or quit, no other measures with the booze in these cases will not help.

If the husband is not an alcoholic and just a fan of the holidays to drink, forgetting about decency, you can try to fight it. Each wife has their own methods of punishment of her husband for drunkenness.

  • Using red nail Polish, you can make up the sleeping husband nails. The next morning, when he will need to go to work, he would plaintively ask for forgiveness from his wife and some of the liquid for removal of varnish. Such punishment will give wife to understand that the abuse of alcohol are very unpleasant consequences, and show him that the wife won’t let him behave like that.
  • Another way how to punish spree husband for drunkenness, quietly pulling from his pockets a wallet with money and documents, car keys, phone, etc. in the morning he remembers where all of these things, and worried. It is important that the husband felt drunk man is absolutely helpless and highly vulnerable.
  • As a method of punishment of her husband for drunkenness may be refused in the usual fun and pleasure, for example, the prohibition of fishing trips, sauna, hike in the sports bar, etc.
  • Very simple and accessible way of punishment for the passion for strong drinks is a lecture. The next day after the husband was at fault, you need to wait, when he lieth down in bed, and sit on the edge of his bed. In such circumstances he will have no chance to run away from an unpleasant conversation. During the hour or more you need to tell the faithful about how he is hurting his beloved wife, to talk about their pain and resentment at him, to try to cause him guilt. This method works well because the men can’t stand the moralizing. If during a conversation my wife can get her husband to feel guilty next time he’ll try not to touch with alcohol.
  • Some very strict wife in the question of how to punish her husband for another booze, don’t mess around and deprive pious intimacy indefinitely.

    But psychologists believe abstaining from sex the worst of the possible punishments. First, the woman punishes herself. Secondly, the offended husband can go to seek solace from the other. And then the family will be much more serious reason for contention.

    Husband cheated: how to punish the traitor

    The betrayal of her husband for a woman is always very painful. That is why she wants to punish the offender to cause him the same suffering.

    Only now psychologists say that to family preservation need to forget the offense and forgive the offender. And still need to understand the cause of infidelity and try to resolve it.

    For example, the heroine of the film “don’t cry for me, Argentina!”, played by Natalia Vdovina, decides how to punish wife for cheating, very original.

    A diligent housewife, a good wife and a caring mother, she suddenly begins to realize that too much time and effort is spent on family and absolutely not watching them. In order to gather my thoughts, the woman is recorded in a dance school and begins to learn the basics of tango. A visit to tango class returns heroine of yore femininity, helping her to feel beautiful and graceful. She’s greatly transformed, it becomes very attractive to men. When the spouse re-falls in love with her, the heroine announces that she knows about his infidelity, and asks him to leave the house. Punishment works very effectively. Some time later, the family is restored, and the relationship of the spouses flare up with renewed vigor.

    The situation when the husband starts an affair on the side, at that time, as his wife pulls on itself the care of the house, worries about children and about the material welfare of the family, unfortunately, and life is quite common.

    Especially in families where the head of the family is a big fan of a ladies man. In one such family, the wife found a very interesting way to punish her husband for cheating with mistress: finding a naked couple in the hayloft, offended woman in anger whipped both nettles. Says military spouse ladies, such a measure always discourage him hunt for adventure.

    If the husband left home, the best punishment for treason will be the demonstration of complete indifference to him. The pride of any man is wounded, if at that time, as he collects things, missus not crying at his feet, and quietly drinking tea and begins happily preen before the mirror, clearly intending to go for a walk. Perhaps then, when the traitor-husband will not be able to see her again, she would burst into tears in the pillow. But only he will ever know.

    Of course, you can finally and “accidentally” spill coffee on his favorite shirt or lay in pawn his watch, cufflinks and a cigarette case.

    You can also do the lettering in red nail Polish, submit a newspaper ad to sell his garage. In other words, retaliation is quite good damage any of his toys. It is exactly razdobit. However, the remorse of such actions will not cause. Perhaps, on the contrary, he thinks that the time freed from hysteric.

    Therefore, damage of property as a method of punishment of the husband it is better not to use. Speaking about corruption in the literal sense, not the superfluous will mention about the second meaning of the word. Because some resentful wife taking revenge on men by magic.

    Revenge by magic, or a Conspiracy to punish her husband

    Some of the women to restore her husband the damage, turn to the help of a professional fortune-tellers. There are among ex-wives and others who are trying to conjure wife, using a special plot.

    The text of the conspiracy in our day, is not difficult to find. And descriptions of different rituals in the network are myriad.

    Only here before punish her ex-husband with the help of magic, you need to think carefully because it is dangerous. History does not know of any case when an appeal to otherworldly forces had no negative consequences. Therefore, the website strongly advises not to use such methods.

    How to punish the husband for contempt

    Many wives complain that their husband does not respect you. But really, most men just don’t know how to treat a woman, not to offend her. As you know, for ignorance can not be punished. In this case, would be more appropriate to talk about some educational issues.

    It is not necessary to pout at the man after his insulting remarks. Instead, he needs to clearly say: “don’t call me a fool (chicken, monkey, chicken, etc.)”.

    Men don’t understand abstract claims, so it is useless to exclaim, “You don’t respect me”. This phrase must be developed, specifying exactly which words and actions of her husband seem offensive.

    The question how to punish her husband for this or that act, in each individual case will have different answers. When this wronged wives should be considered: misconduct of a spouse does not appear out of the blue. Therefore, spouses need to look for the causes of the problem and not waste time and nerves on revenge each other. If the couple fails to do so without assistance, she needed to go to a psychologist.

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