How to put a child in school, how to choose clothes for school?

On the eve of Day of knowledge for many readers of a women’s website “” a very topical issue, as putting a child in school. Because every mom wants her student looked not only neat but also stylish.

In addition, clothes for school should be comfortable and warm.

Because in our country there is no single sample of a school uniform, a decision that the child will wear in the walls of educational institutions take, as a rule, parents and school administration.

How to put children to school

In General, depending on the requirements to appearance of pupils all schools can be divided into several major groups.

  • Schools require that all students were dressed in a form corresponding to a single standard. Usually the students in these schools wear uniforms of a certain color – brown, gray, green, blue, or black and white. The uniform colors of clothes students help educational institutions better to monitor the whereabouts and behavior of their students.
  • Secondary school with a dress code allowing students to choose a kit that they like the most. The main requirement for the clothing of pupils in such institutions is the business style.
  • Schools that sew form for all students to order. Putting a child in such a school the easiest. Parents need only submit to the class teacher information about the size of children. The advantages of such a system are no need to look for the form in the store and lower the price of the kit.
  • Institutions that do not require that students wore only form. Students are allowed any form of business-style clothing.
  • I must say, schools, sewing uniform for students custom in the country not so much. Perhaps because many modern parents just don’t like the freedom of their children, imposing strict rules, leaving no possibility to choose.

    In most cases, to choose and to buy for baby clothes at school have moms and dads.

    If strict requirements to the form of school does not show, and the child wants to wear beautiful and stylish, perhaps, will be useful tips “Beautiful and Successful” how to choose school fashion.

    What you need to choose clothes for school: a list of needed items

    Each student should have several sets of clothing.

    • The front form. On this set of clothes, many parents save because the need for it arises only a few times a year. Given the fact that children grow very fast, purchased for the September 1 outfit already the New year can be a small child. To buy such a suit is meaningful only in the case when the family budget allows you to do it a few times a year.
    • Jacket. For a boy this costume should consist of pants, shirt and jacket. The girl-the schoolgirl in the off-season can wear a suit with a skirt, a blouse and a jacket or sundress and blouse.
    • Winter suit. The school set of clothes for the cold season should consist of warm trousers with fleece and wool jacket. Instead of a shirt in the winter you can wear warm sweater or simply turtleneck. For the cold season a good wool suit with a warm vest. In a set of winter school uniform for girls should enter a warm jacket. Sundress or skirt in the winter it is better to replace woolens.
    • Tracksuit.
    • Extra change of clothes. Boys need to buy at least 2 pants and 2 shirts. Girls it is advisable to purchase a kit, which will include the pants and the skirt, as well as to stock up on extra blouses, the number of which will depend only on the thickness of a parental purse.

    How to choose suitable clothes for school

    To solve the question of how best to dress your child for school, parents will help some tips.

    • Clothing for school must be made of natural materials with a small addition of synthetics. Such fabrics are characterized by their durability, practicality and hygiene.
    • Choosing kits for school, you should try to find such models, which can then be combined. The website recommends its readers to buy for the child sets of different styles but similar colors. This will allow you to combine things from different costumes and to diversify the clothing of the student.
    • For a boy a very practical suit with the vest. It can be worn with light shirts, and warm sweaters. This garment will allow the student to always look serious and respectable.
    • Choose clothes for school is necessary with the child. Let the girl pick the cut of the skirt or sundress, which she will like. The right of choice to provide the boy-student, even if he, according to mom, is still quite small.
    • Clothing for school must-try. While not desirable to buy a kit that will have the child fit to: year-end sleeves of the jacket and shirt can be a short grown-up schoolboy. It is better to buy things with a small margin. While fitting things to the child should offer to bend over and sit down several times to make sure that the clothing does not prevent him to move normally.

    Clothing for school: estimated cost

    Of course, every parent to choose child clothes for school, based on their financial possibilities. Families who want to emphasize the special status of their baby are likely to look to the elite suits and the main forms of Italian production.

    But most moms and dads, having a medium level of wealth, will acquire for his schoolboy sets of domestic origin. The usual costume of the three items of clothing (pants, jacket and shirt) in the store will cost about 3 thousand rubles. The same will have to pay for a set for girls, consisting of jacket, skirt and blouse.

    Tracksuit cheaper – about 1200 rubles.

    All those who are going to choose clothes for students, our site wish successful purchases and recommends not to postpone the shopping trip for a long time, so you do not have to rush and get upset due to the fact that the most interesting and beautiful costumes are already sold.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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