How to put a person on the place

Of course, talking about the case when the conversation ceases to be enjoyable, and the person begins to show the unfounded claims to get personal and insult! How to put a man on the place, not coming for correctness and good taste – will tell original women’s website ““.

How to put a man on the place?

There are various tactics in which to complete the discussion, if the opponent brings it on offense and inappropriate claims. Your tasks:

  • To show that the person is not insulting you, but only puts in a stupid way myself.
  • To make clear that while you hear insults, will not be any dialogue, and you do not participate in this kind of “communication”!
  • To allow a person to have an opinion (on condition that you yourself stand by my).
  • What words to put the interviewee on the spot?

    • “You have the right to think differently!”. As options: “I have the right to stick to your opinion”, “to do as you see fit for yourself”, etc. This expression will neutralize the persistent human desire to argue with you and call for a discussion on the raised tones. Thereby you show that to find a common truth for you is not interesting, you are quite satisfied with what the interlocutor has a different point of view and is not going to change it. Also such a solution when you are trying to offend, describes you as wise, not prone to temper and resentment of man.
    • “We’re different people.” This is an interesting phrase, depending on intonation, pronunciation, more heat or cold to say it, there may be two different subtext! The first, softer: “We are close, we are together, but we are different, so let’s close this topic so as not to aggravate the conflict.” Second, nudging aside: “We are all different people, it is useless to seek consensus, so let’s disperse each in his way”.
    • “I’m not letting you insult me. You can talk about the issue without insults – if not, I don’t want to talk and listen to you further.” Don’t know how to put in place the person who offends is a good answer, if a person goes to the person instead of reasoned debate.

    • “You will be ill if I remain unconvinced?”. If the answer is Yes, then the person will be forced to specifically describe your inconvenience and have a chance to transition to a constructive conversation. But most often this question is answered “no.”
    • “I wish you happiness, health, success, love, let you no longer sad in life, but today’s conversation…”. This may sound too sarcastic, but a response to aggression and insults, discourages and disarms the interlocutor. It is best to say these words, do with warmth! Of course, the point is, that people understand that the reason potty that seriously pissed off about it not worth it. But there is a second meaning – “I am capable of kindness and good wishes, and you just rage and anger”, “I feel sorry for you because wiser, and you look silly and ridiculous.” “I’m good, you’re not very”… People don’t like to get into a situation where they look bad, but their behavior is stupid.

    So the best way to put a man on the spot — clever words!

    In any case it is impossible to go on offense in response – the aggressor wants this! Your aggression shows that the goal is achieved – you have struck a chord, you are offended! But the tranquility and peacefulness is a sign that you are stronger and wiser companion!

    Other options, such as to put the interviewee on the spot

    In addition to the words, it is important that your behavior and reactions to insults.

    If you can – the most sincere laugh or just smile. Man will not develop a conflict where it becomes funny for the opponent. However, no retaliatory verbal attacks do not – do not insult the man in response, but did not take a position justifies the weak victim!

    A smile and a good (or at least calm) the mood of the insult do not give the aggressor the opportunity to fight, to shout, to rise at the expense of humiliating someone, etc.

    If an aggressive interlocutor sees that the conflict is not developed, and the one who should be offended, not offended, he won’t “play in one gate”.

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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