How to put husband in place?

Today on the website “” we will teach our readers how to put a man on the spot, if it makes you unreasonable claims or requirements.

Yes, Yes, so sometimes you have to do, even if it is about your husband or boyfriend: man and next will be to afford a disrespectful, if a woman once lets a against himself!

When it’s time to put a man on the spot?

Before talking about how to put a guy in place, is to talk about situations when it is necessary to do (even if you’re not used to it, you simply agree to remain silent, etc.):

  • The man uses the phrase “you should…”. You don’t owe anyone anything. Even the most loving and beloved! Even in marriage! What do you do for men you do voluntarily, in their desire to please him, to put him in comfort etc. If at some point you have had no such desire – it does not mean that you have not fulfilled your duties. After all, no responsibilities – there are things that can please or not to please your man. You have the right to any actions or inaction! If your actions are pleasing the man, his proper response is gratitude, not an acceptance. If he doesn’t like something – he could not feel gratitude, but he has no right to force you to do anything! Heard the phrase “you should” (especially “you got to be so-and-so”!) all, the time has come to put a man on the spot!
  • Male restricts your freedom, it forbids anything to do, blackmailing parting in case of default of its requirements. Yes, it can be frustrating that you’re on the go or go by myself, with friends or relatives, if you work in a job that he considers “wrong” that you are unsympathetic to his personal taste thing – but you never know what you may want to make against his views and beliefs! But in your life there is only one man who has the right to say the word “no” and your father (and then – only until your 18th birthday!)! If a husband or young man loves you truly, he will not you to reshape, re-educate, especially to restrict some actions- seeing how it’s a shame and frustrating! First ban or blackmail – a reason to immediately put him in his place!
  • There is only one real reason when a man can make a claim you will be right – if you promised something specific myself, but not fulfilled. Mind you, the words “I love you and I’ll be true to you” does not mean that you can’t go with my friends to the sea, so make the argument men “well, you love me, she said – and go without me…” will remain unanswered. But the promise “I will never go on vacation without you” already implies a certain level of responsibility that you yourself took!

How to put my husband out when he is wrong?

The first and most simple thing to do, if the husband is disrespectful you need something to tell you, what you do not have to, because it is not promised (if indeed it is). It should be said calmly. Do not encourage the conflict further, and just silently listen, if the husband would say something “after”.

Further, the right tactics – if you’re hurt and I see that the husband has not learned a lesson – to cut him off. Not to start conversations first, not flippers, etc. as long as the husband is not aware of that offended you, and promise not to do it.

Wrong ways to put her husband in place:

  • Culinary and/or sexual boycott. Of course, you don’t have to do chores and even more to have sex without their desire. But not have the ultimate say – no soup and sex until you apologize! So you gonna show that earlier you did not just because it pleases you to do – and as “payment” for “good behavior” of the spouse. This is especially true of sex. Sex should not be the subject of bargaining between couples! Just both of you or are in the mood to deal with them or not.
  • Disclosure of your marital disagreements with third parties, relatives and friends. And especially the setting up of a third party against your husband.

And Yes – you can safely do something which is opposed by your spouse (or not to do what he demanded). At the same time show that Earth orbit is not gone, the oceans are spilled, and the horns of the faithful has not grown!

And don’t be afraid that the husband will cease to love you and respect after such an act! On the contrary, the wise man will understand that you know your worth, respect yourself and your freedom, and will appreciate you even more! And if you do not understand… you need a “loving” husband who “loves” you, but just an illusion “debts” and “obligations”???

How to put in place of the former?

Ex-husband or boyfriend is the person who in your life has the right to vote in any case! As much as he can be for you, consider your or the then current behavior is absolutely wrong, etc. – you claim should not be influenced by absolutely nothing!

What if he still finds ways you “get it”, and how to put the former in place?

Tell me you are strangers to each other people, and his opinion is not interesting to you. I can say that in the question which he raised, for you it is only important opinion is your current boyfriend or spouse.

Never apologize to the former, they did not promise and do not try to look in their eyes better than they represent you – all the same, their vision is distorted you personal emotions, grievances and complexes.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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