How to raise the perfect husband and father?

Today women’s site “” we’ll talk about how to do so that my man could confidently say he was a Great Father.

But first, consider this:

  • How often do we see a man on the street with a stroller?
  • What percentage of dads on the Playground?
  • How many fathers take their children out of kindergarten or mug?

The answers to these questions are obvious. The time has come to think of it, why is this happening.

Let us remember the basic truth: man, unlike women, does not feel “papal” instinct since the birth of their child. Man peculiar so-called “social love.”

Simply put, the father every day learns to love her child: the man is stronger attached to the child, who spends more time, effort, energy and money.

But if you have missed dad have the opportunity to directly invest in your child?

How often a young mother solid women’s hand pushes the dad from the bed with a whimpering baby, authoritative saying “now I understand, you don’t know how”? Diaper change is also a better mom, because dad would forget to add “that powder”, and zip up my too tight, and the poor child will suffer from a tightly knotted at the belly of the diaper.

So, of course, the Pope. Mother knows what’s best for her baby!

What we have in the end? Gradually the man takes this extremely convenient position of “to work walking breadwinner” and can not even imagine that I will be able to stay with this tiny crying ball one on one.

As the child grows. That’s it for two to three years. And the father on the third anniversary of his child is unlikely to radically change years of established position to the upbringing of the child. Therefore, the twenty-minute mode “uchi-way” after working solidly fits into his view of a healthy relationship between father and child.

For someone this situation is the norm and not subject to correction.

But looking at the men sitting in the cafe with my five-year-old children and leading a lively conversation with them, could not help wondering: “And where they come from, are the Pope?”

As such the Pope is simply the result of competent approach women.

How to raise husband’s “right” of the father?

Here are three basic rules of “education” magical Pope affectionate and wise women:

  • In the first place. Even before pregnancy you need to be sure that a man wants from you kids! Forced or tricked nothing good will come of it.
  • Secondly. The man should be immediately, repeat, immediately after your discharge from the hospital responsibilities for the care of your shared child. He, the father, it will not kill (unless, of course, he’s not an alcoholic or a disadvantaged person – but for those we do not speak) will not hurt. Optimally to give the man at least bathing a baby. Fathers are natural born swimmers.
  • In the third place. Make time for yourself: go to a Barber shop, Jogging, to visit, Yes, even to the gynecologist – this time with the child sits father. Not the nanny, not Granny – but it is the father! Let them stay together, they are in the child needs this relationship. And you will have free time and smiles of passers-by men!
  • These three rules are the backbone of the emerging relationship between a father and child. And these relations will develop life.

    They, the men, everything is not like you and me, dear readers! We love your baby in the womb, of course adored him our whole lives.

    The man is not able to take the baby until I see it with my own eyes. He is not imbued with mythical paternal instinct, on hearing the first cry of a baby.

    All the love for her child that we carry within ourselves, dear mother, man must be taught to experience. And it is feasible, doable and very exciting task, the result of which will be healthy and harmonious relationships in your loving family!

    Author Vera Kruglova, site

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