How to receive from men desired

“Good day, female site Tell me how to get from men what you want? That it works perfectly: compliments, short skirts, initiate sex, and maybe a frying pan to the head? Yulia”.

Julia, every man is a personality with its desires, preferences, fears, and doubts. A specific recommendation is unlikely to fit even the large group of people. But from their point of view ? I still something will advise, and even then it’s up to You!

Learn man

Study the man like a road Atlas of the country where You hit first and where do you want to see more attractions ? do Not take time on it, and You will be rewarded!

For example, if my wife takes the initiative in sex, I like it a lot – as if more proof that it is not “practicing” marital duty, but really wants me.

But there are men who initiative his lady in bed can perceive with caution. We will not find out right or not, is another question. Your man does not apply to this type?

If not – then go ahead! Active partner – it is super! The”spoil” her man, and he will inevitably find yourself in the role of the debtor ?

It is the same with short skirts. Unhappy if wearing a skirt, doesn’t he? Go to meet – change of pants.

No to violence, Yes – love ?

Julia, you know, the compliments just are not hurt, it is a unique means – to whisper something nice, or you can specify a voice full of delight for some positive quality of his men ?

But the pan – the symbol of domestic violence – should not be in Your starter pack ? Away violence! So You will achieve the opposite!

Don’t forget the parable about a traveler, the wind and the sun. Who quickly achieved, so that the traveler took off his cloak? That’s the same! The wind, their efforts have achieved only what the traveler more tightly wrapped!

Be sincere!

And last, Julia. I understand life is such that often even with the people we are forced to make trade-market relations ? Yeah, nothing helped.

But in spite of this, You should strive for with Your hand in the first turn everything was at the highest level. You have to show him your love. To take care of him, help him, give him attention, listen to him.

It is Your sincere attitude, Your manifestation of unselfish love is the surest way to get what You from time to time from his desire. You yourself possibly do what he wants.

Maybe here I am too romantic and detached from life, but I want to believe that Your man is at least partly has a similar feature. Is it bad?

And always managed to get from your men what you want, from me to You talisman:

You’re the sweetest part of my life!

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