How to recognize a liar?

Women’s website “” I’ll tell you how to spot a liar and how verbal and non-verbal signs to determine that you are obviously not telling the truth. Such a skill could come in handy in everyday life.

A lie can hide everywhere, from the rants of the boss promise you a raise after next project, finishing a favorite story about how he spent the evening without you on the corporate.

From the statistical figures in the field of lies, you can lose faith in people: on average, each person lies 10 times a day.

It is one thing to slightly exaggerate the information and tell that the street was flooded instead of little drizzle (for example, if you were late for work). And another thing, if you need true information, say in the showdown.

There is an opinion that can recognize the liar by gestures. So, the truth, the person may scratch the tip of the nose, or to look up and to the left.

In fact, many long practicing liars, especially people who know that in this moment they are literally “under the microscope”, consciously or subconsciously control my gestures.

How to spot a liar on speech

Communication is the main tool for obtaining of (dis)information, to identify a lie is easier during a conversation. recommends that you pay attention to the first response after a specified (in psychology it’s called stress) issue.

The first signal of dishonesty is a pause. It means that the other person was not ready to talk, and chooses the most appropriate response.

Another tactic of the liar is the peresprashivaniya. Pretending to not hear the question, he gives himself time to think about the answer.

Of course, we are talking about the most simple questions, such as how much over the party, or who else was with you at the bar. More extensive questions may require the interviewee time for reflection.

As the liar says:

  • Asks another question. To hear in response, “what?” or “why would you know” means to recognize the “situational” liar who’s stalling.
  • Evasive answers, not answering the question directly.
  • Comes from afar, gives irrelevant to the question of information (and high pitch). So people distract you from the main topic.
  • Immediately begins to make excuses, saying neither Yes nor no.

To “catch” the cheater on a lie, as soon as he starts to answer the question, dramatically translate the conversation to another topic, and in a few minutes, go back to the previous question. The liar will need a lot of time to re-imagine the imaginary (false) picture.

The known method, how to spot a liar in speech and speech is to ask him to tell the story in reverse order. He will be confused in the details, unless it is “rehearsed” his legend.

These tactics are effective, but practical only if you have a real interrogation. Although, I agree that there are times when without it just will not do ?

Nonverbal signs of lying

  • frequent blinking
  • shortness of breath (visible in the upper part of the chest)
  • redness, blanching the face
  • the change in tone of speech, the voice becomes higher
  • biting lips
  • muscle tension (especially squeeze your fingers)

You can recognize an inexperienced liar in chief physiological “symptoms” of insincerity: frequent swallowing and coughing. This is because people withhold information under stress, which is expressed in the drying of the throat. After you question the person reaches for the glass of water? He is not lying, only if you came to your meeting a minute ago.

It is believed that the eye lying about a person “run”, but that’s only if you caught him off guard with his question.

You should be alerted if they are too close, “honest” look straight in the eye. This may mean that the liar checks, believe it or not.

If the person leans back in his chair, hiding behind a monitor, raises his hand with a tablet or smartphone at eye level – he builds a “barrier” and probably hiding information.

Today we all communicate more on the Internet, so it is also important to know how to recognize a liar by messages, rather than speech, for example, if you agree on the services you offer to buy something, or in the end, it’s a date.

Psychologists advise to analyze the time people spend to write phrases. If the pause is too long, so long thinking about what to write.

If in chat you see people five minutes “print”, and then get a short sentence, so he for a long time it was edited. Of course, the interlocutor may take a while to come up with flowery or witty remark or simply be distracted from the monitor, but, statistically, untrue answers require 10% more time. To be impartial, set a computer program and mobile application (a sort of “lie detector online”) that analyzes the communication in the network and signaling that you communicate with a person who is lying.

Of course, finding one or two signs of lying, you should not immediately make a clear conclusion as to recognize a liar is possible only by a combination of several factors. Be honest with itself and if we are not talking about something really serious, believe people at their word. Excessive suspiciousness brings too much stress.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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