How to reconcile friends: effective tactics

Women’s website “” offers to talk about a difficult issue – how to reconcile friends, if one day they end up in the fight. The conflict may ripen quietly and long, and could break the sudden scandal.

But the result is always the same – the girls had a fight and deleted each other from a list of “friends” in social networks, don’t call up and refuse to meet in the company, “if there is she.” Let’s try to bring the situation under control.

This situation is very unpleasant, for sure, not only your friends but also you.

Because now you have to meet with each of them individually, to control their words, to adjust the cultural program in a big company. And even more annoying is that every time I meet with one of her friends, you have to listen to the claims of the other.

Orientirueshsya on the ground

Before to reconcile the two friends, clearly decide for yourself if you need this and are you ready for all the difficulties that you have to overcome in the process. Prepare yourself for what you can fall down all the cones – and this happens in most cases – and you can remain “extreme.”

It’s possible that half way through you just want to spit on everything, and instead of two quarreling friends get three.

Not ready to let it go? Let’s go for it!

To begin to assess the scale of the disaster and the chances that the friend will ever reconcile. Well, if you know the cause of the conflict. Otherwise, talk to each of the girls individually, try to leave all emotion out of the equation and figure out what happened.

In any case, don’t judge a situation according to only one!

Well, if the friends are close, although in this case to enjoy the same, so how to reconcile best friends is more difficult than just “beginners”.

If the argument was “verbal”, for example one friend has hurt the other: “Katya, do not part with cocktails, and that to me last time was ashamed of you,” the situation is remedied.

Another thing, if the altercation occurred because the young person. Depending on all these parameters, choose your tactics.

Delicate peacemaker

In order to survive “in the line of fire” before you can reconcile friends, follow our recommendations:

  • Don’t take sides – this is very important, even if you know that one of her friends is not right.
  • Don’t Express evaluative opinions on the subject of the quarrel and who was guilty.
  • Do not expose the words of one friend against another, no matter how harmless they may seem.
  • Don’t ask the company how to reconcile your mutual friends, do not touch this theme in a big company, so it doesn’t look as “rumor-mongering”.
  • Don’t cry to conscience. For example, “do You even remember how you three months she lived with Lena, when you had problems with housing?”. Most likely, in response, the friend will remember how she took the cat to Lena for two weeks, (despite allergies!), when she was on vacation. Or pull strings, when her brother got in an accident.

The tactic of “forward into battle” (often incorrect, but might work)

The first idea that comes, probably, to everyone who thought about how to reconcile the close friends is to invite both to visit without warning, to bring together at one event in the hope that they somehow will reconcile.

This idea is only at first glance seems ingenious.

Actually, this idea could end up not the way you dream – from another scandal to what we have said – grad “bumps” in your way. But if you decide to do, don’t leave friends alone, and act as “arbitrator” in the reconciliation process.

Still do not recommend doing this without prior preparation on both sides. First “soften the soil” with the help of the following two tactics.

How to reconcile close friends tactics “that the times were”

During a meeting with one of her friends often reminisced about how you were good when were all together.

Remember any situation when you miraculously got out of notable alterations. Choose the one occasion when you acted together for the sake of victory. Casually run on a laptop a gallery of photos from last New year or birthday that you celebrated together. Create a simple program clip from your photos and favorite music and send the link to both.

The goal is not just to evoke a sentimental sense of nostalgia, but to show that individually they will not be as fun, simple and easy in life.

The tactics of “make peace or lose”

Probably the most effective for how to reconcile the two seriously are in quarrel friends. Need to come up with common for two friends project. It needs to be such that they could not refuse to participate and were able to execute it only if they help each other.

In the author’s school with her best friend reconciled order to hold the exhibition “Golden autumn”. Olga, in the absence of hardness failed to achieve the necessary quantity of wanting to create an exhibit, and I was always let down organizational skills. At stake was the biology.

So I motivated students to make flower arrangements from dried flowers and still lifes of vegetables, she quickly agreed with those who will take in the Assembly hall of the desks, decorate the room and play the piano.

What can become such a common thing for your friends – will have to think twice. Ideally, of course, if it is a project associated with the work. But the decoration of the celebration hall for your wedding ?

Focusing on our tips, think of a way to make peace between friends, after all, better than you no one knows!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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