How to recover after a cesarean mentally and physically

All women perceive a cesarean section on his own. For some it’s salvation from the excruciating pains of childbirth naturally, for others it is a real tragedy. In any case, after a caesarean it is mandatory recovery, as the body is a lot of stress. Our website today will talk about how to recover after a C-section.

Moral recovery after cesarean

Sometimes emotional trauma after cesarean section heal within several years, therefore during this period, the woman should be especially attentive to yourself. In addition, the recovery process is quite lengthy and complex. Therefore, to think about how to quickly recover after a cesarean, a woman should before the operation.

How to recover after a cesarean: leave the guilt

The majority of women who have undergone cesarean section, there is a feeling of guilt. They blame themselves that are unable to give birth naturally how many. To think so in any case can not, because just thinkabout what guilt can there be, if you presented yourself and the beloved husband of the long-awaited little happiness?!

What’s the difference how he was born, because he appeared, and now with you!

All for a child

Many women believe that if they do not give birth naturally, they provide your child complete the birth.

Don’t think that, because the health of the crumbs does not affect the way in which he was born. Usually caesarean section is prescribed according to the testimony, and might you in danger with a vaginal birth.

Therefore, we find the opposite: the doctor did everything for the baby, so he was safely born.

How is a woman to recover after a cesarean? Very simple: you need to understand that to worry about it not worth it, because now you have a little one who needs your love and care.

Give vent to his emotions

If you are still worried, it is not necessary to save all the negativity in yourself. Of course, it is better to speak with someone heart to heart, to speak, to cry in a pillow if you want. In short, in any case can not hold emotion in itself!

Because in this case will accumulate inside the negative, and to worry of the woman after caesarean section is strictly prohibited!

If you think how to recover after a cesarean, you should understand that the back stress must be treated calmly. And even if you want a second child, you will have the chance to give birth naturally.

Recovery from a cesarean: tips doctors

Higher female site gave advice on how to mentally recover after a C-section. However, this is not enough to make a woman feel good. Doctors also give advice for this reason.

Recovery through medicine

If a woman has a cesarean, she loses more than half a liter of blood. But under normal childbirth, the figure is much lower: about 250 ml of blood loss. Of course, to recover the blood loss difficult, so after caesarean, the woman is administered the plasma or krovezamenauschie solutions.

Answering the question of how to recover from a caesarean, you need to remember that need to recover not only the loss of blood, but the intestines.

If a woman feels abdominal pain after the operation, it is possible that this indicates the presence of adhesions. To get rid of them, most commonly prescribed drugs that increase peristalsis.

Also after caesarean section women are prescribed drugs for the prevention of endomyometritis (this is inflammation of the lining of the uterus). The course of treatment depends only only on the condition of the woman and the complexity of the operation.

Complete recovery

How to quickly recover after a cesarean? Asking this question, we should not forget about the food.

On the first day after surgery you cannot eat. Only only on the second day you can start to eat a little bit. Moreover, the diet should contain only chicken broth, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt. Roughly speaking, only the most useful and dietary.

Shower can be taken only then, when it formed a scar. This usually occurs one week after surgery.

It should be noted that for several months after surgery, the woman lifting up to 4 kg. And child, respectively, can also be raised to until his weight reaches 4 lbs.

For the fastest possible recovery, you need to eat right. Food should be balanced, healthy and contain the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

We hope that our tips on how to recover from a caesarean, to help you successfully pass this important stage in life!

Author Victoria Kulik, site

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