How to reduce hips and buttocks: exercise and nutrition

Winter outside the window here will give way to spring its place and hide somewhere far, far away until next year, and you haven’t lost fat from thighs and buttocks. There is nothing wrong, and our article will only help you. About how to reduce thighs and buttocks, and tell today women’s site

Before you give some specific tips on losing weight in the thighs and buttocks, you need to figure out why in these areas the fat is delayed and begins to accumulate.

Accumulation of fat in the hips and buttocks is a natural reaction of the body to sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. If you do a lot of work on the computer at work more sitting than standing, but still don’t exercise, how to reduce hips and buttocks, will be interesting to you.

How to reduce hips and buttocks? To play sports!

Sport is the best cure for any disease, — told parents when you were little. Now you’ve grown up, and sports can use a little for other purposes – slimming in the thighs and buttocks.

You need to start to improve the appearance of your figure? First and foremost, a huge desire to lose weight and, of course, tracksuit.

The first thing you now, reading this article can do is charging. What exercises should I do to attain slim thighs?

  • Sit on a chair, get comfortable. Now, get out a chair without changing his position, can still jump. Feel like feet uncomfortable? And fat how embarrassing!.. Do this exercise every day, when you sit on the chair (i.e. in free time or at work) by 5-10 times. Besides the fact that it has to reduce thighs and buttocks effect, the exercise allows you to strengthen your leg muscles, equally important.
  • Remember the lessons of physical education in the childhood? You probably passed the “birch” and “bike” on the top five! It’s time to re-think the practice of these exercises. Knowledge about them you need to reduce thighs and buttocks. Do “bike” a week or two and you will see that your thighs become smaller.
  • Here’s a great video exercise:

    And even more exercises you can find in articles: Exercises for attractive butt Exercises cellulite on thighs and buttocks Pilates Exercises.

    If you don’t like morning exercises, you can try a way to reduce thighs and buttocks using swimming or dancing (on what dance to choose, read it here). By the way, dancing and swimming are the most effective methods in the fight against obesity. Dancing or swimming, we cut the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, thereby bringing them into tone. And when the muscle tone, the shape gradually becomes taut and slender. There are also professionals specializing in dance/swimming specifically for weight loss (aerobics, water aerobics).

    And what about the food?

    Nutrition should be given special attention. It should be healthy (i.e. the right). But the concept of proper nutrition is associated with different things – someone with a mountain of fruits and vegetables and liters of nonfat yogurt, some with natural soup and steamed vegetables for dinner…

    More than confident that the products described below, enjoy. But rather to say the most. But it just yet! Imagine yourself slim and beautiful, draws a lot of looks. Just for this already should start to lose weight through a healthy diet.

    One question – HOW?

    Ideally, you should arrange a full Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

    For Breakfast you should eat porridge and drink tea. Coffee is better to refuse, as scientists have found out that he often makes us.

    For lunch you can eat soup, salad or any dish of cereals/vegetables. Sandwiches are not worth it (in a time of reduced volume of thighs and buttocks they generally need to give up).

    The perfect afternoon snack – any fruit or vegetable. Afternoon tea is a meal before dinner, so it should be very easy, even not satisfying the appetite (in the afternoon in no case can not eat meat, fish, etc.).

    Dinner – the last meal before bedtime, so it should not be difficult. I remember this rule – if you eat tightly, insomnia this night to you is guaranteed (tested by myself).

    In order for the body to function properly, it needs calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins, etc., so I made you a list of products that will be indispensable in the diet of man dieters. And it’s…

    • Fish. Inexhaustible source of calcium and protein. The main thing – not to fry and not stew fish. In our case, suitable boiled or steamed fish. By the way, the steamer retains all the protein and mineral value of fish.
    • Meat. Again, not fried. Cooked meat without salt and spices won’t hurt you, will saturate your body with useful substances.
    • Vegetables, fruits. They are always indispensable.
    • Cereals. Especially cereals. If you hate mess from the very childhood, will help fruits and berries. They diversify its taste. But from store-bought cereals should be abandoned – they will only help to gain weight…

    In General, the main thing in weight loss – the pursuit of goals. Controlling yourself, you will be able to accomplish much. Good luck!

    Author Margarita Zolotareva, site

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