How to reduce nose at home: the exercises

Many believe that to reduce the nose is impossible without the rhinoplasty and surgery. But, it turns out, there are many secrets and tricks that can adjust its shape.

There is even a special exercise and exercise — Yes, be not surprised, especially for the nose! On how to reduce the nose in the home, women’s website will tell you in more detail today.

Exercises to reduce nose

The nose as the face and body is composed of muscles. These muscles can be modified, transformed, some of them increase, others decrease. If you can change our body through exercise, why this does not work in relation to the nose? Many doctors and cosmetologists say that aerobics for the face helps to achieve significant changes.

But it only works if you’re patient and put enough effort.

You need to practice daily, better yet — twice a day. After all, if our body is only two or three intense workouts per week, the muscles of the face is much less developed and will start to work and changed only after much effort — remember this.

The website picked for you a special training complex of four simple exercises designed for different occasions.

Exercise # 1: if you want to make a long nose shorter

This exercise trains the most important muscle in this part of the face and even helps to reduce and smooth the hump on the nose at home.

Grasp the nose with two fingers, but not for the wings, and slightly higher around the middle of the face. Other hand to brace the tip, directing it slightly upwards. Now pull as low as possible upper lip, pulled her and nose, and you need to create resistance so training a muscle. Fix this position for a few seconds (3 to 5, then the hold time can be increased).

Make 20-30 repetitions (the number also can be increased over time).

Exercise # 2: if you want to remove the curvature in the direction

But this movement aims to correct the curvature and may help to align the tip of the nose at home, if it “looks” to the left or right. It helps even professional boxers who have repeatedly received facial injuries and fractures.

Starting position — same as in exercise № 1. But the tip is now necessary to draw up and to the side opposite the curvature. The upper lip moves just gets pulled down. The delay time and number of repetitions — the same.

Exercise # 3: if you want to reduce a bulbous nose at home

This exercise is intended to make it thinner and sleeker large noses, as well as those that become larger with age (this often happens). It is somewhat like the first exercise on our list, but it is not necessary to clamp his nose with two fingers. Enough to rest against the tip of the index finger and lift it up. The upper lip is necessary to get as far as possible behind your upper teeth, inside.

Lock this position for a few seconds, do 20-30 repetitions.

Exercise # 4: the consolidation and reduction of the nose wings

Sometimes it happens that the bridge is all right, but you need to adjust the side pieces. How to reduce nose home? They also consist of muscles, but because they can just “pump up”!

Put middle fingers in the recesses on the wings. Now wrinkled nose and straighten the wings and fingers create resistance to them. Repeat finger movements with tension nose 5-6 times and relax. Such repetitions should be done at least 10.

These exercises may seem difficult at first glance. But if you work out and to introduce them to the habit after a few months you can notice significant changes. If no problems with the spout not, you can perform some movement as prevention — that he did not become larger, and the internal cartilage will not warp with age.

Reduce the nose alone with makeup

If you don’t have time to exercise and improve the shape of the spout is an urgent need, in the home, will help the secrets of experienced makeup artists. It is very easy — just be brushes and sponges for applying makeup and at least two shades (light and dark) tonal (perfect set creamy correctors and concealers).

  • If you want to visually reduce the nose with potatoes at home, you need to apply on the lateral part darker concealer, and exactly in the middle — bright. Blend border brush, so it was not too obvious.
  • If your nose, on the contrary, too narrow, pointed, should do exactly the opposite: on the lateral side to apply a light concealer and blend it.
  • If a long nose, overhanging upper lip, apply the tip of dark concealer and blend thoroughly.
  • If the spout is very short, its tip need to cover light concealer or a highlighter (pearl particle) — so it will seem slightly longer and more refined.
  • For a snub, has an upturned spout up you can use this trick: apply concealer dark spot in the middle, not pulling a dark strip along the bridge of the nose or tip area.
  • The same technique will help to hide the bump — apply the darker tone on the scope evenly and cover the top of a matte powder.

Now you know whether it is possible to reduce the nose in the home and how to achieve it. Take advantage of all these techniques and become beautiful and perfect!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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