How to relax by the sea with a small child: tips reviews

Holiday season begins. Usually, your vacation people tend to spend by the sea: in the South of Russia, in the Crimea or abroad. But what if the rest of the sea is very desirable, and you have a small child? Of course, you have to take it with you!

But in this case it is necessary to consider many important points: what things to bring with you than to entertain a child on a plane or train, like being on the sea, how to protect your child from sunburn, how to choose a hotel…. And among these questions the most important: will it REST?

Female site publishes today an article for young mothers. We will explain how to organize a seaside holiday with a young child: tips and reviews for a vacationing.

What is important to do before leaving

So the decision was made. Child you take with you. Then before the trip you need to make a number of important things:

To visit a pediatrician

This is very important because only a doctor will be able to tell you whether your baby to go to sea or abroad. The doctor will examine the child, will tell you what to look for when choosing a place of rest and advise you medications for first aid kits.

Of course, the doctor will tell you that the sea with a small child need to rest not less than 21 days, the child is normally passed acclimatized, have time to adjust, relax and gain strength. But not all free time and funds allow so many to rest, so, if a child has any diseases, it is best to heed the doctor’s advice.

Select the area

With a small child it is better to go to the South of Russia, in the Crimea, as well as in recreation areas with a Mediterranean climate: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria. Go on vacation in spring or autumn, when the intense heat subsides: so you and baby will be comfortable. Especially try to avoid holidays in July and August, when temperatures in some countries is over 40 degrees.

Children with allergies and I can’t go on holiday to the sea in the spring, when the spring begins the flowering period.

Select type of holiday

Remember – you have the hands of a small child! Therefore, choose a “family” type of holiday: quiet and steady, without extreme excursions climbing, without long bus journeys.

What better to get to the sea?

In principle, suitable aircraft, and train, and car. The plane and train is where to turn. With a car you have complete freedom. But in the bus with a small child to go more than 3 hours is problematic. Closely, and at hand are no amenities.

Think of how to entertain their children on the train and plane. Be ready to sit in a place you do not have to – from time to time you will walk around the salon with your toddler. Take books, toys, pens and paper. Do not forget to take a pacifier if the child is still very small.

In the plane, not to ears, give your child candy or a bottle of juice.

Choose a hotel to stay at sea with a small child

  • First, ask around among friendswho are already vacationing with a child. They will not only advise you on how to choose a place of rest, but tell you what to bring, because it will be based on personal experience.
  • Second, go to the place where you are already rested. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises, and you better Orient as you will know, where some stores where the pharmacy is, and where you can find a doctor.
  • When choosing a hotel, note the following points:

    • The suitability of the hotel for families with children;
    • Is there a children’s Playground, children’s pool, Babysitting, children’s animation;
    • What will feed the child on the child table (sometimes overseas the hotels the so-called children’s menu offers fast food, chips, fries and soda);
    • Does the hotel own beach with clean, shallow water, if water corals, jellyfish and sea urchins;
    • Type of beach – gravel or sand?
    • And finally, does the hotel provide high chairs, Cribs, strollers, bike, arena rental, etc.

    Not all countries give the opportunity to relax with a small child. Somewhere it you need to pay the full cost of the permit where additional services – paid (e.g., Babysitting and hire of baby accessories). Choose the country in which usually child all-inclusive: Turkey (very good reviews), Egypt, Greece.

    From purchasing optional excursions please refrain. Maybe the child will be hard to go a few hours in the heat to the pyramids or go shopping in the noisy dusty city. Besides, a little Orient in place, you will know where you can buy excursions cheaper, and if your child can get pleasure from it. For example, riding on a yacht on the sea seen easily.

    Acclimatization of the child

    As has been said, to go to sea with the child for more than 3 weeks since the first 10 days leave for acclimatization. But from the second week stay at sea sun, air and water begin to positively influence the child’s body.

    But, as a rule, our citizens go up to 10 days. And if the child is healthy (you will see the pediatrician), the acclimatization will take place over 2-3 days and the baby will also be able to enjoy the rest.

    Immediately upon arrival, do not rush to the sea. First learn basic, give the child to take some rest. Better if your first day you will spend in the hotel or exploring the surroundings, the child accustomed to a new place and new conditions.

    Caution feed him new food. Even the familiar macaroni and let in a small amount, who knows what impact on the body will provide the local spices.

    Children and the sun. How not to get burnt?

    Even if you did not come in the hottest season, know that to be in the sun from 11 to 16 is extremely dangerous for baby skin. Before you know it, like a child getting burnt. So swim, sunbathe and play in the sun in the morning until 11 o’clock and in the afternoon from 16 o’clock till evening. Besides, as a rule, at lunchtime, small children prefer to sleep.

    Use a sunscreen at least 2-3 times a day. For overseas vacation, purchase of funds with the highest degree of protection.

    After bathing the child should be washed in fresh running water, Pat dry and re-apply sunscreen.

    If the child still sunburned, lubricate the skin by means of a special burns, for example, Panthenol, or use folk remedies: yogurt, sour cream, yogurt.

    Protect your little one’s eyes from the sun. There are special children’s sunglasses, which are available in the form of animals, bright colors. If the kid refuses to wear them, put on him a hat with a wide brim. Tear – sew zavyazochki. A sun hat or cap to wear in any case to protect hair and head from the sun.

    What to eat during the holidays?

    If you are breastfeeding, it is preferable to select the hotels “all inclusive” buffet. In this case you will surely make up for such a menu that will not cause stomach problems in children.

    If the child is not breastfeeding, bring formula, which is enough for the entire period of stay as the resort, especially abroad, it may not be. Also take baby food, although in the hotels “all inclusive” there are certainly something for the baby.

    Observe good personal hygiene: wash with child hands before eating, do not let to drink water from the tap or eat unwashed fruit. Make sure he doesn’t swallow sea water and, preferably, not touch the local animals.

    And immediately upon arrival, find out where you can get medical help if a problem occurs.

    That is, in principle, and all the important moments for the rest of the sea with a small child. As you can see, if in advance to plan everything, to know all the details and prepare – the rest should work without unpleasant consequences.
    Your child will be able to enjoy the rest, and you… Rest do you?
    Of course, despite what plans do you have for this vacation. If you just lie on the beach, then Yes, but if an active holiday with sightseeing and evening shopping, discos, to relax so it will be more difficult.

    And finally, women’s website gives several reviews already vacationing with young children.

    Reviews vacationing at sea with a small child

    • Nastic: “last summer We had a rest in Bulgaria, my girl at the time was 9 months. There is very convenient, the hotel was suitable for families with children. The child did not get out of the water. In General, we saw there and quite vacationing with little children, from 2 months.”
    • Lobster: “No, I think that with children is not a vacation. Because you will have to adjust to them to choose the right hotel FOR THEM because the child with whom to leave when you go to a party. Anyway I want to RELAX, not to load down these problems.”
    • Bear: “well, if the child is small, then it will not stay and I can’t relax. The problem is – as it acklimatiseras how to feed him. In General, do not relax. You will grow, and he will understand what it feels like to relax. And now let the house sit with grandma.”
    • Joy: “IMHO – to relax by the sea with a small child no more difficult than at home. The only difference is that you will not have to clean and cook. And so – all same as at home. Here you can afford to go to the club or to the movies when you and the baby? Here on vacation as well. I rested with the baby. Of course, really it’s not a vacation. If you’re going on holiday with children, holiday for yourself should be forgotten. Although, if you hire a nanny, you get a good rest”
    • Yasherka: “It depends on who from what the rest wants. For me, the rest of the sea with a small child – it certainly is a vacation: no need to clean up, no cooking or shopping for groceries. Sit yourself near the Playground, sunbathe and do nothing – that’s rest! In General, for me children is not strained”.
    • Daisy: “I’m perfectly able to relax with the kids. I travel with children from 1.5 years ALONE, without her husband. When the child was 1.5 years, I was able to swim, because on the beach were always willing to babysit. And when it is 2.5 – children play next to a chaise longue, not running anywhere (im in the sand I wonder). I’m bringing new toys, new crayons, a colouring page, and when lying on the beach – the child is too busy. When he swim, I wipe, change clothes and he’s sitting in the shade, then I swim. Is this not a rest: no need to prepare, no need to clean, wash, iron not necessary, TO WORK also no need to go ? With a friend on vacation fun, of course, but one with a baby can be soooo relax!”
    • Nataliya: “I baby 3 years by myself. On the tour ride. Of course, when he was a kid, I took the tour in the neighborhood, like a ride on a yacht. And in 3.5 years we are already in Turkey on a jeep Safari the whole day went without any problems. Took only player to audio stories listened to. And choose a hotel where there is a club for children, Playground, animation. Then we’ll relax!”

    Next time female site will tell you what things to take to the seaas to form a first aid kit and what else will need for a relaxing holiday by the sea with a small child.

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