How to remain feminine in a male?

The division into male and female professions today is very conditional. Among men, more often there are barbers and cashiers that once was a “purely female” thing, and the girls invade male territory, sitting behind the wheel of a car (taksistka) or picking up the controls of the aircraft.

Women’s website “” will talk about how to keep the femininity and not to drop a clanger in the men’s team.

Women’s approach to men’s business

Thrust girls into men’s occupations psychologists explain education. Girl raised as a boy, was taught to cut the tree, lulled into a soccer matches, will hardly feel comfortable in the way a Prim lady.

Accustomed to drive on the bike and playing tag with the boys exclusively a Tomboy prefer and in adult life more rigid pattern of behavior.

Once in the men’s team as an adult, a woman sometimes tries to keep the communication style to which she was accustomed in his youth, that is, to communicate on equal terms. And then he gets into a private network, because in adulthood the balance of men and women hold much harder.

What tactics to choose the girl caught men?

  • Here all are equal. Please give this item special attention. Once you have chosen a male profession, that agree to its terms. Will have to work tirelessly, to keep up with the men to do their work (warning — not for them!) and to take criticism too along with them.
  • There are no men and women, there are only professionals. Don’t expect favors and don’t try to conquer colleagues beautiful legs, take professional qualities.
  • Meet on clothes. In the end, you are at work, and your short skirt or low neckline shall not to embarrass anyone. You don’t have to wear pants or stop wearing high heels, but try to stick to the dress code.
  • No office romances. Being surrounded by men, you can feel the center of attention, and will probably be willing to hit on you. Encouragement, compliments, accentuates your professionalism is good, but if the communication turns into flirting, then you should stop this behavior, both from colleagues and from their.
  • Gossip and complaints become taboo. I think gossip like girls? Not at all. But guess who will be called the first “gossip girl” in the group where you are the only girl? Complaints about a hard life, and especially on the husband or boyfriend is also best not to tell fellow men. If we decided to talk, choose topics that are of interest to all.
  • Before you criticize, praise. For example, a colleague voiced the idea that seems crude, unconstructive. If you tell him in person that he came up with nonsense, you will run into the negative, but the phrase “a Great idea, but you can do so…” is able to guide man in the right direction. This is especially true when it comes to collective tasks.
  • What not to do?

    • Insert “girl”. You are not Prim young lady, and to indulge in tears or anger, it’s just unprofessional. You will not be taken seriously if you put pressure on the pity.
    • To be lenient. Men can pass on to you of work that they think is irrelevant and a distraction from their classes. For example, it is necessary to purchase office supplies, and important gentlemen engineers can solve that it is better to entrust to the girl. Or during the coffee break you decide to make yourself a hot drink and a dozen male co-workers ask you to bring them a sandwich/tea/lunch to share.
    • To become a “man”. You are unique in the men’s team, and this is your charm. Don’t lose your femininity in an attempt to catch up with men. Don’t forget to care for themselves.
    • To reject any help. If a male colleague is trying to help you, it is not because he believes you weak, he just sees you as a girl and wants to take care of you. When you do this, don’t let him belittle your talents, help should be adequate.

    Femininity under control

    Today, there are women taxi drivers, blacksmiths, arbitrators, military, engineers. This list is long, and hit him is not a “female” profession. The first appearance of girls in the men’s field is perceived as a gimmick, trying to “stab”, to make fun of or not taken seriously.

    The main mistake in this case, start to kick, to prove that you are strong, much more the right decision – to show femininity.

    What is femininity? In appearance, the subtleties of behavior and the ability to find harmony. The website will teach you how to use each of these aspects in professional activities.

    Girl needs to get dressed for work neat, stylish, reserved.

    If the company you work for, no dress code, you can afford dresses, and skirts and blouses. When choosing colors discard too bright. You like blue, green, pink — you can afford them, but in a slightly dimmed version. Let your outfit will be moderately strict, but not too businesslike.

    Always stay a woman. Be natural. Do not try to beat everyone, just do your work well, leave the intrigues of those who do not possess the mind.

    Be flexible, the girls manage much easier to adapt to the situation, and this is our advantage. Make a decision quickly, men appreciate it. Strength and femininity are quite compatible. Sometimes the power lies in the ability to calmly explain to your opponent your position, without descending into hysterics.

    If you will be negotiating with the man, use your charm (not to be confused with coquetry and flirtation).

    Harmony is the ability to balance male and female, it is easy to juggle between family and career, life and work.

    The first rule of harmony is to share the concept of home and work. Focus on the business, forgetting the fact that you mom or wife. Returning to the family, abandon all thought of a hard working day, relax and make time for loved ones.

    Using these simple tips, you will be able to settle down in the men’s team and not to lose yourself.

    Author – Lydia Karant, site

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