How to remove a tattoo: laser, very disappointed, overlapping

Along with the readers of women’s website “” who want to make eyebrows or lips, it appears more and more of those who want to get rid of the poor quality of work and are looking for how to remove the tattoo.

Today there are a few ways that help to deal with this problem: laser, special remover acid-based, the technique “overlay” and so on. Should immediately realize that tattoo removal is a very long process. Moreover, none of these methods today is not secure and does not give a 100% guarantee of the result.

Like attracts like: chemical tattoo removal

To remove eyebrows by using the technique of chemical extraction of the pigment that was invented in the USA in the 90-ies. The principle of operation is based on the fact that the composition of very disappointed includes chemical pigments that are similar in composition and structure to those that are included in paint for the application of a permanent tattoo. Pigments cream paint, and “found”, enter into a chemical reaction, resulting in the paint for the tattoo is pushed out.

The technique of introducing the very disappointed under the skin are very similar with the technique of tattooing:

  • Before the procedure existing tattoo applied antiseptic and anesthetic.
  • Using a special empty needle injured area, eyebrow, or lip where you want to remove the tattoo.
  • To the place of damage is applied very disappointed.
  • In the same way as after the tattoo, on the application form a crust, which eventually separate. Together with them disappears the old tattoo.
  • With proper procedure, the percentage of successful final result reaches 100%.

    Reviews of tattoo removal with very disappointed

    • There are weak and strong remover. Strong should work only professionals. It is, in fact, acid burn! But very disappointed in it really works. If you don’t know how to remove tattoo eyebrows or lips — or laser very disappointed, very disappointed better! If that doesn’t work, try laser. Natalia.
    • Very disappointed removes pigment from the skin, and doesn’t bounce back like a laser. Besides, it’s less painful method and is advantageous in monetary terms. Marina.
    • If you use very carefully, very disappointed you can remove the tips of the arrows failed, but milesnick you no this method will not delete! It’s chemistry, and there’s – eye! Albina.

    Masked: the technique of “overlap”

    The description of this method, removal of tattoo let’s start with the review:

    • In order to remove bad permanent makeup eyebrows (I have only the tips were the wrong shape), I specifically went to the courses. Decided to “save” yourself the most simple way is to cover the tattoo on top of bodily. That is, under the skin of his eyebrows with the dark tattoo, I introduced a new flesh. In fact, repainted. So I corrected the tips of the unfortunate eyebrows. I really don’t! Christie.

    As can be seen from the review, the technique of “overlap” is simple: unwanted tattoo is painted on top of skin color. But is it as effective, as stated in the review?

    The result of “plugging” white or flesh color can be saved only for a short period of time. After that, a solid color begins to darken and becomes dirty-yellow. Scored old the color is also beginning to emerge.

    But the sad part is that to remove the tattoo with a laser over applied bright paint, it is virtually impossible. The laser, which is today considered to be the most effective method of tattoo removal that does not respond to light colors, he does not see them.

    Therefore, those who decided to cover the tattoo, don’t rush it. This is a temporary disguise, not a solution.

    Laser tattoo removal

    More often now the practice of tattoo removal by laser. Many call it the only correct way to get rid of unwanted tattoos and permanent makeup. Others in their reviews scare scars that remain after the procedure is unbearable pain and repeated expensive sessions.

    • I had my permanent makeup lips laser only 5 minutes. But it was an eternity! The pain is terrible! Lips so burned that it hurt to breathe. Why I agreed to the epidural? Scared me so the swelling will go longer. Well, it’s better with swelling to house sit than to stand 5 minutes. The second procedure will go only with anesthesia. Marina.
    • The laser is not so easy to remove tattoo eyebrows – reviews say that it’s that simple! After 4 sessions of laser removal of tattoo is much brightened my brows I still have the scars. Katya.

    As explained in the last opinion, to remove the tattoo with a laser is not always possible. Especially if it is a bright tattoo. Because the laser beam reacts to the dark pigment. The darker you will have a permanent paint, the easier it will be to recognize the laser apparatus.

    Let’s consider in more detail how to remove tattoo eyebrows and lips with a laser.

    The task facing the laser “break”, “grind” the pigment into small-small particles, which are then excreted. The diameter and depth of the laser beam is determined individually and is programmed on the device. This parameter affects a number of factors:

    • The intensity of the pigmentused for the tattoo, and the depth of its introduction. As we told you earlier on in the article about permanent makeup eyebrows, some artists use strong paint for the tattoo, and not permanent tattoo. It gets in the deeper layers of the skin, to withdraw it very difficult.
    • The color of the pigment. It is best amenable to laser dark color. Ray recognizes them well and sends them all to fruition. Light color to remove is very difficult and sometimes even impossible.
    • Phototype face of the patient. On light skin, the laser works better, but dark skin scatters the laser beam.

    After the procedure the patients have different reactions. Some of the treated area darkens, others green. And some pigment brightens and becomes less noticeable after the first procedure.

    As the laser removes the pigment gradually penetrates into the deeper layers and does not affect the top layer of skin, you will need several treatments with breaks between sessions of 1.5 to 2 months. One session is very short – only 5 – 7 minutes.

    If the eyebrows grow after removal of tattoo by laser?

    All masters to remove tattoo eyebrows laser claim that after the procedure your eyebrows will only blackness, but will grow. Hair will not grow only if you remove the tattoo with a laser for hair removal, not the removal of tattoos and permanent tattoo. For these procedures use different devices.

    Therefore, going to the wizard, ask what he machine will work and whether they can remove the hair? If he says that it is one and the same apparatus, it is possible to turn around and look for a new master.


    That’s what the reviews say about laser removal of tattoo eyebrows and lips:

    • Often in advertising articles read that the laser is absolutely harmless. It is not so! The laser beam breaks the pigment into the carcinogenic amines, which are sent after the procedure, your body will settle where they want. Greta

    Note Carcinogenic amines in the body, according to some scientists, cause of cancer.

    • After each procedure to remove tattoo eyebrows by laser they are a little brightened, then swelled, they formed ones, which took 5 days. And so all 7 times. I hid reduced the tattoo toner, and the brows drew in pencil. Tattoo I removed. But cost is a saving of $ 1,000. Inna
    • The laser has become my salvation! Negative reviews about laser removal of tattoo eyebrows had me worried. Write about the scars, the scars, the pain, the red eyebrows. I have not experienced this. But the nightmarish black eyebrow laser removed fine. Light
    • When I removed laser tattoo eyebrow, there was a smell of burnt skin and hair (like from a chicken, which is gas smoke). Eyebrows were bleeding. To wash the blood and to touch them after laser impossible! Brown came off completely after 2 weeks. Themselves to tear them impossible. Sure the scars will be. Yes, still need to drink plenty of water. Nick.
    • Me at the clinic put very little power on the drug. Of course, it is pumping money, not caring about my health. The paint is coming off slowly, sessions are needed – and live clinics for people like me. Those who are thinking whether to do permanent makeup, read from, can I remove the tattoo? To reduce it is virtually impossible. No. Possible, but very expensive! Nataliya Ya.

    What do you think about the new edge?

    And finally I want to share with our readers one more way, which is little and not so often spoken of as laser removal, hair transplantation of the eyebrows.

    Bad permanent makeup eyebrows, it turns out, can be hidden under new natural eyebrows. For this hair from the hands of “change” in the region of the eyebrows. After 3 to 4 months after the procedure implantable hair starts to fall, and in their place there are new healthy hairs. First, it will be a hedgehog, and then the hair will grow back and will become your new eyebrows.

    Perhaps this method will suit you?

    Whichever you choose way to remove a tattoo, remember that absolute no one will guarantee.

    If something goes “wrong” the loser will be only you! The wizard will write off all your individual intolerance and just wash their hands. In practice, you will become a bad experience, just a mistake. So those who wants to make a tattoo, you need to think everything through, to not have to look for reviews, how to remove a tattoo. After all, it is much harder to withdraw than to apply.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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